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  1. 4670, correct, I mistyped and didn't notice. Sorry. I know it was low-end when I bought it (actually, it's mid-range for standard gaming, but it's an '09 card), but actually I used to get pretty good FPS with Sl, I was getting about 20 FPS with a modified High setting, Objects/Avatars/Flexies maxed, trees and terrain at lowest settings, 12 non-impostor avatars, 128m Draw Distance, 2048 max particles, etc. It was working smoothly. Until about a month ago, when it barely got 15FPS with 32m DD, mid-slider settings for Objects/Avatars/Flexies, 256 particles max, and minimum or near-minimum settings for everything else. Now even with bare minimum settings I'm barely getting above 8fps, usually hovering between 6 and 7 FPS, I -also- have my bandwidth set to the default amount, cache size pushed up to 4GB (since I have 6GB of RAM but want some free for other applications like FireFox), and my texture cache is set to the full 512MB.
  2. I'm running a dual ASUS EAH 4760 (512MB GDDR2, ATI) configuration, no Cross Fire at all (I had software (non-bridge) crossfire enabled but it still had this problem). Two monitors, a 19" standard LCD monitor and a 32" LCD 720p tv. The TV is primary running through HDMI off of Card 1, and the monitor is running VGA from Card 2. I've got a dual-core 2.64GHz processor and 6GB of RAM, more than enough to supposedly run SL according to their estimates, it barely uses half of the RAM. My internet is wireless broadband (WiMax if anyone knows about it), it goes from a dish at my home to a tower 7 miles away, direct LOS (you can see the tower plainly from where the dish is, no physical interference). It's 1.5Mmps max speed, averages 1.0. I k now that's slow, but according to SL's recommendations it should be sufficient. My problem, however, is no matter what video card configuration I try, and what GRAPHICS setting I try in SL, I get incredibly LOW, (between 5 and 15, averages 7) FPS. Packet loss is almost always 0, barely goes above 0.010% and ping usually hovers around the 50-60ms mark. Why do I keep having so much lag when my video cards are good enough to play Mass Effect 3 AND Skyrim on HIGH settings with no lag?
  3. About the "marker" idea, I started talking about just that in a thread back when this was first introduced, and it got compared to Hitler making the Jews wear the Star of David back in WWII. I'm glad so many people have been saying the exact same thing I said several months ago, but it kinda miffs me I haven't seen those same self-righteous non-labeling whiners complaining to everyone who suggests the "marker" idea like I did.
  4. Another reason there are so few homesteads for sale is there are likely not very many homesteads. Apparently, or so I gathered from the SL land buying site, if you want a homestead created you have to first buy a full sim... You can't just buy the cheaper homestead alone... Because of this, as far as I can tell only those who buy full sims can own homesteads, so there's very little demand for buying homestead sims...
  5. The guy could have hacked her account or something... Whether it be on the LL website, or somehow found out who she is and just obsessed over it... Or the person might actually know her IRL and be just crazy enough to do this stuff on SL because he thinks he could get away with it on a game. My reccommendation to the OP is to follow what others have said: lawyer up, get the cops involved, and track this lunatic down and get some RL justice out of it. Linden Labs isn't going to do anything unless you sue THEM for letting it go on even after so many ARs and support tickets. To the OP: This stalker guy is asking for some serious RL trouble. If it were me in your shoes I'd be hunting the guy down myself and bringing some self-appointed justice on him. But the safest and most legal way is to get cops and lawyers involved. I wish you good luck and swift justice against this idiot.
  6. To put it in simpler terms: "Mature" is now basically "R-rated"... Sexual themes, maybe a nipple or two, full-back nudity, suggestion of sex, etc. SL terms: You can go naked, just don't have on a Mature skin or any bits. (So should it be termed "Adult" skin now?) "Adult" is NC-17 or NR ... Sex, Nudity, and the freedom to fornicate. LOL. Be as naked as you want with as many bits hanging off you as you want. -Technically- full strip clubs have to be on Adult sims now. They're possibly letting people get away with strip clubs on "Mature" but only probably because no one has ARed them and a Linden hasn't shown up.
  7. Question though: If he already knows who your new account is... And he's already left you alone now... Why have you not gone back to your original account?
  8. If this guy's still bothering you, and it sounds like he is, I still have that offer of a safe haven open if you want it, Alysandra. The landlord's on right now (1:40 AM EST November 14th) and I can be on in a matter of moments if you really would like that safe haven sim I was talking about. Heck, if there's any other kindly Sim owners watching this thread, why doesn't everyone band together and ban this guy from your sims so Alysandra can have a lot of safe havens to get away from this creep? Let him go perv on some other person on other sims.
