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  1. this may be another fundamental i'm missing from my stupid column BUT can i rotate the root prim of a primset without moving any of the other prims in the primset? the script is for a posestand so an avatar will be sitting on it.
  2. here's something unusual not found in any documentation: in my llSetCameraParams() for my HUD i've got ALL the listed rules coded. as in, whether i thought they were in use (like CAMERA_BEHINDNESS_ANGLE or CAMERA_BEHINDNESS_LAG) they were there if i needed to tweak them. i zeroed all those non used ones and went on with my day. UNTIL i decided to comment out all the ones not being used. whoa! that changed everything. i don't know why, but the precise and repeatable views i've been sweating blood over to get were no more. removing the commenting slashes allowing those seemingly unused rules to be read put things right again. sheesh. i tell ya, what a game, what a game.
  3. i like the llDialog idea. saved.
  4. yup. logged off, took a break, came back, sat on the exact same stand and every damned view is wonky. i didn't calculate the variances. i'm done. it's not possible? someone tell me it aint so. the best precision we can hope for is a yard?
  5. as far as i've observed over the span of time i've played with Second Life, we're all very lucky that anything works. with that being said, i coded up this little setup where my HUD changed the coordinate values of llSetCameraParams([CAMERA_POSITION]) to what appears above the white sorta cone thingies. can anyone tell me just why it is that the apparent calculated camera center is off by 0.951 on the X axis and 0.369 on the Y? there was no OFFSET input. CAMERA_FOCUS was constant at <0,0,1.1>. which reminds me, i never calculated the Z offset in the picture since i don't know where its origin is. 1.1 from the inworld positions would make it 163.197. the avatar center? i forgot to measure the height above the stand her center was. nonetheless, i'll keep plugging in some numbers to get a consistent placement. and then, i swear, it'll be completely backwards for no apparent reason whatsoever. don't ask me how i know.
  6. well...near as i can figure from my extreme lack of spacial orientations my mind conceived of all sorts of evil coding anomolies in the setup i have at present. so to simplify the problem i coded a standalone HUD (no attachment scripting [the one i'm building has some wonky workaround Perm situations]), sat the avatar on a plain jane no camera settings stand (no AVSit scripts), oriented the stand to world axes orientation and it still doesn't make any mathematical sense. i've only got CAMERA_POSITION, and CAMERA_FOCUS set by the HUD. <0.0, 0.5, 1.1> and <0.0, 0.0, 1.1> respectively. my tiny brain assumes that those coordinates would put the camera half a meter away from my right shoulder ( positive Y local and world axes) and pointing to the right side of my face. of course, with that being said, it's nothing like that in practice. i have no idea why the camera goes where it goes and why it's pointing where it is. the numbers just don't make any sense. i set the stand to a round numbers location, and as far as i'd like to believe, the camera should be offset from there by the coordinate amounts i plugged in. as i'm gradually losing my mind plugging in coordinates i'm assuming are relevant to my desired outcome there's really no way to sufficiently describe what's happening. at this point in taming the beast (i'm committed to making this work AND make sense) i'm building a setup so i can SHOW what's going on. from the ignorant to the wise kinda illustration. should be fun for everyone.
  7. okay, so llGetPos() refers to the avatar's position since the script is attached to them? now here's the kicker. i puttered about getting the camera views as accurate down to nano particle precision. then, when i relocated the chair to a different place and orientation everything's gone wonky. is there some script voodoo that allows the code for one place to work everywhere?
  8. well, that worked a treat Molly. i hadn't put in the llGetPos() + onto the coordinates i was trying, and yes, i had the LOCKED to FALSE. not sure if NOT having a llSitTarget in the HUD that sets the camera had any affect (the initial sit position is from the seat script) but i threw that in too. on tweaking those coordinates, it doesn't seem to have any affect on, off, or altered. another question that might help my ignorance/avoidance of learning the fundamentals. instead of my trial and error process, what does the llGetPos() actually refer to? the position of the script affecting the camera positioning? since that script is in a HUD, i've fiddled with the HUD's X coordinates (inout) but doing that doesn't change the camera's placement inworld.
  9. just finished "trying" all that. hours later, here i am. i eventually got close but when i had to raise the Z height or Y distance (world axes) it shot below me a couple of hundred meters. i've made it work fine and have products on the Marketplace with it. if the camera is following a moving avatar, all good. one that is sitting (with camera set) is a whole new bag a poo. excuse my profanity.... if anyone's made llsetcameraparams work under my use case condition i'd sure like to know how.
