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  1. the interpolations between your keyframes, as can be played, viewed, paused, & edited in Blender should be what you get in SL. i don't know of any means of viewing the animation frame by frame in SL as you seem to suggest. aside from a host of other factors that can destroy your one to one ideal if what you see in SL isn't what you see in Blender, you can change Blender's viewport "Frame Rate" from the Dimensions tab of the Animations panel. (this setting is not the "Animation Export" fps, just how it's played in Blender.) you can play with either at your pleasure till it feels right. don't forget in Aditi uploads are free.
  2. i was about to tell you, before your edit, the problem is that you are animating facial features (as is indicated from your dope sheet). that is why your facial HUD won't work. muting those facial bones positions or deleting them will get your HUD working. i would recommend not showing any face bones in the Avastar Rig Display when you are editing so they won't show up in your animation.
  3. if your avi doesn't play the animation at all, you may not be exporting the right frame(s). if it's a simple pose, only one frame needs setting. animations need a start/stop setting. which frames you export depends on where they are in your Blender timeline.
  4. Ginny Talamasca (last call) Nicky Ree Ruth Quan [rQ] mirai Jun (cubic effect) camilla Yosuke (insolence) paeoti Pomeray (nymphetamine) Sh Oluja (sheer)
  5. setting aside all of the imposed limitations for an official implementation into the SL viewer, have you considered creating a stand alone pose/animation editor (similar to Qavimator) made available for purchase so we could use it to make live poses/animations inworld? as it is for moi, i'm using the Blender/Avastar rig and would die to create on an inworld avatar. of course, this would be starting from a Tpose, so no "tweaking" other's poses.
  6. while your Poser application is superb (do you have a Patreon account we can support your development?) i'm worried about copyright infringement. as it is now, as far as i understand, there is no ability to export .anim or .bvh. are you working on getting it to export poses/animations based on other's work?
  7. haha, no, that was merely a literary device to capture the ill intent. i've done it enough times to know it's not a method i'd ever consider worth more than mocking.
  8. for the life of me i can't figure out why anyone would resort to doing what the OP suggests. there's just no fixing the result of the horrible prim export in Blender or whatever software the rich folk (or thieves) use. as a fools attempt to illustrate the mess Firestorm's export is i saved one of my prim based models and imported it into Blender. after fixing the 34 material slots and some 600 duplicated vertices i joined the "prims" into a single object, applied some materials and uploaded inworld accepting the suggested LoD parameters. no UVs, no texuring. well, if i hadn't seen it, i wouldn't have believed it. it came out as 6LI. hmmm. if i didn't know any better and LI was the be all end all, i might wanna try to populate SL with 2009 era models myself instead of making SL as beautiful as my limited talents can. i'm constantly blown away with the extreme levels of technical expertise required for achieving the ultimate world we can live within. my clunky failures at mesh design don't reduce my aspirations for crawling up the way steep slope of making 3D art. i'll never attain the big-head status, but i do try. it's amazing how the pain i have in learning always births some useful baubles others are willing to enjoy.
  9. i have only saved primbased models to REcreate them in Blender. meaning creating each vertex, edge, and face anew. imported prim dae's are horrendously disorganized with completely over the top material artefacts that boggle the mind. these prim based models should never be regurgitated back into SL. doing so is lazy and you are cheating yourself out of the experience of actual 3D modeling.
  10. situation solved: as Wulfie observed from reading the full code, i DID have a local / global conflict. all fixed. now i'll see if i can mess it up with checking/verifying input. much thanks to everyone.
  11. that's just the beginning of my ignorance, Nova. my level of comprehension for all things scripting, aside from the gems i always receive in this forum, is matched by the level of readability of the wiki. sometimes i think the mystical art of scripting is being overtly obscured by the priestly class who document its features so we common folk bow to their wisdom and power. i do thank you for applying some much needed scripting logic to my obviously low level abilities. humbly yours....
  12. no. i have it as a global vector without any parameter. ie. vector userinput; further to the problem solving i'm doing, i just tested the userinput at the changed() event (when the avatar sits) and the userinput from the llTextBox() dialog input doesn't make it there or to the run_time_permissions() event. hmmmm....
