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  1. The phto of the day is chosen in this flickr group http://www.flickr.com/groups/secondlifeofficial/pool/ You have to submit your photo there to bee chosen.
  2. Personnellement sur mon plus ancien PC j'utilise le viewer Hippo (http://mjm-labs.com/viewer/), c'est le plus léger des viewer qui ne soit pas simplement en mode texte, je trouve. C'est également un bon choix pour les Opensims, au passage.
  3. Exellente nouvelle Noëlle ! Espéront que très vite les problème pour enregister une carte bleue seront du passé. Bises
  4. Pour être reconnu comme majeur par SL il y trois façon de faire, toutes décrites sur cette page : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Article_officiel_de_Linden_Lab:Comment_%C3%AAtre_v%C3%A9rifi%C3%A9_comme_adulte Bon courage Blackspirit
  5. By the way I am a dog (or nearly, a wolf fur) and I happen to tweet, mainly to follow what's happening in the Metaverses. @DD_Ra
  6. DD Ra


    En espérant que ce forum sera un peu plus vivant que le précédent...
  7. DD Ra

    Linden Lab's New CEO

    Welcome in Second Life Mister Humble ! SL is in dire need of... something, to start growing again. The residents are Sl's best asset, you can count on them to help, if you respect them. Havre fun and take care !
  8. When I came in SL, it was plagued by more lag and technical problems thant today, SL was quite ugly compared to what it is today, but Linden Lab was still considering SL as "our world, our imagination". It was a world of wonder, in the making. Today, Linden Lab has done numerous technical improvments, SL is more beautiful, but LL is trying to monetarize Second Life without any regard to the residents. It's their world, our financial contribution. We do not have any right, event as customers. To much sim owners and creators, and now educators, have been left alone by LL, and left SL because of that, for me to believe in any progress in a time where so much Linden have been laid off. I have downsised my terrains and expenses in SL, and if I find more energy, it wil probably now be to move to OpenSim, because for me SL has lost it's soul. Only friends and nostalgy now tie me to SL.
  9. Welcome Kim. I hope you will find the "X-factor" of SL, because for me SL is slowly dying of neglect by LL. They have forgotten that they had to care for the existing users, because they think those who speaks are ever complaining. It's the truth, but we are complaining because SL is a new world, with lot of things to fix, like groupe chat, search, support... and we are OK to be pionner and ready to endure with LL for SL. But less so with LL explaing to us everything is ok and breaking things daily (ex : research, so "improved" that it's useless, sending noobs into sucessful Music venues, RP sims or events when they don't know how to use SL) and introducing new things wich will disturb our wold for their own fancy (Display name who will rob us avatar of our SL identity, for exemple) "because we asked for it". For me, SL has it's X-factor in creativity and community... I hope you will understand SL and be quickly considered has one of us residents, but hold your seat, Linden is a very temporary name this days !
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