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  1. "why you'd want to bring it here to the forum god only knows" And I was simply responding to that assertion
  2. This "blog" is called "Answers" which I was not getting anywhere else. Most people have been very helpful. There will always be "forum dwellers" who need to add their two cents. "the only people who listen to idiots are bigger idiots" Thank you for making your own point. You seem to revel in it. 1,644 posts since Sep 26, 2009
  3. Thank you thomas and others who have submitted constructive ideas. I am taking the advice offered here. The nice thing about people like this is they build a house of lies and eventually it all comes crashing down. Give them enough rope and they hang themselves. I am not going to engage into a battle of words with these people. I will let the authorities settle matters. Nothing will be resolved within the confines of this blog and the more they post, the more they will illuminate just what kind of people they are. Thanks Again, Savaj
  4. " I will not use the helpfulness of the blog sites to continue more drama thats already unneeded." Which is EXACTLY what you are doing.
  5. The wheels are in motion. It's obvious that he recruited her into this. I will let the authorities handle it. I will not comment on this further but you can bet they will.
  6. First of all, thank you all for the great options to explore. It's a shame that one needs to pursue these options and Linden Lab simply ignores the official channels of resolving these matters. To answer some of the questions, I have no idea where he initially got my name. The picture he got off my MySpace page. I have since removed all pictures. I know I am banned at this club that is opening soon because when I TPed to the location I was greeted by red ban lines AND he flaunted the fact that "he got me banned." As far as him giving out my website URLs, that is real world information and
  7. I have filed numerous abuse reports against an individual for harrassment and the posting of my real world information and NOTHING is ever done. Here are a few things I have endured at the hands of this dirtbag. I have filed an abuse report each time and each time, no action was taken against him. Created an alt, filling the accompanying profile with my home address and my real life picture in which he photoshopped a bullet hole in my head.Editted and an totally fabricated IMs, causing me to be banned on parcels that I have never even have set foot on.Posted URLs to my websites.Distributed not
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