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  1. Using Viewer 3 full. When I zoom in on my avi for pictures the light changes from full day to dusk and I end up with shadowy blocks on my picture and my avi goes invisible. It alternates between cooperation and freaking out depending on how many tmes I have to relog.
  2. week and a half later still no reply from LL. Should i just give up hope of getting my stuff back?
  3. I want to submit a ticket to separate the items but there is really no good option they give you. There's almost 800 prims worth sitting in that coalesced item and I have no other idea how to get them out. Is there no hope?
  4. Kaiden Diavolo

    Help Please!

    I returned all the objects on my parcel so as to give me room to edit the terrain and change a few things. Now I am unable to re-rez them in world. I recieve an error message everytime I try and rez "Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region". It doesn't matter what reigon I use I still get that message. What do I do? I have almost 800 prims that I need back!
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