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  1. Hi! I have a scene on 3ds max that wasn't completed, and would need to hire someone to complete the scene, it is an in-world store. Let me know if that is within your capabilities, and if you're available! I'd like to see some examples of your work, as well Contact me on SL or discord! 🕳🕳#6177
  2. Hi! Looking for a mesh artist to help bringing our vision to life, for a RP sim! A very desert alien world. I would ask to see some of your work and the prices, if possible! IM me on discord or SL! (Discord prefered, as I get the message faster!) Discord: 𝓙𝓮𝓿𝔂𝓴𝓪 𝓝𝓮𝓱𝓪 🦋#6177 SL: Dayana Voxel Thank you! Looking forward to hearing from you
  3. Hi! Looking for a mesh artist to create a tower/temple of a sort, very Jedi-like, almost, if you have seen the movies! Aaa. No furnitures requires, only a few rooms and textured. Drop me an IM in-world if interested, or directly on discord (prefered) In-world: Dayana Voxel Discord: 𝓙𝓮𝓿𝔂𝓴𝓪 𝓝𝓮𝓱𝓪 🦋#6177 Thank you! Looking forward to hearing from you
  4. Looking for talented 3d mesh artists to build & texture a custom temple for RP purpose. If that sounds like something you can do, then drop me an IM in-world: EvaFashiion.Breen I'd like to see some examples of your work before hiring, if possible. Thanks!
  5. Yes! I just visited the spellbound one, I have no clue how they did that but that's wonderful! Would love to learn. Wow! What's the sim?!
  6. Hey there! "Experience" has been around for a few years, now. What's the most interesting use you've seen, for it? So far, I've seen items being attached automatically to the avatar (wand, weapons...). I've also seen teleporters (walking into a door which then teleports you automatically to the other area). And a few other intriguing effects! It got me curious, for SL is home to a lot of creative people! Share your "experience" 😁
  7. Hey you! You're pretty good at creating bento poses of all sorts?! Well well, just wonderful, cause that's what I'm looking for! Send me an IM on SL! EvaFashiion.Breen
  8. Hi! We're looking for a talented mesh artist to bring our vision to life, for a roleplay sim. (Desert-like/sci fi). Please contact me on SL if you're interested.
  9. Hi! Looking for a good quality custom tattoo for roleplay purpose. Full body with maitreya/catwa/genus appliers if possible. Let me know!
  10. Thank you everyone for answering! It seems to work fine for me now! I was afraid the issue was coming from me , but i suppose not! Have fun!
  11. Hello and thank you for reading! Since today, i cannot seem to log on this account. I logged on a few times but it disconnect me a few minutes later and when i attempt to teleport in another sim, it crash me in the tp as well. I'm not sure why this is happening. Also when it finally allow me to log on (which is very rarely), it is all messed up. The groups are gone sometimes, the friendlist isn't right,the inventory empty. Things like that. I attempted to log on an alt and it allowed me once. But even then, the groups were gone and when i opened the official Firestorm Viewer help chat (i u
  12. Hello, I've now been looking for a custom mesh head for months. Sadly, i couldn't find any talented creators that would accept a custom work. I myself tried zbrush and Blender to attempt to make my own, but it was sadly awful. Please. If you know a talented creator able to make a mesh head (non-human skin color), post their names below! That would be a very nice christmaspresent! :matte-motes-big-grin: Thanks for reading! And forgive me for my english. - In the hope to receive positive answers. Nev'la.
  13. Yes! That's what i'm talking about! How does it work
  14. Thanks for reply! But i think it was something else, i do'nt remember though! It was not on the viewer it was on nvidia option?
  15. Hey everyone. I have a quick and simple question. I heard about something, an option. Rather difficult to explain as english is not my main language, but it was something that would allow you to let for example your FPS stuck at 60. Even if your PC can give more than that. How do i find this option, how does it work? Thanks.
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