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  1. I have been trying to add modding textures (copy/mod permissions) to an avatar (copy/mod permissions). when i click the object i want to work on, go into texture, and click the texture box, it does not load my entire inventory of textures. it does not even load all the textures within the texture folder. is there a way to correct this, or am i stuck? i couldnt find the wat to reply to responses (not awake this morning). i have tried clearing cache a few times, and relogging. this is the 2nd day of this problem.
  2. thankee i will have to get hubs to do that when he gets home. if i did it wrong i'd be dead *laughs*
  3. Having a bit of trouble with my hubs pc, figured i would hit up here. he has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275 card, which ran with SL beautifully until we upgraded the pc to windows 7. all the drivers are updated, however It keeps saying that the drivers are not updates or may not be installed properly or may need  to be reinstalled. This is also the only game that is erroring with the card, but it shouldnt be a compatibility issue since it worked fine with SL when we were still running xp. we are both confused, but he cant look at it until he gets home from work, so im stuck in the real world fo
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