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  1. A final thought from me in this post. Isn't it odd how much shorter this would be if only the people who wanted to be helpful had replied, and not those who apparently are elitist/dismissive/vitriolic/self important/self promoting/unsupportive/(add your own thoughts here). Perhaps they should have started their own thread rather than clutter this one. Personally, if I have a question I will ask it. If that offends or upsets anyone ... so be it. A final thank you to those who helped.
  2. How odd ... Daria suggests i should have looked on "Snopes, Google, Wikipedia" .... and Eternus says in response to a reply that someome should have done "the same searching the OP should have done." and here's me ... with a question relating to sl ... asking it in sl blogs ... in the section where it says "Ask a Question." OOPS ! How silly am I ? I, again, thank those who responded with the information I needed.
  3. Perhaps, Daria, because people have less experience than you, and should be answered factually and not dismissed so uncaringly. Thanks to the others for their helpful comments. I hope I would be as supportive as them in future, and not as dismissive as you.
  4. I was told today inworld by someone using the Emerald Viewer that part of the Key that identifies my avatar can be used to identify the approximate rl geograhic zone in which i log in. "something in there relates to the zones you connect in they know that you connect to say kent, so if you have someone who's pretending to be usa and they connect in kent" Is this true ?   I know nothing of the Emerald Viewer.   I would appreciate any comments.
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