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  1. was thinking a linked poseball with out animation so she can overide it with he normal ao sitting as she do on every object she sits
  2. so it is possible to some point !thanks a lot for the response and the link ! "smiles wide and pressing the kudos button! "
  3. well i was axperimenting with few scripts i found for vehicles with no much success at least it was funny what i want to do is to make some kind of a phantom vehicle that you can sit and the pet av sit and carry it in arms or shoulder etc but i want to be able as i sit and carry the invisible phantom vehicle with me to be able to use my normal ao like i am not sitting is it even possible ? the kitty is another av not just a prim pet thanks a lot in advance
  4. 384 meters ? ^^ why use that a sim is 256x256 so anything over 256 is overkill really ^^ i use 128 when you stand at the midle you rez the whole sim and not the next sims
  5. go to the advance menu and disable the HTTP get Textures .....that speeded up things for me on rezzing like 5 times i had slow rezzing issues also not fps problems when i closed http get textures my problem disapear the rezzing speeds where normal again
  6. download http://treexy.com/products/driver-fusion driver fusion run it as administrator remove all the kind of drivers you have and the left overs and install again the drivers for your card this should istall propper the dirvers with out left overs from the old card to mess around
  7. install your old drivers and wait for the next version if the next version is broken also stay with the drivers you are now is the best solution really
  8. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/CPU-RAM-VGA-what-sl-likes-More-attempting-to-answer-that/m-p/1662529#M16180 here is my testing on a system pretty close to what you want to buy i think all the answers are pretty much in here
  9. 450/460/550/560 and cards on the same caliber will be more than fine sl benefits more from cpu /ram speed than a beastie card
  10. i don't think your card is much of a bottle neck i've done some testing sl just loves fast ram fast cpu and then vga with i7 3770k @ 4,3 ghz gtx 460 1gb overclocked and ddr3 ram running at 1600 mhz i am getting 35 fps on crowed arreas high settings and 128 draw distance
  11. update now the overclock resaults also !!! 3.5 ghz turbo core off min:31 max:35 average:33.5 4.3 ghz turbo core off min:36 max:42 average:39.7 thats 18,5% increase with 22% increase on my cpu bear in mind +-5% margin of error i can't stop people from moving around **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://secondlife.i.lithium.com/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif" border="0" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" /> again fraps was used benching 1 min each time
  12. so after 2 weeks + of waiting the mugen 3 arrived !!! yay happy etc etc .... but what the hell is this mounting system ? took me 2,5 hours to install it thank god i managed it i was getting really desperate ! so with a wide smile on my face i realised that i was 18 celcious bellow the factory cooler ... ok time to overclock ! more or less right now i am at 4,3 ghz and 5 celcious below the factory cooler ... so my oc stops here ... didn't even need to add extra voltage anyway i promised i will test sl default speed and after oc so here we go 3.5 ghz turbo core off min:31 max:35 average:33.5 4.3 ghz turbo core off min:36 max:42 average:39.7 thats 18,5% increase with 22% increase on my cpu bear in mind +-5% margin of error i can't stop people from moving around or tping out .. i can onlybe at the same place with loads of people trying to look exactly from the same angle same height etc etc also this test i did not close sl using intels extreme tuning utility i was able to do it on the fly again fraps was used benching 1 min each time
  13. 67 celcius for gpu is very good really no worries there now i see you have a lot of ram 8184 MB so i guess you will not miss 1 gb the slow downs could be due to the cache getting fragmented you can make a ramdisk of the size of 1184 and set 1gb cache there why 184 mb extra ? so windows will not start spamming you that your space on that hard drive is low .... now ram disk will give you more fluid experience and possibly more stable fps here you can find instructions how to make ramdisk just ignore this guy target to put windows cache there and make a smaller drive of 1184 mb good luck ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrecoX2nsOM
  14. what people responded pretty much is right ... now if your problem is low signal you can buy a usb adapter those cost like 15-20 bucks and their antela is a lot stronger than the build in on laptops laptops normally have really weak antenas so that might help you a lot and does not cost that much really
  15. mugen 3 is what i am waiting but is out of stock curently i also ordered 2nd pair of fan clips since i have an extra 12 cm fan sitting around left over from my old pcs ninja 2 well the if i stress with prime my cpu now with intels default coller hits 75 celcious i am not targeting 4,5-4,6 ghz witch is the limit for the cpu i am targeting for a "safe" 4- 4,2 ghz just call the shop 1-2 weeks ..... at least is not something that i am in desper need ^^
