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  1. I want to thank you both, Cindy and LittleMe, but I did figure it out. I went through my inventory and realized I wasn't wearing my "shape". As soon as I went to "wear" my shape, my avatar reappeared. Thank you again I appreciate your help.
  2. tHi all, Just recently with sl viewer, and also firestorm 32 bit and 64 bit my avatar is a cloud, I can't see myself but others can see me fine. I've relogged many times, rebaked textures, nothing has worked at all. Any ideas? thank you in advance for any help.
  3. I'm sorry thats my other avi name don't know why that name came up when I'm logged in with Nichole Bergamasco.
  4. Thank you all so much funny thing is I never had a problem with the beta release I wonder if I can go back to it
  5. Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone else is having this problem? The firestorm beta release worked fine for me but as soon as I downloaded the new version I can log on but I get about 3/4 of the way through and it just hangs on loading world and stays like that till I end task. Very frustrating and what’s really strange is that I have another avatar and I was able to log on and get in world with my other avatar with the second life viewer. I have no idea what’s going on, and on the firestormviewer.org website I followed all the instructions in order to do a clean uninstall and then a clean reinstall. Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  6. Thank you all so much for all the information, it was so helpful. I think I had Phoenix (firestorm) in the past and it was great. Have a great day everyone
  7. Hi all, I just got a new windows laptop for Christmas, used to go on sl with a mac but I have the sl viewer like I had on my MacBook and the graphics don't seem that great, so my question is since I haven't used windows in so long, what is the best viewer for sl for windows as far as running the game smoothly and good graphics? Thank you for any help
  8. Thanks everyone who has responded I appreciate your help :)
  9. Hello everyone, I just wanted to know if theres a way to check to see if someone on sl has blocked me. thank you
  10. Hello all, I just wanted to know what it meant when I try to teleport to a place and it tells me I don't have permission anymore to go there meanwhile I've always been able to. Thank you :)
  11. Thank you so much for your help yes I know it’s not wise to put email in. I wasn’t sure how I can be notified and I wanted all options. You both have helped a lot and I appreciate it. I don’t log on sl as much as i’d Like unfortunately and it’s not like him to not contact me to let me know if he was sick or something else. thank you again
  12. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a dear friend on sl. I have tried everything and I mean everything. I'm really afraid something happened to him. I've known him since 2007. He never answers instant messages, emails. I had his cell phone number but now all his info is totally gone and his number is not registered to anyone like its a non working number. I've searched the whole internet for him, he doesn't answer yahoo messenger and now they are getting rid of yahoo messenger as of the 17th of July I heard. If anyone can help, please respond. How can I check in a group on sl the last time he was online in second life? I remember there used to be a way to do that. Any help is much appreciated, thank you so much! My email is Darstan64@gmail.com Thank you!
  13. Thank you everyone for all your helpful and kind replies I appreciate it, when I do get a chance to log on I will check things out further Have a great week everyone and thanks!
  14. Hi all, Don't mean to be a downer but why is sl so dead. I've been away for about a year and half or so and its not the same here at all. All my landmarks don't work anymore. I couldn't keep Phoenix on my computer so I had to download the sl viewer and then I went crazy trying to maximize my screen so I could enjoy sl normally. Back in 2007 when I joined sl was such a fun place, now everywhere I visit theres hardly anyone or no one there at all. Is it me or what has changed? Does anyone know of any good places to make some friends. I'm very happily married, just want some good clean fun, no sex, I get plenty of that at home :) Thanks for any help. :)
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