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  1. This video article has been helpful for being social, check it out and the site, all very helpful. http://www.wrongplanet.net/article438.html
  2. I logged in today after having been offline for several months (took a break after getting burnt out), checked out the new Firestorm viewer update, looked at the destination guide, etc. About the destination guide, it changed! no longer do I see the same spots appearing in multiple categories. I log off and log back in and I get a different return in the guide each time. I like this; I can find more stuff this way, only there is a problem with the returns that I am getting. The "What's Hot Now" category is showing a bunch of art, education style Sims but they are all empty. In fact, the University Of South Florida Medical School is in that category.... A time-capsule with everything last updated in 2011. Why is that sim in the "What’s Hot Now" category? How do Sims end up on the destination guide? At first I thought the system was based on traffic, and then I thought that the sim owners just paid Linden Lab to advertise their sim, and now I think Linden Lab is trying to show off a giant list of possible Tech Demos to get companies to invest. I know I could just use the search function to pin-point a place to go but the destination guide sometimes shows the exact number of people in the sim at the time.
  3. I started using the Show-Look-At option when I entered the military combat part of Second Life, although I do not spend time doing those activities, I still keep the option on. I like to see when people look at my avatar, perving on people, or like what this thread is about, to see people cheating. I have seen a couple bots that have hid there show-look-at, they really try to hide themselves, making their avatars invisible.
  4. Wow theres a lot of posts that I did not bother to read. Last time I was in this thread was page 13. I finished up my finals and then went camping.... in the woods.....with lots of furries.....we had an orgy.........sacrificed a make-shift doll based off Pamela Galli's SL avatar....well we included her in the orgy before placing her on the fire and dancing naked around it. Two books Pamela, Dragon Bone Hill is meant for someone who is uneducated in human origins. The second book Physical Anthropology, will cover what you are not looking for. I did have my suspicions but now you made it clear that you have no interest in the governments of the past. Your only purpose in this thread is to complain. Not just fossil record, tools can survive buried. Weapons are tools too, we have found evidence of governments and war. However, like I just mentioned, you are not interested in that. All you want to do is disprove everyone else and back the idea that the NSA is an evil empire. I know furries and cmaping, we had a laptop, power generator, and projector. Displaying some Redrusker up was a great start for the Pamela Galli orgy.
  5. I have not looked into my family history very deeply, a great number of my relatives are greedy individuals. I will say that there is a chance that I am Irish, since a large number of Irish fleed over to the New World during and after the Irish Potato Famine.
  6. I am sorry but what you are asking is out of my area of focus, you should contact a local university and see if they may answer those questions. In terms of how great privacy has gotten, think back to what it must have been like when we were using fabric curtains as doors (some cultures still do this).
  7. I am not your mother, go ask your local history teacher, I don't have time to give you a complete break down of the human origins. Please refer to Dragon Bone Hill: An Ice-Age Saga of Homo erectus ISBN 0195152913, Introduction to Physical Anthropology, 2013-2014 Edition ISBN-13: 978-1-285-06197-9 Also as you have have noticed, written text can contain bias and therefore you should also combine the documents with physical evidence (fossil remains), using Relative Dating or Chronometric Dating to find the age of an artifact(s).
  8. Back in 2006-2007 when the New Media Consortium was praising Second Life education, my college (I did not attend at the time) was the University of West Florida. They had and still do have a very large Anthropology department. However, The parcel ($1500/yr) that the university used was for the computer engineering program. UWF canceled their contract after a year, the professors all said that there was no point in using the virtual space. Even the Archaeologists said that there are many other programs that allow for digital reproduction and are free to use. As for filling out your profile, non of the UWF profesors ever filled theirs out. Much of the NMC sims are still in Second Life, sort of a Time Capsul as they all seem to have their advertisements in-world stuck in 2006.
  9. yeah actually we started out in Africa, moved into Asia, then Europe, and then to north america. There are several hypotheses as to how they got over, Land Bridges, vegetation rafts, ice bridges, or just hanging out on the continent till it broke apart and floated into the formation it is today. During the Mesozoic era (ca. 125 mya), we had the Continent of Pangea which was in the process of breaking up into the northern land mass of Laurasia and the southern land mass of Gondwanaland. During the Cenozoic era (ca. 65 mya), The land masses were begining to form what we have today. There was North America (which broke off from Eurasia). South America, Africa, Antarctica, Australia, Madagascar, and India all broke off from their combined Gondwanaland.
  10. At possibly Page 9, I listed my current profession; Anthropology. Sometime around 400 kya, our species Homo sapiens appears. The earliest sapiens were called "archaic", or "pre-modern" Homo sapiens (to distinguish them from the "anatomically modern" Homo sapiens sapiens. Their government varied from Band societies, Tribes, to Chiefdoms. Like one of the previous posters discussed in this thread, the chief was in charge of the 100 or so inhabitants, it was the Chief's job to know your business. You as a member of the village, had no secrets because the Chief new everything that you did including the exact time that you went to pee. Now I must admit I am being somewhat light here on the times, since our origins as humans trace back to around 7-6 mya. Though the first tool techniques to ever be used are the Oldowan Tools which has been recorded to have been used begining 2.6 mya, that would be a safe time to say that governments were well established. Since they were making weapons at the time, and there have beeen questions of cannibalism.
  11. I do admit I find it funny that everyone is getting so worked up over government spying on their own people. Governments having been spying on their own people for the past 400,000 years and the governments are still doing it, what makes any of you think that all this complaining is gonna make it stop?