  16. well as i sayd you shoud not see diference if you move to a ramdisk from an ssd to ramdisk my previews pc setup was phenom 2 x3 @ 3,3 ghz with 4 gb ddr 2 on windows 7 32bit and the gtx 460 that i use now also and hd drives no ssd .... so i made a ram disk 768 mb and i tossed the cache there 700 mb set in size just to be safe so my fps did not improuve but sl was more fuild the problem was getting better when i was defraging my hard drive but after 2-3 days again i had the same problem and i was really bored defraging so often on high trafic areas when i was spinning around my camera checking at people etc reading profiles ... the time i was spinning the client was freezing for 1-2 seconds really often like 2 times in 10 seconds and often crashes in a ration of like once in 1 - 1/2 hour ... when i moved the cache to the ramdisk i had no more 1 second freezing and less crashing into desktop i will test the overclocking that thats a promise but right now over my cpu sitting the default intel cooler witch i am not willing to do overclocking with about the 3770k and the gtx670 you did well to buy em ... i highly recomend someone to not build a pc just for sl hyperthreading can be a real benefactor on video editing and programs that using it as for the gtx 670 can give a lot of years of maxed out gaming right now i have 8gb ddr3 ram but 3 of em is ramdisk 2gb for windows swampfile and 1 gb for sl cache ...what can i say i am a freak trying to save even a little bit on my ssd lifetime ...witch i guess is not needed but on the other hand i have hard time utilizing more than 3-4 gb of ram so i have no loss using my ram that way
  17. well actually the ivi bridge is the refresh of the sandybridge and clock to clock you have around 5-10% more perfomance ... not a big deal between the i5 and the i7 the only diference is that i7 have hyperthreading witch seems to not affect second life at all also i5 have 6 mb instead of 8 mb of l3 cache witch in general does not seem to slow down a bit i5 cpus ... so the 2 best cpus for your buck you can have are actually the i5 2500k and i5 3570k ...now to increase perfomance fearther than that i guess you can buy a cooler and push your cpu to 4-4,2 witch is kind of "safe" with a good cooler but again do not expect miracles also if you want wait for me to do it .... i am just waiting for my cooler to arrive but is still not available ... hmmm well sl is not only about fps you can increase the "Smoothness " by making a ramdisk and moving your texture cache there that made my experience way more smooth when i had only hdd drives if you have an ssd i guess you are already good on the matter
  18. is the same architechture really some even from the same batch procecors are not designed to run on a specific speed thats why you can overclock em intel set em depending on witch state they are meeting the tdp example 77 watts and also where is really safe and guaranty it will run ... well i am still waiting a cooler for my i7 when that comes i will do a comparison from 3,5 to 4 - 4,2 depends where i will feel safe ... on high settings with 30-40 people front of me i dont get bellow 30 so i guess i will not get a lot more than 20 on ultra my self ...also what i noted is that 8 gb kit at 1600 mhz costs 50 euros give or take the 1866 and 2133 kits can be found around 70-80 euros in a sale so those might worth if you are going after a new rig but sure not worth to cheap out and go for a 1333 kits witch cost like only 5 less euros if not the same .... and yes my cpu on the tests at any scenario never even passed 50% neither my gpu had max load at any scenario what i believe is that sl just can't utilize the muscle of a modern card since it is based on a code writen back on 2003-4 and they just adding stuff updating as much as they can but still the engine remains old
  19. sl does not benefit from beast cards but trust me sl loves mhz i have the cpu i7 3770k reducing it's speed to 2,5 ghz from 3,5 reduced the fps count close to 30% thats why i say sl loves mhz just check my tests i posted the link on my last post ^^ and ofc 2500k is not a bottleneck is a great cpu and there is nothing really you can buy that will significant speed up sl really maybie 2-3 % if you got to 3570 but not worth it ^^
  20. well what you experianced fits with my benchmarks really .... also yes ram speed and cpu mhz will help you sl loves em also who ever sayed is not a big diference between 550 and 660 ..... 660 is at least 2 times faster if not more ^^ http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/CPU-RAM-VGA-what-sl-likes-More-attempting-to-answer-that/td-p/1635647
  21. what viewer you use ? when i was on phenom 2 x3 i had way better overall perfomance on 1.xx viewers than 2.xx and 3.xx ones try singularity viewer might be better for you ... also a program that might benefit you is game booster 3 is a free program so worth a shot ... no promises thought
  22. if you have the http get textures disable that for me it really speeds up the rezzing proccess if you can overclock a bit your cpu and ram might benefit you a bit "warning: overclocking might damage your hardware especially with out propper cooling "
  23. i asume that you will have a bit higher ping but if you are not interested into combat systems like gor ccs (( fighting systems in sl )) i don't see that that effecting you that much is free give it a try
  24. the only viewer i know it does that is singularity viewer
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