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  1. thanks Vir (for all of us awaiting the fix)
  2. couldn't find any BoM wiki Optimo. plenty of fun in the Jira though.
  3. why is my torso and left foot texture wiped off when i open Appearance Mode? all other textures, legs, head, hands, right foot have perfectly applied textures. if i close the Appearance window, all reverts back to normally viewed textures throughout.
  4. you have an attachment named Flight Assist. find it in inventory and detach it.
  5. shoulda known that was gonna come into play.
  6. viewing a nonBoM outfit from FireStorm's BoM viewer: removing head, eyes, body alphas in FireStorm's BoM viewer: note the unmatched preMesh system skin. how a non-BoM viewer sees me: (now wearing head/body matched system skin) (different old outfit, alphas removed, appearing okay in BoM viewer)
  7. using a non-BoM Firestorm viewer, wearing an outfit made prior to any BoM fiddling this is what appears: the only thing that i've done (to cause this condition) was to use both Catwa and Maitreya's BoM "relay" HUDs. that was using the new BoM FireStorm viewer the other day. having attached those HUDs once, does that mean i'll never be able to use a non-BoM viewer? will i never be able to see any of my old outfits without that "BAKED" texture? i'll upload some shots from FireStorm's BoM viewer if anyone's interested in helping. i know, it's gotta be something i've done wrong. perhaps in an earlier life.
  8. bit late on this topic, m'excuse. i've just got myself the new Firestorm BoM viewer to see what all the fuss about BoM is. it's not very complicated just revolutionary and devistating should you ever think your life will be the same. hahahaha. someone forgot to tell me that part in all my searches in the sorrowful lack of communcation on the matter. here's what i learned: (please correct me if i'm wrong) 1. running a BoM viewer will destroy _everything_ that came before 2. aside from uninstalling and reverting to an earlier "BeFore BoM"™ version you will not be ready to just jump in and carry on 3. should you choose to endure the BoM changes awaiting the ignorant and uninformed, your adventure to return to a happy and blissful second life experience will become extraordinarily important and significantly trying on your time. 4. just because EVERY outfit (post Mesh) you've EVER saved now shows your head, eyes, and body skins as a solid red doesn't mean you'll never get that look back. it's not time to panic just yet. but panic to be sure is indeed part of the process. 5. removing your head, eyes, and body alpha layer WILL solve the completely solid red appearance revealing whatever system layers you never paid any attention to when Mesh arrived cause they were alpha'd out. boyoboyo are you gonna be surprised what's been under your Mesh all this time! 6. now, somehow (solely and graciously by the will of whatever God you pray to) you will need to put those beautiful and mesh specific textures into your modifiable head, top, and bottom system skin. having access to full perm or self created textures makes this transformation a snap. you will the only have to edit EVERY outfit you have EVER created (post Mesh) to ensure the skins you had on your Mesh can be found and reconstructed onto a system skin. make sure you delete the head, eyes, and body alphas of EVERY outfit and yer laughing. hahahaha. i'm lucky i only have an infinite amount of time and patience to edit the small number of outfits i had thought would have been preserved even with a REVOLUTIONARY DISRUPTIVE change some genius came up with. 7. having only "applied" textures would be another manner i've not had to suffer myself so the vast majority of cases out there will have to rely on helpful strangers and long suffering friends who may be going through the same upsetting trials. good luck. i'll be praying for you. 8. oh, i forgot, somewhere in the above sequence (maybe after 3), your head and body designers (maitreya and catwa for me) may have provided a one-time BoM HUD thingy to magically turn your skin textures into a Bloody Red Projection onto their Mesh.
  9. can the hover height be set and changed with a script?
  10. in case someone else would be happy having an Official Linden statement on the issue: ----------------------------------- Vir Linden commented on BUG-227146: this is probably related to the bvh optimization pass. Because of the additional processing done on bvh files, there is no guarantee that bvh and anim will give completely identical results.
  11. i know, but i have to put the inworld texture's UUID through the third party's process (in a notecard) to see the texture on their mesh.
  12. ideally the script would present a dialog of choices for where the dropped texture should go. the process is: upload texture, drop it from inventory into the scripted prim which would bring up a dialog of 8 possible places, choose the place's button and have the script chat out the 8 places with the UUID of the dropped texture written out to the proper places. this would be for one texture at a time. then i'd fiddle with the texture in photoshop and repeat the process till everything for that specific texture place was good. i've not got any code written yet. just wanting to know if it's possible. sounds like it can be done. the only problem is getting the chat into the format required. the required notecard is of a specific format that doesn't allow for anything outside its fixed format of place = UUID CR/LF. i know with AVSitter, the chatted text (with prim name, date) is taken into account by putting in a symbol that is recognized as the being the start of a new line. in this case that won't work since i have no control over the script that reads the notecard. if it's not exactly like the supplied notecard format it'll fail. hmmm. so is there a way to have the chat written out without the script's prim name and date written out but preserving a CR/LF format? text text textCR/LF text text textCR/LF place1 = CR/LF place2 = CR/LF ... place8 = CR/LF EOF
  13. well, without giving away all the beans, i'm wanting to refine an existing process. as it is now, i have to manually copy the UUID of the textures i upload and manually paste the UUID into a notecard. given that there are numerous uploads, the manual process gets tiresome. if i can't write to a notecard then the only other way i can think of to refine the process would be to have the script write out the text of the notecard, with the UUID in the right places, into chat. all the textures and objects are 100% mine. as it stands now, it's only for personal use.
