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  1. Thank you for the answer and for the warm welcome ^.^ I'm pretty sure I'll not put them back.... just want to put them into a new object.... and wondering if there is a legal issue... Thank you so much for your answer! Emily
  2. Hello everyone! I just have a quick question.... I have a bunch of objects I don't use anymore, with few animations I like.... Lately, I learned how to put animations in objects (using MLPV2). There will be a problem if I will extract animations I like, from those objects and put them in another object, and use it on my home? I DON'T want to sell it or transfer it to someone else. I just want to have all anims I like, in one object. BTW.... I bought that objects from where I want to extract anims! :) Wondering if there is a problem if the creator will stop by on my home and will see his anims in other object than his? Thank you all in advance, for your answers! Emily
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