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  1. The very end of July 2004, that's like er 13 years and 9 months ? I still remember the first day and the crazy fun that followed like yesterday, my oh my ... It has been like wandering in a collective mindspace, with people's imaginations poured out upon the landscape. My love to all my dear friends still sharing this waking dream, and those too who have departed both SL and RL in the times since <3
  2. The automatic urge to reach out towards a tree or plant to right click, select and move it a bit to the left or right because it's not quite in the right place for me .. in real life that is .. oh were it so easy ... Not sure it's confusing per-se, but I often deconstruct things into prim makeup in my mind's eye while gazing at them in idle moments ... mesh is very beautiful, but I still love my 'virtual lego'
  3. Well they gave her the orders, back east on the Atoll Sayin' hey, you're way outta line This ain't Prim 38, its the Mesh 97 You must put her in to Tuliptree on time Then she turned right around, to the plywood dusted fireman Shovelled on a few more cubes We'll cross the ridge past of Pini and straight on to Crenulate Just watch the old 97 fly.. But it's a rough set of borders from Crumbi to Sabre and Leafroller's a double sim cross It was on the border from Lappet she lost her locomotion See how she hit the blocks She was going cross the ridge, 'bout 90 miles an hour When she slammed into an unseen wall Came to a screaming dead halt, trying to get out of Magnum Never to run on SL Server no more Then the telegram comes through, to SLRR HQ And this is how it read, Oh the brave engineer on the old 97 Like flypaper the Server stopped her dead So now all you Second Life travellers, better stay home a waitin' don't venture on that windswept road Keep your mesh in the shed, don't drive that shiny engine 'Cos Havok's gonna spill your load.
  4. Yep, this bit me hard yesterday ,.... I've just built a rail yard in Lappet, and am developing and building hybrid mesh/prim steam locomotives for use on the SLRR Now I cannot leave my home sim (on magnum) because it has 'normal' server sims either side, and even if I could the patchwork of incompatible sims would catch me out elsewhere on the lines, so basically my whole project is now on hold till they get this sorted out. I don't even want to use Pathfinding, it's useless to me, I'd much rather have my products work than have spurious pathfinding rats scurrying round my yard - I'm not a fan of decorative feature frills breaking core functionality. One thing that distinguishes SL from a 'game' is that people virtually 'live' and work here ... 'cool' features are fun but not at the expense of breaking the world. *Sigh*
  5. Sincere wishes for the future Jack, and thanks for the hard work - you seem to have often been in the firing line in some pretty tough public facing PR situations, which can't have been easy, you've kickstarted some pretty cool initiatives too. Good to hear you're still hanging out in-world ! Best of luck
  6. Sincerest greetings Rod, good to see you in world getting to see what it's all about first hand, and also great to see and hear that you too have a love of trees and plants and natural landscapes. It is exciting to freely explore isn't it ? Seeing just how the power of the SL environment allows people to express creative thought onto the landscape direct and undiluted from their imaginations. Looking forward to a new year of new ideas, I still believe there's huge potential for social learning and experiment here as well as the business and economic bread and butter. Welcome to our world .... enjoy !
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