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  1. Oh no!! what a *cat*astrophy . . . . . *facepaws* It looks to me like your cat may have either triggered a collar or AO animation which would go some way to explaining why you go back to normal when using stop animations. If you stop animations then detach everything can you then walk normally? If you detach everything and stop animation can you walk normally? If you can then you will need to attach things one by one to see what is causing it (only prim items, ordinary clothes layer clothes will not affect it.) Once you find out which is causing the problem, you should either be able to touch it to get the menu or use a chat command to turn it off If you dont know the chat comamnds and the touch doesnt bring up a menu, try right clicking it, going intop edit and then contents to see if there is a help notecard in it which shoudl give you the command(s). HTH Canis P.S. If this doesnt work I am at a loss
  2. put a big thin megaprim between them, set it phantom so people can pass through but not see through , with object occlusion on it should help greatly
  3. And the "I got bitten by a vampire and lost my soul" . . . . .
  4. I did I found 2 from back in 98 . . . and thnak you for your prompt answer
  5. I just completed a TP after a failed attempt and got this message in my chat history : "expired_region_handoff I did search but didn't get an explanation as to what it means Anyone got any Idea?
  6. So far as I can see Nerxual, YOU are the troll on these forums, every post of yours I have sen is some complaint about something you dont like but is permitted on SL, Maybe these people arte harassiing you becuase you have been harassing them with useless Abuse reports for doinf or being what is perfectly permissible. You have admitted that you AR people for various reasons, most of whicg have been spurious, you flame anyone that disagrees with you, call them Morons, Childish, and yet the one I see acting like a child is you . . . Just try a little live and let live, RL courts have a name for people like you, The call them Vexatious Litigants, look it up, it fits you perfectrly, If you spent less tiome bitching and abuse reporting peole for no reason, maybe, just maybe they may begin to leave you alone, tyr it, it may work, other than that , Stp hamging with ppl who are freinds with those who harass you, or set up and alt and try to behave in a more mature fashion. This is not a dig at you, just pointing out that your own behavious is bringing this grief on yourself, just ignore them and get on with your RL and SL
  7. Maybe its because you made all the Abuse reports on people just for having child avatars, so they simply ignore your new repots as they think you are wasting their time? Message was edited by: Canis Hykova -Spelling with a migraine is not easy . .
  8. You could just use a flip titler which woudl post a name of your choosing in a colour of your choosing, and then just add in your profile that that is your RP name and when displayed you are "In Character" Message was edited by: Canis Hykova - Correcting typos
  9. House = private unless its a display house, just use similar rules to what you woudl rl, after all , you wouldnt jjust walk into a total strangers home rl would you? not with the risk of being shot, stabbed or arrested, really its just common sense, something some people seem to lack, I once watched someone try enter a frinds house to be kicked by his security system at least 10 times before he got the message not everyone wants to use the limited land tools to set access, some will use security orbs, some will simply ar you if you continue, the one place i rented had notices all over the sim that he houses etc were private and not to enter them withpout invitation, it still didnt stop ppl
  10. Gp to edit/prefs/graphics, hit the custom tab then the harware options tab and uncheck enable Open GL vertex Buffer Objects This will cure it (Usually happens with ATI Graphics cards) HTH Canis
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