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  1. Oh wow! It was that simple! Thank you so much Canis, and also the others who replied. I unchecked the box and now I have no problems with those weird triangles and I can enjoy SL again. As I wrote, I had already installed the latest graphics drivers but that didn't help. I had also called Toshiba twice and spent a couple of hours on the phone with tech support but they were unable to help me. I wish I had come to you guys first! I would have saved time and stress (plus I have no idea what the guys from tech support had me download onto my computer but none of it worked and I hope it hasn't ruined anything...) Thanks once again! Out of curiosity, what does unchecking that box do? (Other than solve my graphics problem that is!)
  2. Hello. I recently bought a new (and, I believe, very powerful) computer but SL doesn't seem to run on it. Every few minutes I get very strange graphics, like large, flat, multicolored triangles that take up either some of the screen or all of it. I checked the minimum requirements for SL and my computer meets them. My graphics card is an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4600 which Toshiba tells me is higher than the minimum required Radeon 9500. I have updated the drivers. I am running WIndows Vista. It is really frustrating because I invested in a good computer but now SL won't run correctly. Any advice or help would be very greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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