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  1. i have a new pc i d/l the viewer and when i get in game my pc freezes. i have amd 9590 8 core processor and 16 gig of ram, 4 gig video card. I down loaded every viewer and all have the same out come. soon as i get logged in and sometimes before as the game is loading my pc freezes and locks up to the point i have to power off from the power button on the tower. cant even get the mouse to move. any suggestions?
  2. PLEASE READ! To whom it may concern: If this isn't reaching the correct person please please please forward it. There is a huge issue with the voice servers. We have posted on the forums. The only answers we get aren't working or we are being told we need to be premium to open a ticket. I just lost my job i cant afford to go premium but have been playing secondlife since 2004. So please forward this to someone that can look into this issue. This is an ongoing issue since yesterday afternoon 08/04. myself as well as several other people i know can not connect to the voice server upon login. Ev
  3. having the same issue and none of these things has worked. I dont have a premium account to open a ticket. just got laid off from my job .. cant afford to purchase it.. so can someone please open a ticket for those of us who dont have a "voice" in sl because we dont have an account
  4. this is an ongoing issue since yesterday afternoon. myself as well as several other people i know can not connect to the voice server upon login. Everything was fine we were using voice many of us on different sims. i froze and crashed others relogged at different times. upon relogging there was a notice that we could not connect to the voice server. to check your network and or firewall. with this link https://www.bhr.vivox.com/api2/ the link is a dead one. the page won't load. I waited hours thinking someone would fix the issue. then finally called mcafee to check my firewall and reconfigure
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