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  1. Wishing you the best in retirement Oz, after clearly always giving your best.  The fact you were basically put in charge of all things SL, while the lab sansarad around speaks for itself, and I will always be grateful you got SL through: stonger, better and cloudier!

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  2. 1 hour ago, cykarushb said:

    Both your issue and Magnus's sound like network issues more than anything.

    Could be, but I've had firestorm running since I rolled back to 382.33 about 90 mins ago, and it is running smooth as.  That's after suffering weeks of freezing, then suddenly leaping.  All my settings are back to their usual ultra, draw distance 288m and I am getting average 25 fps, with no freezing at all.

    Also tested the Lab Viewer and Black Dragon (and all running well) before leaving firestorm running.

    I wouldn't normally recommend a graphics driver rollback, but it worked for me after trying everything, including asking my ISP to test for any internet problem.

    Just for interest sake, I have a 100Mb internet, which is hardwired to the desktop, always tests as about 102Mb up/down, latency 4 ms, jitter 0 to 1 ms.

    To define freezing, it was only my avi which was becoming suddenly stuck, then reappearing with frame gaps, others seemed to be walking around normally and scenery moving around.

  3. Had the same issue, and it has gone on for a few weeks now.  My comp is as yours, except my card is the older nvidea 780.

    Up until these last few weeks, I could use 64 Firestorm or the Lab viewer or the Black Dragon viewer, ultra settings, with a draw distance of 288m without any issues.  Suddenly although my fps were still quite healthy, I was experiencing random lag.  I couldn't even complete a walk across a room, it would be smooth as silk, then suddenly I couldn't even turn myself, followed by a pause then I'd be in the middle of a pond I was easily walking around a second before.

    Tried lowering settings, different viewers, installing/clean reinstalling - nothing.  I also tried adjusting the nvidea settings in control panel too.  Nothing worked.  No matter how low my settings and draw distance etc, although the displayed fps would hugely improve, I'd still stick every few seconds, then leap, like a large chunk of frames missing.

    Today, I thought the only thing changed since this problem started was a couple of nvidea updates.  I was bang up to date with 385.69 and had upgraded previously to 385.41.  I have rolled back to 382.33 (from May) and the problem has vanished.  Slid all my settings back up to what they were before and I am moving around without sticking at all.  The one negative is that textures seem to remain grey for a little longer, but not so much it is as annoying as not being able to move.

    Don't know if this will work for you, but for 15 mins effort to rollback to see, I'm glad I tried.

  4. Theresa Tennyson wrote:

    Something about Second Life viewers, Nvidia graphics cards and a recent update to Windows 10 are causing problems like this. This Firestorm JIRA describes the problems and the individual update item that seems to be the culprit.

    Thanks, Theresa - that was it!  I uninstalled that update, rebooted the comp and been sitting happily in Firestorm now for over 15 mins.

    Many thanks!

    Now, that only wasted about 17 hours of my life.  On the plus side, the comp is spotless!

  5. Qie Niangao wrote:

    Magnus Brody wrote:


    When the drop off happens my graphics card usage drops to under 4%.

    This seems as if it should be a big hint, but darned if I can figure out what it means. Useless observation: It reminds me of what happens when mouse focus moves away from the SL application, so I might be superstitious enough to watch Task Manager and see if something else is taking over the CPU, or maybe some other resource that SL needs in order to have anything to draw.

    Out of compulsive debugging habit, I'd wonder if the same obtains regardless of viewer, and regardless of which (alt) avatar is logged-in.

    I thought it a big hint too, and even ensured my GPU wasn't switching to the intel one.

    Nothing new happens in task manager when the drop off hits, and the CPUs don't heat spike by even one degree.

    Yes, same on Firestorm, Black Dragon and the Lab viewer, and same on an alt, with next to nothing in inventory.

  6. Hope this is the right place to ask for some comp advice.

    Since Friday I have had an issue with SL, doesn't matter which viewer I am using. When I login, my framerate is as it always is, somewhere around 25fps, and my ping is about 190, again normal.

    Within 2 to 10 mins after login, suddenly I drop to 1fps and my ping goes up to about 750, or even higher. I have seen over 2500. Even if I drop every graphic setting to minimum, there is no affect. If I log out, all back to normal, login and the 2 to 10 mins drop off repeats.

    When the drop off happens my graphics card usage drops to under 4%. When using SL it is normally anywhere between 40% and 90%.

    GPU driver is the latest release.

    I spent yesterday trying to fix this from 10:00am to 7:00pm, with no luck.

    Here is what I've tried so far, any suggestions of what I could also try are welcomed:

    1. Cleaned out the entire comp, including removing and cleaning fans and graphics card.

    2. Adjusted fan speeds to all be higher when running SL - all case fans and graphics card fan too.

    3. Replaced all modem cables.

    4. Enabled all the necessary TCP/UDP ports on modem and firewall.

    5. Added rules to the firewall to allow SL, slpugin, slvoice, etc.

    6. Ran several computer benchmarking tests and used speedfan to monitor any CPU or graphics card heat spikes - no problems on any test. My CPUs do not heat over 55C at any time

    7. Used speedfan whilst using SL, to see if there is a CPU heat spike bottlenecking the graphics card - none.

    8. Ran ping tests, and even to California and back I am still getting under 10!

    9. Smacked my head against a brick wall.

    My computer spec is getting on a bit now, but was delivering a nice SL experience until Friday:

    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz (2664.77 MHz)
    Memory: 16380 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (Build 14393)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 670/PCIe/SSE2

    Windows Graphics Driver Version: 21.21.0013.7270
    OpenGL Version: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 372.70

    Any help much appreciated.

  7. Another shameless promotion!....   Come and join us in the Highlands of Scotland in either Urquhart or Inverness City, not just a residential area, but a community with something happening at the Loch Ness Inn every day.

    edited to add... most of our stuff is done for British time, so CET -1, or SLT +8, as the organisers of the three sims are all Scottish.

  8. Jordan Whitt wrote:

     A few years ago I was at a club and someone said something about condoms in SL and a guy asked why they would be needed, so I piped up that if you had sexytimes with a chick in SL who wore prim ladybits, then you would end up with a prim baby if you did not wear a condom.

    He totally believed me.

    Thanks, I spent a long time laughing at this.

  9. My specialised subject!

    I could share many an anecdote, but I will tell my favourite from many years ago, whilst working as a Training Manager for a call centre company in Scotland.  Start of every course, I was wheeled out to do the "welcome to the company" blurb, usually to very bored teenagers, but I always tried to make it as funny as possible, just to keep up some interest.

    Following one upbeat welcome, I asked if there were any questions, and self nominated Leader of the team of five lads at the back of the room stuck his hand up,

    "Yes?" I said brightly

    "Are you gay?" he asked in his heaviest Glaswegian accent as his friends reacted like it was comedy gold.

    "I don't really see the relevance of the question", I replied, "but rest assured whether I am or not, I am possessed of great taste, so I can assure you, you're certainly going to be free of any overture".

    Having said that, there was the other time when a team I was a part of had a particularly raucous team meeting with an idiot of a manager we all had to put up with, after he'd finished answering a question I'd asked, it was perhaps a little naughty of me to say, "thanks for that boss, shame I was actually looking for a full answer, rather than an answer from a fool".

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