  14. just thought i'd ask whether what i may attempt to write is doable before i devote countless hours to achieve stellar revolutionary results: is there a way of writing a texture's UUID into a notecard when i drop the texture into the prim that has the script? in other words; 1. can i have a script in a prim that will capture the texture's UUID when it's dropped into it? 2. then, can the script write that UUID into an exact position within the prim's existing notecard? since it's a super secret project i can't tell you what's already written in the notecard. suffice it to say it's like place1=UUID, place2=UUID, place3=UUID, etc.. yay or nay as to whether the existing tools allow one to do this.
  15. is it too late to ensure that nat's ugly reference is not attributed to anything i said, feel, or accept?
  16. while i appreciate your voluminous philosophical regurgitation, it serves only to reiterate my earlier assertions. as it is, i don't have the time to correct your subjective and selective misinterpretations of my human suffering, thank you for allowing me to see The way. unfortunately, that still leaves us with what should practically be done with the BUG. leaning on a sophist's rationale is still an excuse for not fixing it. no matter how trivial, if it's reproduceable it affects everyone who encounters the expected behaviour. simply reporting it to the Lab, in their chosen manner, should solicit an acceptable official response. or not. if not, can we continuously lose the lesser kind to feel as if they have no avenue for effective interaction?
  17. if my perceptions and frustrations over false expectations are not equal to the level of comprehension you have made for yourself, that still doesn't mean they're wrong and be done with them. like the vast majority of users beneath your exhalted position, ignorant or helpless, i'm only trying to understand why the world is so cruel and unforgiving. it's not my world. i didn't make it. i simply build and play within it and i'm damned if i find anything that doesn't work. i don't know your situation or how you use the tools available in the world. if your answer is to ignore these annoying foibles and sing the praises of the far bigger and far better features to come without addressing what's already broke, what does that say about the issues arising from the New features we're obviously going to have to fix? in a perfect world, everything rolled out wouldn't need fixing. unfortunately, that dream wouldn't need to come with any organizational structure where the people who make the world have to answer the clamouring hordes who's reality is avoided or diminished. that's no way to pull people out of the quagmire of what is. is it too much to ask? why should "it's broken or missing, it won't be fixed because, blah, blah, blah." be a suitable response? one might come away with a defeated "who cares" attitude. and i'm sure you agree we don't want that.
  18. i've tried getting my head around the arcane and convoluted bug tracking/reporting maze they present to the hapless public user. i've actually managed to use it a few times without getting my wrists slapped. not feeling especially confident that any actual coders take the slightest notice. i'm seeing that maybe 6 out of the 350 total employees, spread over their 5 remaining locations worldwide, have a hand in addressing the nuisance we as users represent to their mundane daily chores. marshalling the forces to put out the untended fires is laughable, not laudable. and btw Nalates, how do you remain so positive towards these powerful people when all i see of their tenure is the gutted skeletal remains of a once caring, feeling, and playful Lab. you never actually answered to my "we" reference as to your status amongst the cogniscenti. is your NDA showing?
  19. and the list of fixes? where does one go to recognize their achievements? your status is as a Linden or a user?
  20. solved last problem of having Unsaved Changes hanging. rename outfit, relog, voila. shows as Now wearing...
  21. i'd really like to know what type of work environment LL has. i read that their pre Kingdon days were meh, whatever. coders would kinda pick tasks from a jar by whoever felt they might "work" on it. managing that type of relaxed human activity would be challenging if the board's power elite wanted a more traditional PR faced organization would be more suitable to their bottom line. the period where they turned towards schmoozing up to more legitimate "mainstream" avenues for revenue proved disastrous. the people who made the world left. not sure who has the fire in their belly within their current structure to address the user's passionate and real concerns to improve the "game".
  22. only my desires to have what is not there. many ways to not get what you don't have. wonder when they'll implement the "Mesh" item.
  23. well, that's not too refined. they're buried with system clothing, alpha textures, shapes, tattoos, eyes, system brows, skins, physics shapes, & shoe bases. did i miss anything? might as well search for ALL. btw, i'm using Firestorm. the Starlight skin has no affect on any underlying functionality as far as i know. look closer, you'll see it's not a screenshot either.
  24. and, what function does the gear widget's "Always sort by name" toggle? seems to do nothing. acceptable to its client (LL) if they ever noticed? too late to fix? haha. is it too late for every little thing?
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