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  1. I know it's not what I described, exactly, but I suspect I may have some sort of sine wave in mind, if only I knew how to express it.
  2. In my example, I'm saying that, after 10 seconds, the probability of something happening (critter moving to a new location/choosing a new animation/whatever) starts at 10% and then increases by 1% for each second that elapses. So for the first fifty seconds, it's more likely than not the critter will carry on doing whatever it is, though the likelihood it will decide on a new activity is slowly increasing over time and after fifty seconds it becomes increasingly likely it'll go off and do something else until, after 100 seconds have elapsed, it's certain to change.
  3. This is where I reveal, yet again, my compete ignorance of mathematics. I dimly remember things from high school but when I come to apply them, it's no more than half-remembered fragments of a foreign language. Anyway, I was recently trying to think how to script it to ensure that something would happen within n seconds, but randomly within that, while trying to ensure that, as time passed, the likelihood that whatever it was would happen increased. That is, in this particular case, I wanted my pathfinding critter to behave more or less realistically -- after wandering for a bit, it stops for at least 10 seconds, and then thinks about about what to do. Probably once it's arrived somewhere it'll at least want to stay there a bit, foraging or resting or whatever, but the more time passes, the more likely it is to want to move on. Sometimes it'll want to move on right away, and sometimes it'll want to stay there up to a minute or so, and most of the time somewhere between that. I came up with this, which does what I need integer iNeedToBeat; integer iRandom; default { state_entry() path_update(integer Type, list Reserved) { if(PU_GOAL_REACHED == Type){ iNeedToBeat = 100; llSetTimerEvent(1.0); } } timer() { if((integer)llFrand(100.0)>(--iNeedToBeat)){ if(iNeedToBeat < 90){ //then do whatever it is, so long as at least 10 seconds have passed } } } } That is, the pathfinding creature will always wait at least 10 seconds before deciding if it wants to do something new, and then, as time progresses, it becomes increasingly likely to move on to whatever this "something new" is, until it actually does so. That's the basic idea, anyway, though in practice it's going to be somewhat more complex than that. I have two questions, I think. First, I'm sure that what I've done there can be done more elegantly with some mathematical formula, if only I knew how to express it in LSL. Can anyone help me? Second, more generally, how else can we readily use LSL to calculate probabilities, and for what kinds of purposes might be do it? There must be dozens of other interesting things we can do with chance, odds and probability other than skill gaming and gachas. There's breedables, of course. What else?
  4. First, read this Knowledge Base article and then take a look at the Experience Tools page in the Scripting Wiki. Also search this forum. Though I would strongly advise posting data to Google Sheets or some other external source rather than using experience keys to store this kind of data. I've done a lot of work with both Experience Tools' KVP functions and with Google Sheets, and they're two completely different tools, suitable for very different purposes. Experience Tools and KVP are great for data you want to store and update persistently, and share grid-wide in (almost) real time, but they aren't good for storing lots of historical data you want to access at all readily.
  5. Didn't the late Ebbe Linden used to work for Microsoft? I thought he was the best CEO LL's had for a long time.
  6. And I learned it (along with just about everything I know about rotations*, and a lot more besides) from @Void Singer, who is sadly missed. *not forgetting @Grandma Batesand @Chalice Yao. But Void patiently laid the foundations.
  7. If the script is adding data to a list every ten seconds, I wonder if that might not cause a stack heap collision after a few hours if the script isn't properly monitoring script memory and pruning old list items when necessary. That's the first thing I'd look at, anyway, based on the bare fact that something that collects and stores data seems to become unresponsive every few hours.
  8. Where does the pale green come into it? I'd always thought it's simply "pale" ("deathly pale" in the Jerusalem Bible, apparently).
  9. This unseelie little fey and her friends have been enjoying the autumn night effects
  10. As to whether it's legal, that would have to depend, I would think, on the jurisdiction you have in mind. However, as to the ToS, let's consider the facts as we know them and then try to apply a bit of common sense. Whoever it is you're talking about has clearly spent a lot of time and effort on building her brand into the success you say it is. Her success, to my mind, must depend on her SL "name brand," as you put it, being extremely widely known not only in SL but also online generally, and it seems to me inconceivable that all this has happened without the Lab noticing at some point. I mean, would you not agree that it's a bit unlikely she's achieved this degree of fame (notoriety?) without LL having had ample time to consider the matter and, if they have any concerns about it, to take whatever action they think is justified? Bearing all that in mind, what do you think is the most likely answer to your question?
