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  1. Does anyone know of a Jira to possibly request the ability to change the textures used for projected lighting via script like we can the prim face? Projected slide shows and converted animated gifs come to mind. :)
  2. Cinnamon Mistwood wrote: Very nice, Jonna! I like the spotlight effect and shadow. It makes me wish I had a better graphics card. The shirt is great, too. Is it mesh? Just out of curiosity, are you using poses or catching moments from your AO? Thank you Yis, the top is coldLogic and the skirt is also mesh.. J.H. Couture Oh yah, just captured moments with the AO
  3. playing with projected lighting. Other than cropping, no p-shopping involved.
  4. I would love to see parametric deformation on rigged mesh. There are some lovely designs and sizing has come a long way but very little are perfect. I seek PERFECTION!! LOL I'd also like to see better avatar skeleton mesh or at least an inworld plastic surgeon specialist. I have a little bit of Kryten nose and chin going on that I can't get rid of. Seriously though.. to the designers out there. Complaints that can be fixed: 1. Shoes. Alpha layers for feet are mandatory now. Lighting and shadows messes with invisa-prims. There are plenty of pre-made feet alphas that work and thanks to those who made them but they should be included these days. Even if we can't see the flaw ourselves we still need to make ourselves look as good as we can be to everyone I also love open toed shoe. Skin matching has come a long way but not completely, only a select few do it right and one of which is no longer in SL.. Bye Kalnins, I love your shoes and I'll miss your store. Also.. I would *LOVE* to see stockings and socks options for open toed shoes. Preferably matched to the most popular hosiery makers out there. Preferably stockings that don't hide my perfectly manicured toes but shows them off like RL stockings can. 2. Hair. Ever see beautiful hair that has that halo of nothing around it. Like when you're around water or anywhere texture collisions can happen? That need not be. 3. Perfection! I demand perfection!!
  5. Harlow Heslop wrote: All are fantastic choices! I'm a big fan of Maitreya as well. The quality in the texture and meshwork Onyx is putting out is just perfect. Chance, Entente is off to a great start! I love the full custom avatars they have for sale. It's perfect for beginning avatars! What is this Onyx you speak of? There are plenty of Onyx in search to choose from. Thanks
  6. ooo Coldlogic! Well there goes my linden balance.. lol!!
  7. They can work well in getting things to fit. But, scripts on no mod stuff is not all that great. Being able to size and then delete the scripts then tweak as needed is the best (with backups in case I mess up).
  8. Okay Jenny's tips for general SL happiness. 1. Learn your inventory. Learn how it works. Learn how to change your avatar and all it's clothing layers and attachments from inventory. Learn what the icons mean in inventory and how the menus work. 2. Never set off on an SL excursion without getting your inventory fully loaded. Always stand by and trigger a full inventory load before you do anything else. Your inventory is *you* and everything you make or buy. 3. Inspect the world around you. Right click on everything and everyone. See how buildings are made and how people present their SL lives. 4. Take a few free classes on building, scripting, etc. Donate generously if you can. 5. have fun. NCI Kuula http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kuula/85/131/28
  9. I do see your point but I guess it all boils down to the old 'you had to be there to understand' thing. It's just sad is all.
  10. So I learned today that a very long time SL resident (7+ years) and a casual but good friend of mine canceled her account and has all but quit Second Life.. Why you ask? Cause of the bull crap spewed by other peeps. Sure she was quirky and sure she loved her versions of RP but she was never mean to me or anyone else I've ever seen her deal with. And never was she in any violation of any TOS. But because she wrote her own Second Life and refused to bow to the mainstream she constantly found herself involved in drama with others over her choices. I pray she comes back and I pray she can un-cancel her account but I doubt it. My complaint is this: If you don't like how others play with their Second Life then show some tolerance and go somewhere else. She had fun with her SL family and life but because of others, she quit and it is a sad day in SL because of it. I'll miss her terribly, even if she comes back with an alt it'll never be the same.
