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  1. They probably wouldn't like losing the money they make off of each and every item that is sold through the MP. Must be quite lucrative for them.
  2. I don't have any real solutions to offer; just some observations. The gacha machines became tighter about a year or so ago. That meant receiving a lot more commons before receiving the rare [which is usually what is wanted] and now those extra commons are flooding the MP. There also seem to be many new creators getting involved along with those that have been around for a long time. That has also played a role. Maybe asking the creators to loosen up their machines a bit to what they used to be would help every player keep their extra items to a manageable level and the creator will still make a profit. Maybe we won't see 18 pages of the same item with prices starting at 20 lindens. As far as events go, it seems that the creators who have been around for a long time have left most events and sell their own items at their own event or store. I don't know why but they must have left for a reason. Personally, I wish there were trade in [or something] on most items. If I see, for example, a living room set I like but I already own 2 sets. I won't buy a new one because I can't resell or trade in the old ones I already have and I don't need 3 living room sets. That doesn't help support the new creators which I would like to do.
  3. It is not out of the realm of possibility that they receive RL info, I don't know It doesn't really matter but, yet again it does. I guess it just depends on how much privacy we feel we should have and how much privacy is actually taken from us. Where does the line ever get drawn? If you keep allowing invasive companies like Facebook to have your data; if there is no pushback, there will be no checks put in place. Speaking of place, this isn't it to get into privacy and politics but a good example for RL is my husband and I get really tired of junk mail, spam and robocalls and I know that they are generated off of the information that has been sold by numerous data collectors. I also wondered what possibly could Facebook use with the information that I bought a medieval castle or a Formula 1 race car for instance. Sell that info to who? Who would want it? So, I also don't know what kind of info they are collecting but, they are collecting it otherwise there would not be a connection to their site. I just promised to post the screenshot of the MP and Facebook. Everyone do what they will with it. It is an individual decision. ps. I don't have a Facebook account
  4. I finally got the screenshot of the Facebook connection to the MP. I don't know what to make of this.
  5. I apologize to everyone for my post. I thought the topic was just LL and Facebook. I did not mean to cause any disruptions.
  6. I noticed the comments about Facebook and I was wondering if anyone knows why, when you log on or purchase something from the MP, you are connected to Facebook? I noticed it while I was waiting for my very slow internet to go through all the phases it goes through to connect to the MP. I was reading these connection steps out of curiosity and "connecting to facebook.com" appeared. I don't have a facebook account and never have. What is the purpose of this?
  7. There were 15 attempts showing within a 2 minute period on my account to purchase lindens. I only did one request; which came through without a problem. I just received in my email messages of all these attempts. Could this be a glitch or something wrong with my account only?
  8. What a shame! It was a good feature.
  9. I asked this question a few days ago and I am still having the same problem; photos not posting to my profile feed. I tried different sizes; tried positng only one and not several at a time but still they will not post; they just process, and process, and proces - ad nauseam. Is there a bug somewhere; is anyone else having this problem; am I doing something wrong? Thanks so much
  10. I want to start creating avatar shapes and skins. What is the most widely used 3D software used for SL? Thank you
  11. I sent two photos to be posted on my profile feed but they have been showing "procession" and are not uploading. Anything I can do to give them a bit of a push to my feed? ps. I don't want to delete them like the question below me; want to keep them if possible
  12. Hi Lady Mako, I would be more than happy to help you get started with your AV. I know some nice places to shop and would love to take you if you are interested. Just IM if you would want; I am usually online SL time and sometimes after midnight [PST]. I think it would be a lot of fun:smileyhappy:
  13. ooops! I am so sorry; I didn't read the entire message and didn't check your profile and you requested we do. I will decline but I do hope the best to you in finding your dance partner.
  14. Hi George, I would love to talk to you and talk about dancing. Pleae IM.
  15. I am also looking for a dance partner. Please IM
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