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  1. well, a dancing voo is more comical than anything else -- but I might be suitable for less formal occasions ^^ --le voo
  2. Hello Ravenis: I too am back after a years-long hiatus and am always happy to meet new people. I don't build but I do love to travel, sight-see, and converse. My online persona comes off a little odd on the surface, but I hope you'll feel free to buzz me if I'm online. --le voo
  3. Oh, no pressure. :smileyvery-happy: lol
  4. Hi Maddy and Hippeh *wavey waves* I had to work today, but you all were in my vo thoughts. :smileyhappy: hope to see you in-world soon. --le voo
  5. Always happy to make a new friend :smileyvery-happy: please feel free to look me up when I'm on. --le voo
  6. Niceness doesn't cost a thing :smileywink:
  7. Le voo loves to write as well -- though he can't sell anything to save his life -- and I'm always down for some good conversation. :smileyhappy: have a donut?
  8. Nice to meet you :smileyhappy: new friends are always welcome *le voo offers you some coffeh and a pink frosty donut*
  9. *wavey waves at Maddy* *hugs for mah friend Hippeh* (real ones too; not silly awkward bro hugs)
  10. Agreed with Bobbie; Bloodlines is a pain in the butt. Not into the vampire thing, but if you just wanna socialize I'm in. Feel free to look me up in-world. ^__^ --le voo
  11. Very nice to meet you Val; hope to see you in-world sometime :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: --le voo
  12. *wavey waves at everyone* :matte-motes-big-grin: *refplenishes teh coffeh and donuts*
  13. Welcome! :matte-motes-big-grin: Hope you have a wonderful time exploring, sightseeing, socializing and maybe even learning something in the process. Feel free to look me up if I happen to be in-world.
  14. On that subject (sorta), I was walking around SL in a female shape for about a full day, completely unawares. :matte-motes-stress: I was looking through my inventory and wondering why there were so many female items in there. I guess that I must have clicked something wrong in the process. :matte-motes-bashful: --le voo
  15. I can't seem to make this happen. Pretty sure I followed Suella's original instructions to the letter -- most especially Pro Tip 1, since le voo (like an idiot) had originally selected one of the stock themes. Now, once I save, the preview shows the chosen background image, but the actual badge in the Forum is just blank. Anyone? --le voo EDIT: never mind. Le voo forgot to check sumpin before saving. *le eyeroll*
  16. You would want to find (or build) a sort of greenscreen. Take a screenshot while posing in front of it, and save it to your computer. Then, just edit out the green using an image editing program such as Gimp.
  17. >(Example- Today I am wearing an ice cream sundae dress in world and have bright pink hair >.> ^-^) Sounds like something Bjork would come up with. You're Bjork aren't you?
  18. Mornin Hippeh Gee, I only missed you by three hours this time. *refills j00r coffeh* c[_]
  19. Yeps, ish work all rightee. FWIW, you're most welcome to ping le voo for some convo sometime. As I've said elsewhere, my schedule is weird but I'm trying to be more available. Gotta put myself out there if I wanna attract new voo pals, yesh? (you so totally know it's true) *offers you a cup of coffeh anna donut* c[_]
  20. Nice to meet you ^__^ I don't care much for voice either; I usually have it muted. Most of the time I RP as a wandering monk. It just suits me. I like to travel and meet people and see wonderful places, but I don't really care about owning stuff. My schedule varies a lot, but I'll look for you online if you wish. Best wishes *offers you a pink frosty donut*
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