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  1. Yes! That is exactly what I am talking about!!! Why in the world hide the search field? It took me several minutes to find that as well. User Interface is not the place to get all experimental and artistic. Don't make me think about where I have to go to do what I want on the site. Major failure in that regard. And if we veterans of the industry have such trouble, how in the world will the average denizens of the interwebs find their way around? The SL website is such a reflection of the SL Viewer experience, I'd say.
  2. Now I look even dumber than I feel! hah! I swear it gave me NO results when I first tried, and even inlcuded the suggestion, "Did you mean Multiple Partners in SQL?" And I wanted to kick it. Thanks for the help and screenshot.
  3. OK, so...how did you arrive at that? Using the Search field as I did, but "Second Life" instead of "SL"? Silleh!
  4. Honestly? I was searching for the "top three" Answers discussions, as per the recent blog post: https://blogs.secondlife.com/community/community/volunteers/blog/2010/01/08/second-life-answers-hits-a-milestone?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+SecondLifeALL+%28Official+Second+Life+Blogs+-+ALL+POSTS%29 In particular the "Multiple Partners in SL?" (typed in exactly as the blog has it writ), as I was curious to see the discussion as I've heard others ask it before.
  5. Maybe I'm blissfully missing an obvious search solution, because apparently a lot of people are finding SL Answers useful on some level. The main Search field in the upper-right of the page header doesn't seem to return any valid results from the Answers section, (and in fact asks "Do you mean SQL in place of my "SL" keyword, which is kind of odd to see on this of all sites!). OK, so maybe this is a rhetorical question?!
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