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  1. mmm... and when you check that post..... As often happens, the problem was resolved before it even started according to the time stamps of the postings.... I know the techies are good, but not that good....
  2. I want one of those Tardis things.... Where can I get one from.?? I'm always running out of time trying to get things done !!
  3. Hmmm.... THE WORLD STANDS STILL As if the TOS wasm't bad enough for our MIA inventory, now LL seem to have a new get out clause too. What is it now ? 48 hours since the start of unscheduled Database maintenance, and still no word from LL
  4. Totally confused now. Last week no notification on the grid status page till after the rolling restarts on main channel was already well in progress.... Now you tell us no restart this week, yet we have a rolling restart notification appearing for today !!! Definitely no communication between the left and right hands as Ayesha is saying
  5. Hi Maestro. Sorry to agree with many of the others here....., but having lost a 1200L$ no copy item this week which was placed several minutes before the region restart notifications.... Yep I should have known, even checked the grid status page bullets whilst viewer was loading (Firestorm),,, well I had forgotten that it was main channel restarts day, My Bad..!!.... Also other furniture I had moved before the restart was back where it started from after the restart. Your notion that the backup of the sim occurs just prior to actual restart is wrong, or your restart queue structure isn't operating as you suspect. Ok my first actual loss in 4 years so It must be an LL acceptable event, even though it shouldn't be allowed to be acceptable.
  6. One thing I have increasingly noticed over the last month is the number of avatars that reside at 0,0,0; this has been noticed especially on Kama Sutra (sim6225). Interestingly enough these avatars often show correctly (or vice versa) on another computer running an Alt from exactly the same UK location. Both computer specs are very similar, same internet connection, both running the same firestorm viewer version, same sim, so it appears that some data is getting garbled leaving the sim.
  7. Fortunately....Tuesday is quietest day of the week, but 12-6pm, really....the busiest time of the day for events !!!! whoever at LL thought of that !!!! Or maybe the further detail is in GMT time.
  8. I've no idea what you have done to Iaconelli (blue steel) sim but suddenly now after the roll it is impossible to change the audio stream on the parcel, either using script or directly in the land tab... and no. there have not been any group changes that would affect my authority You are at 262,628.0, 256,945.0, 2,783.4 in Iaconelli located at sim7560.agni.lindenlab.com ( Second Life RC BlueSteel
  9. Thanks Rolig, Will add some of those others into my connection setup and see if they make a difference
  10. My connection/computers are all already set up to use the google public servers. They may help "DNS issues", but I still have major problems at times saving, teleporting, and viewer stalls when loading inventory.
  11. These errors and TP difficulties have been happening for me for the last 3 weeks or so even with a 40MB connection in the UK. However one thing to note is that tests of the connection to Dallas do show that they seem to consistantly have problems at the Dallas end so it may not be your connection at all that is the problem.
  12. I notice that although teleports out of my home Blue Steel Server (iaconelli) have been a little troublesome of late they are now nigh near impossible since the roll.
  13. Seems we are a little behind on the release notes.... My current Blue Steel server is which I don't see anywhere ??
  14. Hi Wrath, Check the inventory folder that contained your shoes to make sure there is not a foot shape that should be worn with the shoes. Wearing the correct foot shape should sort out your problem
  15. Don't necessarily blame SL... I have been having problems with SL last 3 days.... The cross country Stateside Internet is very poor at the moment. I am in UK and get good response from New York area (cross the Atlantic)..... but very poor response from Texas area (losing over 90% of connection speed).
  16. I have never confessed to being a computer nerd Oskar, so thanks for the update, but a "hardware fault"..... stick replacement parts in and restart........ ........ followed by 24 hours during the next 3 days "scheduled maintenance", who you kidding? OK it's a bad week for LL, but proper and correct info of the problems would help alleviate the worries of the users of SL. We have had this same problem of non-disclosure over the years that SL has been mainstream and constantly hiding or not-explaining the full facts drives users away. I remember max avatar levels of 80k online being acheived...we don't get those numbers now... I wonder why!!!!!
  17. For the last two days every time I have tried to "save" an edited fully mod and copy script I have received the following new error message.... What's up?? Message reads - nice: / opt/linden/indra/web/doc/asset-upload/lsl_compiler/lslc: Permission denied Thanks for the pointer Irene... have added details to the Jira :)
  18. Yep..... this problem has resurfaced again....bought 2 items in world last night, both were delivered and accepted, yet this morning after logging in neither item is in inventory. L$1550 down the drain !!!!!. and LL expect customers to stay loyal and return !!!! I have had problems before and the merchant has been kind enough to redeliver, but how many times do we have to rely on merchants goodwill to do that before LL gets things sorted out. Great if it had been a marketplace purchase, there is a ticket system for that.....not saying that that is beneficial or not, as I haven't used it.... but for inworld purchases there is no such system......WHY NOT LL ???? Whether money is spend on the marketplace or spent inworld should make no difference at all.
  19. Not sure what you done this week Oscar, but am having major problem with xcite items in 2 blue steel regions failing to rez correctly even after clearing cache, relogging, resetting item etc...... in second region in edit of item it telling me it 0 prim and 1842 remaining something or other !!!! Regions Iaconelli......failing to rez and if arrived rezzed and doesn't disappear, colour completely wrong Kuyto some rez failures. one which does rez gives the edit errors
  20. Thanks for all your pointers. Yes it appears that forced teleport can be done outside the hud menu, but it is mainly that you now have to be in sight of the other avatar to control them by using their collar, I am just no longer able to control them at a distance through my own collar. fortunately that can be acheived with tokon and others as long as the slave is in the same sim as myself. It is now me just getting used to a new way of controlling them.
  21. Sorry already have tokon, but that is limited to use within a sim as far as I can see, not gridwide
  22. Now that the Open Collar Group have ditched the database is there any other collar around SL, not relying on the open collar script that will operate grid wide. I found it extremely useful to force tp subs to me when out and about the grid and access their controls/constraints without actually being in the same sim as the sub. Now that feature of Open Collar has been eliminated I am looking for an alternative, but so many products seem to based on that now defunct Open Collar script. Can anyone point me in the direction of an alternative
  23. Same email recieved here and I downgraded to free from a premium account over 3 years ago. Is this a total LL billing screwup or are we trying to be scammed. Interestingly the charge date for this payment is supposedly to be February 2, 2011 !!! Is billing suffering that badly from lag like the rest of us did last week?? If a scam.....all links in the email appear to be accurate SL ones
  24. Well status page says everything has been completed with standard server roll but Raptors Reef sim is still unreachable at the moment
  25. don't know whats up with Marine sim/magnum roll but it now two hours sincer all clear and sim has still not restarted or at least cannot be accessed
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