  11. Thanks. What a useful resource that Firestorm set is. The Abracadabra settings are in the Firestorm - Windlights - Places subfolder of that set, if anyone else is looking for it and doesn't want to unpack all the boxes in the collection.
  12. Which EEP library is that, please? I've looked in both the Official Viewer and Firestorm and it doesn't seem to be available in either.
  13. The various Bellisseria residents' groups always seem to be arranging events of one sort of another. I'm not particularly into events, but when I attend them with friends who are, they always seem pretty well-attended, too. But then I've been around since 2007, and most of my friends joined at least several years ago. Most of them, though by no means all, are content creators of one kind or another, too, so I guess my experience isn't particularly typical.
  14. Bellisseria is also, in itself, an attractive environment to explore by foot, motor vehicle, horse, plane, hot air balloon, boat, train, flying dragon or whatever. I'm quite content, for the time being, living on a plot tucked away on the regular mainland, Athetis, but I'm really enjoying myself exploring places by road, air and water, now that I've got so much more space to play with my toys.
  15. Nevertheless, the changes described by the article seem largely for the better: I think you are maybe generalising based on the older people with whom you have frequent contact -- friends, neighbours and family -- than on older people in general.
  16. Yes, before sending anything out, I'd check everyone trying to use the system to send something, to make there's no KVP key recording they've been blocked, either by whoever they were trying to send the gift to, or locked out of it generally by the merchant with whose gifts they were trying to spam people. Recipients could, I suppose, say they didn't want to receive any more unsolicited gifts from anyone, or from this specific person, or, since the main use case is sending demo items to your alts, that in future they wanted only to receive gifts from a specific resident or residents.
  17. Would offering both the recipients of (possibly unwanted) free gifts the ability to block offers via the system of future gifts *from the person who sent the gift* and also offering the merchants the possibility to block people who abuse the system from using it in future not offer a safeguard against this? Both could be done reasonably easily through experience tools, I think, even without a Linden-owned grid-wide experience.
  18. Notepad++ is very good, as is Sublime Text, which I use -- that allows you to hide scopes of all types so long as you indent and format your script properly. Sublime Text also has a very good syntax checker, which I find really speeds up my scripting.
  19. You could always ask here for advice on how to write it yourself. LSL's http functions and events aren't terribly complex once you start to use them, and I think you'll find several of SL's "professional scripters" (whether as themselves or as alts) follow this forum and are generally glad to offer help and advice on interesting topics.
  20. Sorry to come in late to this, but my favourite scripted collar is the DEM Lotha Valsharess Niar Collar, party because @Chloe1982 Constantineand @Nihal Quan, who made it, are friends of mine, and partly because it's based on scripts from Dari Caldwell's eponymous collar, updated and maintained by Chloe, which was my all-time favourite before Dari stopped maintaining it and released the scripts full perms.
  21. At least according to the Financial Times (who I trust on such matters since, as a senior banking executive once explained to me, the paper's business model depends on its credibility with the people on whom it's reporting), OnlyFans seem to have been victims on their own success during the lockdown:
  22. What we don't yet know, of course, and I hope it doesn't get lost in the news cycle, is what OnlyFans intend to do about making their moderation more effective, since everyone, including OnlyFans, agrees that some clearly unlawful content -- ads for guns and drugs, for example -- wasn't getting removed quickly enough. That's the inherent problem with sites that depend on content made and uploaded by the public -- it doesn't matter whether you're Facebook, Parler, OnlyFans or the SL Forums, someone's got to moderate it, and that's not always scalable.
  23. I'm not so sure. Why on earth would OnlyFans voluntarily walk away from porn? What's in it for them? In the words of the FT's columnist "LEX",
  24. Evernote like to Financial Times article because paywall.
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