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  1. I have made houses before and am wanting to build some custom castles. https://www.flickr.com/photos/189771890@N08/ Contact me if interested in seeing some of my previous work in person. Wyona.steamweaver
  2. It doesn't let me run Firestorm at all. It's in the beginning part when it checks hardware that it says the error.
  3. Tried Cheesecurd's way of uninstalling and reinstalling and still a no go. Not sure how to put in command line parameters.
  4. Nope I've tried that multiple times and it doesn't seem to do anything for me.
  5. I got a new laptop and no matter what I try Firestorm and any other SL viewer won't load due to the error "Firestorm is unable to run because your video card drivers did not install properly, are out of date, or are for unsupported hardware. Please make sure you have the latest video card drivers and even if you do have the latest, try reinstalling them." I have the latest driver installed and have tried reinstalling at least 10 times. I've tried google searching and checking both the help pages here and on firestorm. Nothing I've tried is working. Firestorm is in my firewall whitelists
  6. I have a tough time meeting new people but would love to meet and make a close friend or two, maybe more than friends if the connection is right. I love playing games and watching shows and movies and exploring and taking pictures. There's a lot to know and I'm not great at writing about myself. If you are interested in talking feel free to message me here or in SL, wyona.steamweaver, or on fb wyona blesing. Or if you know of a good place to meet people I'm open for suggestions. I'd also love suggestions on where one might find a mistress as a curious submissive person.
  7. Resolved! Sorry don't know how to put that on the post itself ><
  8. I am asexual and am looking for a woman to have a SL relationship with (friends in RL perfectly ok). I want someone to date, do romantic stuff with, cuddle, and doesn't mind me acting a bit like a cat. NO SEX. I do have a RL bf (of 9 years) but he is also ace and not into cuddling much. He has approved of my looking and trusts me. :) If you would like to know more or chat, please contact me here or in SL @ wyona.steamweaver. Or you can message me on FB . I use messenger to talk when I am at work or offline. :)
  9. Sorry, I was not aware of any of that. It just happens to be one of the few I found and was suggested to me.
  10. I just started learning mesh and am mostly using tutorials. I am working on a bikini and the top rigged perfectly but the bottom is doing something I'm not sure how to fix. https://gyazo.com/674b28d4e7e5cfab1138fd9063e94143 I don't have any current knowledge of Blender and Avastar except what I've learned from tutorials. I've been following this tutorial. Edit: Sorry, apparently that video is unacceptable to link.
  11. I couldn't find it on mp, but either way I'd have to use RL money. Just not sure I can afford it for a while at the 10k lindens. That's why I was hoping for a way to do it without until I can afford it.
  12. Can you still rig mesh clothing with just Blender? If so which Blender version and do I need anything else? I am playing with Marvelous Designer but not sure I can afford Avastar plugin. Any advice is welcome! Wyona.steamweaver
  13. Oi! Meu nome e Wyona Blessing. Eu sou americana. Estou aprendenda Portugues sozinho. Eu gostaria que os amigas praticassem com. Eu precisa practicar. Voce quer conversar? Hi! I am just learning Brazillian Portuguese. I would love some friends to talk to and practice with. You can contact me in SL @ wyona.steamweaver or on facebook @ wyona.steamweaver@gmail.com Tchau! Abracos!
  14. I am working on learning Brazilian Portuguese and am interested in finding some friends to practice with me on voice. My SL sister is Brazilian but she has college and is very busy. It's best if you also know some English as I am still a beginner, though I have learned quite a bit. My SL daughter is also learning but has a few people she is practicing with, however her learning is more based around Google Translate and I don't learn the same so our knowledge is different. I love movies, reading, exploring, music, and dancing. I am shy and have social anxiety however and this tends to keep me o
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