  10. i'd like to know if there is any way to change the camera position and focus once it's been established. i've got a sit pose that uses llSetCameraEyeOffset, and llSetCameraAtOffset setting the camera on sit. all good. problem is i'd like to have 2 other viewpoints in the same script, or another. is there any way to reset those functions to another position/focus without reseating?
  11. it was seriously emotional viewing your get away party on the Lab Gab. feeling the genuinely loving sentiments your leaving had on the few speakers brave enough to risk totally losing it (i'm glad i'm able to hide behind this keyboard) reflects well on your immense impact. there are people who come into your life for who knows what purpose. as you get to know them you enjoy their unique and formidable character and go about your life relying on their gifts. and when the time comes and they are gone you suddenly feel the void in your life. i don't mean to get all sappy. who knows, another brilliant representative may rise and breath fresh life into the old rickety ship we all sail in making our fantasies come real. you played your part well Sir, and won more than anyone could have imagined. your real and virtual presense made a giant impact in many lives, Lindens and Residents alike. you will be profoundly missed. God bless your journey onwards.
  12. as long as you "initialize" it by clicking any of the graphic arrows, then, and only then, will the keyboard arrows work to smoothly transition the worls's sourcelight. clicking the graphic sphere's representing the sun, earth, and surrounding box won't initialize your keyboard arrow's functionality. THAT is a defect in design. otherwise, it's genius. cudos to the poor hapless nameless developers who came up with it.
  13. works for me. up is up till you hit the lighting limit of the sphere then the sun appears going down the other side (in an enhanced transparency noless). quite nifty really. i'll have to play around with it more now that i know how to use it.
  14. who'da thunk it? selecting any of the N.E.W.S. arrows allows movement by the keyboard arrow keys. without selecting the graphic arrows, the keyboard arrows do nothing. thanks Mollymews for learning us.
  15. upon further study, the 5LI object was not set to physical. when i set it to physical the LI changed to 14. why? the uploader doesn't indicate there will be any change to the LI if i turn the Convex Hull to Prim? i uploaded it with a physics model. how do i know what the REAL LI is from the uploader?
  16. is there any reason why a mesh of 5 Land Impact is copied, the copy and original both blow up to 14 ?
  17. well that's weird. new region, uploads good.
  18. i can't upload anything on the Beta grid. it's not just animations, it's anything, images, mesh, animations. uploading files that worked a while ago, now fail. i was able to upload this animation on the main grid.
  19. i too feel as if there is something fishy going on here. it's not like every last one of the most popular artists in SL fiercely protect their RL identity. i'm not sure why that is, it's just a fact. so, when someone gets hit with a DMCA, your RL identity is revealed to the accuser [on filing a counter-notice]. as far as i know, once the accused submits a counter claim, the RL identity of the accuser is given to the accused. or maybe i should read all the DMCA cases SL's had over the years again? [mere speculation. claimant's identity need not be revealed at this stage of the process.] if i'm right, Genus should have had the identity of the accuser. who gives it to them i don't know. [not at this stage] if Genus is telling us the truth, and the accuser's identity was falsified, [real identities are part of the claimant's responsibility. verifying these particulars is anyone's guess] the process of finding out who actually hit them should have prompted LL to return their stuff. if there was going to be any liability on LL for accepting a false identity, that's where the lawyers might have stopped any fair dealing with the wronged party to save their asses. one thing i know, if you need to call in the lawyers, you've lost already. [edit's marked [...] on further reading]
  20. if any of the above alterations to your design result in "nothing" i would suggest there is something seriously wrong with your program.
  21. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetColor llSetColor(<vector colour>, face number);
  22. the interpolations between your keyframes, as can be played, viewed, paused, & edited in Blender should be what you get in SL. i don't know of any means of viewing the animation frame by frame in SL as you seem to suggest. aside from a host of other factors that can destroy your one to one ideal if what you see in SL isn't what you see in Blender, you can change Blender's viewport "Frame Rate" from the Dimensions tab of the Animations panel. (this setting is not the "Animation Export" fps, just how it's played in Blender.) you can play with either at your pleasure till it feels right. don't forget in Aditi uploads are free.
  23. i was about to tell you, before your edit, the problem is that you are animating facial features (as is indicated from your dope sheet). that is why your facial HUD won't work. muting those facial bones positions or deleting them will get your HUD working. i would recommend not showing any face bones in the Avastar Rig Display when you are editing so they won't show up in your animation.
  24. if your avi doesn't play the animation at all, you may not be exporting the right frame(s). if it's a simple pose, only one frame needs setting. animations need a start/stop setting. which frames you export depends on where they are in your Blender timeline.
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