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  1. I'll have to play with the settings and see what happens. Thanks for the input. FWIW, I am using a GTX260 with graphics on ultra. All options checked except avatar imposters, terrain detail on high. Anisotropic filtering enabled, antialiasing is handled by the drivers (disabled in the viewer), VBO enabled. I guess I prolly just live with the keystone cops dancing in the distance as I like detail and turning on imposters makes the distant avatars look like pixelated cardboard.
  2. "newer drivers for it that my pc wont recognize.." I recall having an ATI card and having issues with updating drivers often. I don't know Linux but with windows.. making sure you have a back up install of the old drivers and support software that work, revert your video card back to standard VGA in device manager and uninsall all the ATI drivers and stuff. Then do a fresh install of the latest versions.
  3. My computer is fast enough that I don't need avatar imposters inabled. Disabling the feature causes any avatars at a distance to move and dance like they are on speed. Is there anything that can be done? I prefer to have imposters disabled cause they look terrible to me.
  4. From what I understand, your avatar is rendered by your video card. The dreaded black avatar is usually a problem with outdated video drivers.
  5. Yep. Known issue since November. Vote on the Jira if you'd like. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/ECC-49
  6. Seriously, why do chat logs get deleted when installing a new viewer??
  7. I don't know if it will help but the only time I had issues rezzing a bundle of coalesced items from a land return was when it contained Linden trees and plants. I forget the error message and I'm not sure how you are currently setup on the land but for me, I had to find someone who let me have full group rights for rezzing. Once I had the permissions and was currently activated in the correct group, everything rezzed and I could pick it all up one at a time. I dunno, if that isn't it, maybe ask one of the inworld help groups like NCI if they know. Good luck.
  8. That happened to me recently. Rebake, nadda. Couldn't edit avatar, change skins, shapes, nothing. Clearing cache didn't work and neither did testing the avatar. My solution was to again, click the clear cache button, log off, then delete the cache folder from my computer, log back in, sit and wait for inventory to load. It worked for me.
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