  13. okay, yes, the reported result 0.0000000 was in error. i posted after a mammothly frustrating attack on this project and walked away. still, as reported, the inputted vector text isn't making it to where i need it. i've retested afresh with llOwnerSay in the listen event and the vector seems to be correct. i don't know what i did to get that right. i've been fiddling with a bunch of variables. but the result of when <10,0,0> gets cast from within the listen event [CODE: vector userinput = (vector)message; ] is: CHAT: userinput is: <10.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000> message is: <10,0,0> BUT, when i need the vector to be passed into a run_time_permissions event on sitting i get all zeros <0.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000>. i've obviously considered something wrong. i'm no expert, hence my quest into the forum of such. the structure of the code, yes i'm kinda hesitant to reveal the full idea, mostly to prevent the embarrassment it might cause me, is: state_entry() changed():avatar sits, sends permissions request touch_start():brings up text dialog for vector input listen():where i test for what was input run_time_permissions():rez object at input vector offset, animate avatar that may be giving away more than what i wanted so you'll all have to kneel and swear a secret oath. there's still more functions to be added and i'm sure i'll be asking for more advise as it breaks and folds before my eyes. much obliged for your attention and helps.
  14. i've got a dialog box accepting a user's vector notation input from a listen event. ie. user inputs: <5,0,0>. it's a string obviously so i'm casting that into a vector to put their input into another function's parameter further down the script. it doesn't seem to work. any reason? listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { llListenRemove(gListener); vector userinput = (vector)message; llOwnerSay( (string)userinput );//always results in 0.0000000 }
  15. hmmm, vely intelesting. so one could capture and list left clicks and/or right clicks within a given range? statistical analysts would be all over that tech.
  16. already done. that setting turns off the beam fer sure, but not the little flurry of particles circling where you touch. i don't see that on my viewer, but on alt's viewer, oopsy. where's @Whirly Fizzle when you need her?
  17. nothing. i did turn off particles there but that doesn't change the behaviour.
  18. is there any way to actually turn off the selection beam? i have all the right boxes checked in the Firestorm preferences to not show the beam, and in my viewer that seems to be what is what but when viewing from an alt's viewer particles appear around the item i've selected. no beam from my avatar, just a circular pattern of particles at the terminal point. like, when you right click to open the context menu. doesn't seem to happen when selecting anything on avatars, just objects.
  19. is there any way to actually turn off the selection beam? i have all the right boxes checked in the Firestorm preferences to not show the beam, and in my viewer that seems to be what is what but when viewing from an alt's viewer particles appear around the item i've selected. no beam from my avatar, just a circular pattern of particles at the terminal point. like, when you right click to open the context menu. doesn't seem to happen when selecting anything on avatars, just objects.
  20. perfect! works a charm.
  21. well, the whole point in making the HUD was so i could toggle the ao on and off with a mouse click. i suppose a single keystroke pair might suffice tho. i'll try that if i can't get anything to speak to the ao script. i went into the ao script and it's way too complicated for me to discern what is going on, especially when its listen event to turn it on and off has this integer listenRelay = 0x80000000; for the listen channel.
  22. i run Francis Chung's Franimation AO. by manually chatting into channel 1, as such: "/1 ao off" or "/1 ao on" i can toggle its status. all good and fine BUT i'd like to script a HUD that automates the manual input. unfortunately, the llSay(1,"ao off"); from the HUD touch event does nothing. i've tried llRegionSay, and llOwnerSay, and llInstantMessage to no avail. is there a code i can invoke that will simulate the manual chat?
  23. haha. made it in the very next attempt after i posted my failure. stayed for the chat (was on FS so i couldn't get the media stream) and eventually sent in my alt on a fully compatible laptop. only a couple of crashes later i was able to settle in and watch the psychosis that is Shivering Truth play out until i was revulsed enough to bail. damn. them there some odd folk no? all in all it was a great show. technically as perfect as SL gets. hopefully the Adult Swim people were pleased. it was a happening! thanks LL for pulling this off. more?
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