  11. Kasya Sciavo wrote: Yes. But. The majority of the grid are not using the laggy mesh viewers, be they FS or V3. You look daft, therefore, to the vast majority of us. Ponder that. Myself, I am not changing to mesh anytime soon. LL needs to get the FPS rates up on the mesh viewers first , not to mention the fact some of the older prim stuff we all have is in many cases as good, and easier. Welp.. okay then. I *have* pondered it and to those who think I look daft.. big deal.
  12. Ariel Vuissent wrote: Such an awesome idea, isn't it? It's not even a system skirt, which makes the butt and hips look HUGE - it's system pants with the prim panel being mesh instead of prim! Ingenious! lol I adore my Oxford Pencil Skirt, though I haven't tried on my Ingenue dresses yet. Mesh hair is pretty cool, too. Got one from Wasabi Pills - it's interesting how you can tell the difference between their first couple mesh hair releases and their newer ones. The first couple are stiffer, not as light and airy as the later ones. Moves so well without clipping through my shoulders or needing more than one attachment point! ooo! Stop it! lol! I just picked up the Orion hair at Wasabi Pills! I'm not one for long hair but I am liking this! woot! I guess I should start posting some pictures TY
  13. The Mesh love thread pointed me to two terrific clothing items. (Marianne Little wrote: If you like the Oxford pencil skirt, you must visit Collabor 88 and get the dress from Ingenue for only 88 L) Both of these are awesome!! It didn't even cross my mind to use mesh as a skirt panel instead of the full skirt. All the benifits of a system skirt that follows your movement and with snug fit of the baked layer texture clothing! Awesome! Two well manicured thumbs up! Anyhoo. Now I am in search of more finds like these. Everyone who's found gems like these, please chime in! Thank you :)
  14. LittLeWhisper wrote: Why is it that pretty darn near every demo shape I try on with a demo skin or even with out a demo skin, has very wide hips and a big posterior!? Doesn't anyone make nice slender shapes with their skins? If a person wants thunder thighs and a big hippo posterior let them balloon the darn shape out like that themselves, Why is it being a norm to make these kinda Miss Piggy shapes? Demo shapes are usually messed up in some aspect. Whether it be the big miss piggy shaped or the distorted hands and feet; demo shapes are made that way with no edit no copy. When I look at a shape, I am looking at the *face*. Most shapes focus on the facial features and leave the body details to the end user to modify to personal taste with the purchased mod/copy/no transfer shape
  15. Marianne Little wrote: If you like the Oxford pencil skirt, you must visit Collabor 88 and get the dress from Ingenue for only 88 L. I got it in chocolate and robin's egg, the seam where the mesh part meet the texture clothing is flawless. Only the rigged skirt part is mesh, the rest is old system parts, so the shape is not altered. This is the best use of mesh I've seen so far. I think we will see better and better mesh clothing now, not just badly textured templates but original creations. Oh you guys are killing my linden account! I love this one too!!.. Gimme more like this!! Ahh!
  16. Ariel Vuissent wrote: Lovely! And the necklace is perfect with it. My favorite mesh item so far is still the Oxford Pencil Skirt (mentioned several times by myself and others in other threads) because it fits any shape perfectly, being only partially mesh. I'm still not ready to say I love mesh, but I do like it quite a bit ETA: So, I bought the Lycia mesh top from Mon Tissu, and all I can say is WOW. The texturing, the movement, even the fit! (I did have to mod my shape a tad so parts wouldn't poke out, but it was SO worth it.) Plus the Orion mesh hair from Wasabi Pills... I think I'm a Mon Tissu addict...I might be ready to say I love mesh if more items like this are released! OMG! My new favorite skirt!! I love the Oxford Pencil Skirt!! (((HUGGIES))) thank you!!
