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  1. ah. ok. Still a good tip....but glowing tentacles do amuse me. Looks like derender will be the route for me still.
  2. ok, but what would be an example of a different kind of attached light? I'm trying to get an understanding of just how much of my SL I am turning off if I toggle that. Thanks again.
  3. Excellent tip, thank you. Can I ask what other attached lights that might have an effect on? Is that toggle strictly for facelights?
  4. ** edited due to showing up in Google search Thanks!
  5. ** edited due to showing up in Google search
  6. I don't have a store. Never said I have one. LL feels it is legitimate enough to create a JIRA for it proactively. I, like many other plain ordinary users, have problems with inventory not dropping in after it has been accepted. This has nothing to do with my computer, your clearly mythical knowledge of anything outside your tiny little bubble OR world hunger. Stop belittling such a serious and awful thing as world hunger by using the fact of its existence for your own self-aggrandizement. Expressing an utter lack of regard for anyone else's ability to sustain themselves in Second Life is a particularly poor partner to your expressed noble feelings about such grand issues. It's one or the other. You care about others or you don't. This is a forum. It is for discussing the legitimate and actual experiences, be they good or bad, of Second Life users. Your dismissive attitude and belittling of people who create, build and deal with endless small hassles in order to improve the experience of users they might never meet is one sided and mean spirited. Next time you are out enjoying your Second Life please try to remember that those great visuals and ideas come partly from those same store owners. Then again, perhaps if they all quit and go home instead of earning enough to keep building great sims, you can free up enough time to finally solve world hunger. Do please stop in with an update if that happens. Kk?
  7. Mayalily, I have to say that your post is possibly the rudest that I have seen on these boards up until now. Really? Because it doesn't happen to you it doesn't exist? Breathtaking... The marketplace has problems. Congratulations on your 9,998 long streak of successful deliveries. Perhaps next time we are both inworld I can stand next to you and have some of your luck rub off. Maybe you could IM the many, many other whiners, tale tellers and fabulists who also believe the marketplace has problems and perhaps you could bestow your luck on all of us. Sorry if my post is not ok, but your attitude is absolutely not ok.
  8. Thank you for all of your suggestions. I did check the profile in the properties, but it is a dead profile. Your suggestion about the color show was genius, thanks....but unfortunately I still have to figure out the web code for those. in the meantime I kind of winged it and got pretty close manually. It's not perfect...but perfection is boring and we wouldn't want anyone thinking this wasn't REAL, would we? A little flaw prevents that I'm sure.... Thanks again!
  9. Hi, I have a skin created by Arc.Faith, but I can't find a person of that name, no mention in the marketplace and nothing on the forum. It is possible that Arc is short for something but I don't know. Might even be a store name, but again not found. Clicking on the profile bring it up, but it is empty so I suspect they left SL. I need to get the RGB number on the skin, plus I would like an updated skin by the same maker. I don't know how else to put it, but my skin has a kindness in the face that I have yet to find in another skin. Anybody ever hear of Arc.Faith or what store/brand he/she made skins for? If not, any idea how to get an RGB #? Thanks....
  10. Great. After all that and a brief teasing interlude of fully function Firestorm with decent FPS (for me, anyway) I am invisible again. So depressing.
  11. I spent an hour wearing my pants inside out because when I changed I put them on one handed and not looking. Too busy signing in to Firestorm. Oops...
  12. try this: http://www.39dollarglasses.com/help/Product-Questions/Info-about-progressive-%2522no%252dline%2522-bifocals/105-Do-you-carry-Varilux%2526reg%253b%253f.html Or: http://www.zennioptical.com/ Can't beat the pricing...a pair for every outfit.
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