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  1. Why such the big push towards facebook? Is this going to make SL run any better? I doubt it lol. Being able to communicate in somthing like Facebook is NOT what dragged SL down..it was the way you all treated your loyal customers with no repsect and treated all of us like we were a dime a dozen. So I find it very hard to think foucusing on somthing like Facebook is going to turn things around for SL. The damage has been done and you LL are the only ones to blame. I bet next we get an announcment saying Facebook bought out SL lol. Why on earth is it so hard for you all to listen to your customers? Even with all of these "great" changes you post here I really doubt anything will change.
  2. well hot dang! THERE IS a light at the end of the tunnel!!
  3. LL is by far the WORST company I have ever done business with in my life.They spend more time trying to figure out ways to empty your wallet then focusing on there exsisting problems and catering to there customers that fund there paychecks. This is why I closed my business down in SL and moved it to another grid where they "enjoy and appreciate" there customers unlike LL who's main objective is to see what else they can come up with to empty your wallet and fill theres. Sure,business is all about making money but is it worth it when you end up labeling yourself greedy and untrust worthy and chase your customers off? I really think LL needs to refocus there platform but of course that will never happen...they have shown that time after time. Instead LL will continue to think of ways to drain every cent they can from you and then throw you to the wolves when your pockets are empty. They could care less if your business does well in here or not. Bottom line is how fast can they fill there pockets. Phillip made his millions off of this game so why should he care anymore? I will NEVER do business with a self serving company like LL ever again in my life..it was an expensive lesson.
  4. Why do we need this? Is there a purpose for it? From what I see there are alot of other companys out there doing the same thing right now so maybe LL is trying to keep up? Honestly I think LL should focus more on getting rid of that 2.0 viewer and bringing sanity back to SL instead of "once again" making new toys...but I guess that will never change..so no sense in thinking LL will ever get back to reality.
  5. Well Rockerduck if you come in here with your guns blazing full power and want to argue MY post you will have to understand me as well. I have just as much experince as you and probably more. I dont cry about who pays more or less for my services or others. Everyone pays what they can afford. Some have alot of money to spend and some dont it is as simple as that but what does that have to do with anythng? This post is about how LL went and changed the rules AFTER everyone went and planned and submitted there budgets for the next year. Had they had known before hand this was going to happen they could have adjusted to it but they didnt know and now alot will be falling short of there goals. So yeah..alot can move on and alot can stay....everyones situation and needs are diffrent. I dont come in here to piss everyone off like you seem to imply..I only state the thruth...and YES SL did not meet my so called "standards" like you call it and I moved on to greener pastures but that is a diffrent story and has nothing to do with what this entire post is about. If the blogs "dont meet your standards then feel free to leave but not to piss everyone off" "thanks"
  6. so I guess you are the ONLY one who pays your tier fees and has to pay vat also? I bet if you had to pay up front for a whole year like many in here did you would have a diffrent view of things.
  7. Doggie if you are interested in seeing a few of the highly detailed UT sims you can contact me in world. Some of them are closed to the public because they regularly hold classes on them. If you contact me in world I will be glad to give you a tour so you can see for yourself what some educators are doing and how much time and money was put into these. I know it is easy to jump to conclusions when you cant see somthing.
  8. here is a great link about this topic http://metaversetv.com/blog/2010/10/mbc-news-universities-and-non-profits/
  9. Nice try LL but as the old saying goes "To little to late". Your customers are dropping like flys and you havent seen anything yet. With the recent announcments you all just made about doubling user fees for the educators and all of the other foolish decsions you all made, ALOT more will be leaving come January if not sooner. There is already a HUGE increase in populations on other grids around the metaverse and it will just keep growing,but sadly for you all at LL,just like your staff, SL will just keep shrinking. You make the bed you lay in.
  10. Actaully there was a LInden that responded to all the comments in this post. It was Wallace Linden and he came in here with his trigger finger and deleted all the posts that were considerd "competiton" to LL. That just shows you how much they care.