  17. Autumn Xomotron wrote: @ Jonna - I was hoping when I had her "ruth" herself...that it would detach all huds and such. @ Cinnamon - WOOT! you're so smart! Sure enough, when she detached the bridge, the crickets stopped. Then Phoenix didn't like that and re attached on its own and the crickets came back. She deleted the bridge, and the viewer and reinstalled. All is right in our world. You guys rock. Thank you for the quick respond. Cheers Autumn Groovy.. FYI for future reference.. you can simply detach and delete the bridge from another viewer, then relauch Phoenix or Forestorm and the viewer will automatically create a new one. no need to reinstall the viewer. Firestorm has a recreate bridge function in avatar health menu as well
  18. There is only so much that can do that.. Did you make sure *all* attachments are off including hair, shoes, huds, etc? Without the quotes type "(worn" in inventory search to see what all the avatar is wearing including any unseen huds or attachments.
  19. Sylvia Tamalyn wrote: I have the same problem, and it happens with jewelry that has a lot of little prims in it, like an Earthstones ring I have. The stones disappear, I right click it like I'm going to edit, then the stones reappear. lol! I just purchased an Earthstones pendent, that was what reminded me of the problem! It is a simple chain and pendent and has more prims than my hair. Earthstones is really nice but made old school. They are prim heavy and use tortured prims to get the size down. I have a few items purchased elsewhere where the chain and gems are a sculpt map and they don't suffer the same fate. ahh well, such is life I suppose.. as long as others see me as I wish to see myself, all is good
  20. Level of Detail is a sculpt thing.. From what I understand this is a graphics texture cache thing.. Setting LOD to 4 is high on my priority of settings to make in any viewer when I have to start fresh again. funny, I do use Firestorm but I still go to debug for my tweaks. Venus Petrov wrote: You might try checking the value of your LOD Factor. The LOD Factor controls the 'level of detail' of primitives and will make seeing prims from a distance easier. If you use Firestorm, you can find the LOD Factor setting in the Quick Preferences Panel on your lower toolbar. The value may be set to 2.0 and it is recommended to set it between 2.5 - 4.0.
  21. For a couple of years now I've noticed that depending on what jewelry I wear, the prims may not show (to me) until I edit the item and even then it doesn't last. I recall somone once saying something about the size of the prims and how many and my graphics card but I don't recall ever hearing anything about any ways to resolve the glitch.. Is there? Usually the item is prim heavy with many small prims. Thank you. :)
  22. Maia007 wrote: Tristizia Demonista wrote: Strange. Sometimes the Textures get loaded multiple times though (due to lag and such). Does this still happen if you just wait some minutes ? Another possibility could be that you accidentaly enabled Full-Res Textures and your compy just can't handle them. Look in the Devolp-Menu (ctrl+alt+Q) under Rendering and uncheck Full-Res Textures. Hope this helps I already tried your suggestion but that option is already unchecked all along Meaning it's not the problem. Sigh. I'm really getting worried now as this computer is brand new and just a few months old. Haha! Really alarming Thank you again! constant rebaking of the avatar is a network issue. Mostly due to packet loss. Use google to search for 'network optimization' on whatever operating system you have. Check out some of the possible tweaks available to make sure that your viewer is getting everything your internet connection has to offer. Perhaps your internet connection is iffy.. When I had DSL I had problems for many weeks and my research pointed to the central office (CO) which are those little boxes you see along the road sometimes. I had to pester my internet provider quite a bit but they eventually replaced allot of components in the CO, which I watched them do as I lived within eyesight of it and bam, problem solved. Here are two links that help with finding lag sources. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Lag http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Checking_for_packet_loss_%28network_lag%29 Good luck.
  23. Verena Vuckovic wrote: hordes of monstrous stick insects... /me giggles To each his own as the saying goes but I hear ya. I am real height and proud and yes there is a group. My leg length is 2! And I'm about 5'8" overall in SL. Some argue that being an amazon helps with clothing sizing but whatever.. In my years in SL I've come to one basic conclusion. Be happy with yourself and don't worry about the others.
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