  9. LOL. I've had that happen. My old place was on the border edge between a residential sim and a club sim. Any time anyone would get ejected from the club's sim they'd land right on my roof! So I had to deal with the spamming, griefing riffraff... At least your tresspassers were the good kind usually, Unklebob. Let's just say my homestead didn't stay on that sim for long. And speaking of nude club events, ever accidentally been TPed when on a sex bed and getting locked in a hip-thrusting animation on the other end? I got ARed because that happened to me where I was TPed to a PG sim. I'm surprised you got so many friends, and even more surprised you got a real life restraining order for an SL accident. As for devilgyrl's predicament, I've had that happen before, too. This person walked right into my house while my partner and I were having sex, sat down on the couches and started playing with them. Never said a word, just started playing with everything in the house, even the bed my partner and I were on. When the intruder finally answered IMs asking him why he was in my home and why he was abusing my stuff while my partner and I were in a private moment he replied "Oh, this is a home? I didn't realize. I just thought anyone could use the stuff and it looked interesting." Needless to say he got banned and ejected immediately. He wasn't a noob, just an inconsiderate person who was probably a griefer. What's stupid is the guy was in my house, on my land, which was named "Chancellor Bayn's Homestead" and had an actual real-life looking house on it. It wasn't a club, it had couches, beds, a picture viewer with many of my personally-taken SL pictures on it. Yeah, it had a dance pole or two but they were personal ones. How someone can mistake a parcel labled a "Homestead" for anything but a home is beyond me.
  10. I'm not offended by you, Unklebob. In fact, I admire your advice style and your reccomendations. I understand sending a virus makes me look like a bad guy, but consider black hat/white hat hackers, they're usually guys with similar skills but with different morals. Black hats are the bad guys, and white hats are the good guys. Unlike black hats, I can at least say I use my skills for good and take down griefers and stalkers who pester me, or my friends. I don't take any real honor in it, but sometimes it's gotta be done to teach the other guy a lesson. If they have more than one comp I know it won't stop them for long, but at least it'll make them pause before jumping right back into griefing/stalking/whatever. I agree, to each their own. How about we agree to disagree? Now, to get back on thread and not hijack... Alysandra, if you ever need help to stop a stalker, IM me in-world (even if I'm not online, I'm 90% of the time around my e-mail so I'll get it, and I never have my IMs capped) and I'll see if I can't get my good friend, an estate owner, to give you a little sanctuary on my own rented land and/or his full sim. Hope you get this guy stopped.
  11. I don't look at it as I'm being an idiot. I look at it as I'm doing more than LL does by actually disabling the offending person's computer, therefore keeping him completely off Sl (including disabling his ability to make alts for the time being) and possibly letting him know that he finally messed with the wrong person and got burned for it. Also, I said my cousin worked for Norton testing their definitions... I didn't say that he was using a virus covered by Norton's definitions. There are some viruses out there that no antiviral software can stop. Through various means I have access to at least one.
  12. Jenni.Darkwatch wrote: Last, you cannot identify the stalker as such. You see the avatar, but not who's behind it. Only LL can (maybe) link that to a person, or to alts. That limits your options to AR, ignore/mute the offending avi, or go the legal route. I disagree with the last part. If you have enough computer experience and a viable virus copy lying around (My cousin works for Norton as a definitions tester) you can get sort of "vigilante justice" by tracking their IP and sending the virus to their computer IF you can identify when they're downloading something. Also, please no one ask me how to do anything because for one it could damage your own computer if done wrong and it takes a lot more than just simple "how-to" instructions.
  13. No problem. I had a person like that stalking me once. Turns out he'd managed to find my IP and get a trojan onto my system that logged all SL traffic. I know enough about computers that instead of bothering with SL's end of things (Slow and unreliable) I just sent a little gift back to him in the form of a virus. People who are sorry enough to stalk people on SL are truly the saddest people of all, since it's quite positive they have NO life beyond SL and even no life on SL. I also suggest that if you don't know anyone who is an estate manager or a sim owner, might wanna try and find someone like that to befriend, so you CAN get the stalker banned from that sim, and have a little hide-away to stay away from him at.
  14. Item one is highly, highly unlikely as apparently she was tracked to two different accounts other than her main account. If she had some sort of same attachment that was stalking her it would be kinda obvious because the two other accounts would have to have the EXACT same attachment as well, which is again unlikely since one was a friend's account and the other was a brand new account. My advice is to scan your computer with your virus and spyware software. If you don't have anything get AVG (Antivirus software) and Ad-Aware (antispyware software) and scan those. Also try deleting completely SL and anything SL related stored on your computer and reinstalling an SL viewer (I'd suggest Emerald, it has some good security features on it to stop people like that). If that doesn't stop him then just continue to AR him for stalking you, mute him, and if you have any sort of privilidges on sims where you can boot/ban people, boot/ban him and just hunker down there until he finds another person to stalk.
  15. Emerald is quickly becoming the most popular viewer. And it's popularity will only grow with the newest features of the release... Breast Physics and an extended attachment area (Like two of the most-used spots like pelvis, stomach, spine, and chest) will make Emerald's popularity skyrocket.
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