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  1. Since this reply was marked as answered, the problem appears to have been resolved. Sweet. How does the character testing thing work? I've never had a need for it.
  2. Ctrl+Alt+R, or Ctrl+Shift+R? The combination with Alt only toggles between run/walk; the combination with Shift is the one you want, the one that rebakes textures.
  3. Cnet does reviews of technology, and they have their own "laptops" category. You can even define the search parameters, such as price ranges, maker, and the like. I found an excellent gaming laptop through one of their "Top 5" guides, and I have not been disappointed. I highly recommend checking it out.
  4. In addition to the previous poster's suggestion, I would go as far as to say use Driver Cleaner to wipe your video drivers entirely, instead of just typically uninstalling them. Of course, that is if just uninstalling/reinstalling doesn't work. Also using Win7 here, and my GPU is older than yours, so it must be a driver issue. Hope you get it working!
  5. If I may interject, during a lot of the flog posts I read I hope to happen across a post by one of you two. Some people let things get out of control or just can't be humorous, but you two always make it interesting and fun!
  6. There is no earthly or Second-earthly way I could provide the help that everyone on here has, but I did want to say that I really hope this stalker problem gets resolved. It is far too common, something like this, and it drives me nuts that people would stoop to such a low level. Best of luck. :]
  7. Another good strategy could be to start your own Question instead of using somebody else's for your own personal gain.
  8. If you open Preferences > General tab, there should be an item called "I want to access content rated:" with a drop-down box, and in this box should be either 2 or 3 items: "PG & Mature", or "PG, Mature, and Adult". If you are age-verified, you will be able to see the option including Adult. If not, you won't.
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