  11. Thats a great idea Starlight but only one little problem....IF they did what you suggest they would then tell ALL of us that it costs them more money to do it and then they will hike the tiers even more lol
  12. hahahah you just have to love it.....NOW LL is deleting any posts that they consider "competition" lmao looks like they are starting to wake up a little bit at the Lab.
  13. I think you totaly missed the point everyone is making in here...a lotof educators have a set budget that they get in Aug/Sept of every year for the NEXT year and LL tosses this new plan out in OCT. Everyone in here is bright enough to know that it costs money to run a place like LL..that is not the issue..the issue is they way they announced it..now alot of eductaors wont have the money to keep operating in SL..so they will either have to shut down or find other alternatives that they can afford. They have to plan for things unlike LL who just decides to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks and what dosent.
  14. You are very welcome...I know what a huge blow this is to all of you because of ALL the planing and time that went into making this happen for many educators and students but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! (a new tunnel that is lol)
  15. Nancy...alot of things can be moved out of SL and on to other grids but YOU have to be the creator and owner and have full perms on the itmes to be transfferd. If you wish to contact me I can give you more details. My email is jameshood77002@yahoo.com. I am not in SL very much anymore except to do work for the Universitys I work with. I spend alot of my time on another grid. I am easier to contact by email
  16. All of this price increase after next year and before is nothing new for LL. Honestly,they could care less about your finacial plans. All they want is your money and then leave you on your own. LL is nothing but pure greed and it never stops. I have done alot of work for several major Universties in SL and I am in the process of helping them move to a diffrent grid where they dont have to worry about BS like this AND still be able to do just about everything they were able to do in SL for a fraction of the price and ALOT better service. SL is falling on it's face. If it is lucky enough to be here in a couple of more years it will be like ghost town. But then of course some of you will read this and say well just move on then! (thats the same attitude of LL) So I moved on..closed my stores in here after 5 years and cashed out and went to much greener and better pastures..just like some major Universties are doing that have already spent countless thousands of dollars in here and then got thrown to the wolves wanting even more money.
  17. All I can say is your comments are just as important as our comments...we ALL have our reasons,just like you for posting them. So this isnt about giving credit where credit is due and blah blah blah...it is about speaking what is on ones mind BECAUSE of there SL experince.
  18. Yes I would be one that was happy and No I wont have to close my account because if SL shut down tomorrow there wouldnt be an account to log into and NO I wont cut my cable..I will need it to find you and post comments in whatever blog you decide to go to
  19. Glad I could annoy you..it was my pleasure
  20. hahaha thats a good one......do you have ANY clue or idea of how many of us business owners in here have had to make changes time and time and time again over the years because LL screws everything up so bad all the time??? I think before you post somthing like that you should have the experince to back it up....I have had almost 5 years of it and finaly got sick of LL competing with the ones who actually put the bread on there tables.
  21. This is a plan LL has had in the works for some time now.....They bought out X-Street and screwed up search...what this is doing is forcing in world business owners to close shop and move to X-Street....THAT is where LL makes money...they couldnt stand the idea that there were people in SL actually doing quiet well for along time...noooooo they cant have that....they need to have there fingers in it
  22. Of course you all posted the economy is stable..what else would we expect you to post? Nice how you all are going to leave out the user to user transactions...because that would REALLY show how unstable the business world is in SL. I have had it with you all at LL and your constant BS and ALWAYS screwing up how one does business in SL...I moved my stores to another grid that does very well and they dont spend there time trying to figure out how to blow smoke up everyones A** .Bite the hand of the one who feeds you enough times and they soon vanish. I could care less what any of you "fanboys" have to say...If you have invested the time and money I have over the years in here then I would listen to you but alot of you that seem to always defend LL have no actual grounds to stand on...just alot of hot air.
  23. Thanks Peggy and Faubio, I have tried everything that can be tried and yes all the textures are full perm. I double checked and tripled checked and rechecked that lol. This whole thing is super weird. In the 10 years I have been a modler this is the first time I have ever came across somthing like this. Just when you think you have seen it all along comes somthing you could have never thought of lol.
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