  12. Oh I see yeah I once thought about that but then wrote it off since the government has more important things to worry about. Should I be worried that I look at Bestgore, Liveleak, 420chan, various adult furry sites? Well one can only dream that the world reaches a point where the only offense is looking up disgusting pictures on the internet but sadly we have wars and such which is probably what the government is more interested in. Finding terrorists. So I just thought "Meh" no government official is gonna knock on my door and lecture me about looking up Bulls owning conquistadors, US soldiers dropping some 2,000lb JDAM on a Taliban position, depressed individuals asking for dating advice, or the latest comic by Redrusker. -future governments, sounds like movies, or fantasy books.
  13. You are very welcome Dres, oh I forgot to mention I actually do look at news online, if you consider all the lovely videos of civilians getting blown apart on Liveleak. War is so silly I watched a video of the Free Syrian Army training small children to fight on the front lines. That kids oh my, the machine gun was longer then he was. Oh do they blow up so young these days.
  14. I am terribly sorry to post in such an old thread but I just have to share my PC specs. I connect to Second Life with a Dell Inspiron 3520 purchased from the store for $398 The screen has a max resolution of 720p I have a total of 1 Memory stick of 4GB of DDR3 A CPU/integrated graphics called Intel HD 3000 with a shared memory capacity of 1600MB. The graphics is the equivalent of an Nvidia G210 (slight upgrade from an Nvidia 8400). According to Linden Lab, the HD 3000 is an unsupport graphics card for Second Life. The CPU is the lowest possibly Intel I3. I get an epic 10 FPS on medium settings with draw distance set to 80. (that speed only happens when I am in an empty sim, like a very empy sandbox) I upgraded to that Laptop from a Desktop that I had used for many years. My Desktop: The graphics card is a Radeon 9000 64mb AGP-slot CPU is an AMD Athlon xp 1500+ 1.3 GHz I had (2) 256mb memory DDR2 My screen was a 12" CRT monitor I got 1-3 FPS on the lowest settings. Still I continued to use Second Life, I feel getting such slow speeds helped build my patience level, if something does not work, I don't explode like Iceing Braveheart has done in this thread. (I listed the Intel HD 3000 in Bold highlight because the graphics is unsupported yet I can still connect to Second Life)
  15. It has been almost 12 months since I last read a news paper, 7 months since I watched the news on television or views the news on the internet. What news I have gotten are all from various complaints by random people. So this NSA thing? First I laughed hard when people got the NSA confused with NASA. Second, what do you have to hide? really lets see, the NSA is spying on me... ok Finneli Felwitch is an unemployed college student studying to be an Anthropologist. She is a furry. Right um.... yeah... so anyone happen to have some bleach that I can wash my eyes out with - An NSA spy agent
  16. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: @ All - in case you have misunderstood the OP's statements: He has a superb system that's worth more than I can save in a year His graphics card, specifically, is THE top-end nvidia offering (arguably; there's always some confusion about the ;sub-models'. It's very, very, good anyway) SL does not support such a new and powerful system Linden Lab has "gone out of its way" to prevent SL supporting such hardware Only computers you'd now find in landfill can run SL Therefore SL is about to shut down Obviously it's the last 3 of those statements that are questionable. Additional @ All – A Guide to handling problems revolving around Linden Lab and Second Life and some key points for determining the state of a game, By OP Linden Lab does not receive or care about user feedback There is no such thing as Unofficial Software Patches, Driver updates Linden Lab made their Second Life Source Code Public but never intended anyone to use it Never use a third party fix. Only use fixes or workarounds developed by Linden Lab Just because there are search engines like Google, that does not mean you should use them It is far more productive to complain about an issue than to search, ask, or teach yourself to fix the issue Companies should base their actions that would result in the future of a company, only on their emotions, even if those emotions would bankrupt the company The only way to enjoy a video game is if it has pretty graphics A video game is considered dead even when the company running the game is still making a profit
  17. Behold the power of the internet! all of 2 seconds that it took me type type this "Radeon 9000 AGP buy" in, first listing: http://www.amazon.com/ATI-Radeon-9000-64MB-Graphics/dp/B0068VSNBI Finding graphics cards on Newegg is soooo easy. Geforce 210 for $25 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127705 I tried to find a cheap one for you, there are a ton of Pentium 4s on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Intel-Pentium-3GHz-800MHz-Socket/dp/B002T9DATS/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1382072840&sr=1-1&keywords=Intel+Pentium+4+531+3GHz+800MHz+1MB+Socket+775+CPU By the way OP, your use of emote smily faces is rather stupid.
  18. Ah, yes getting programs to run on a PC, it is impossible for a software developer to test and make their software work with all the possible PC configurations. I have a ton of 8-track tapes and a player for them. I recently tried to convert them to CD but sadly the magnetic stripes have worn over time and I can no longer get the music off the tapes. Companies and individuals have released newer conversion devices that may recover the information on the tapes but sometimes recovery is not possible. Second Life is nowhere near the non-recoverable stage. Software makers rely on user feedback so they can add to hardware compatibility. Implementation takes time for these issues and sometimes the maker does not release a fix, and it is up to the community to develop their own fixes, sometimes called Unofficial Patches. OP, have you tried looking for an unofficial graphics driver patch that might work with Second Life? I recently purchased a game called Freespace 2, released sometime before 2003. I have read that players have designed total conversions for the game and that they will provide regular content updates. Not just your typical new storyline/missions but also graphical updates including 4k resolution textures (which are available now for the game). Players took a game that they loved and updated it themselves after begging the company to do it. I hate having to find a fix for an issue that should never have happened and it upsets me when the product company is not helpful. However, this is how life works and you just have to accept that. Using excuses like “I just wasted 30 minutes of my life! 30 minutes that I will never get back!” is stupid and immature. The knowledge that you gain from solving the issue either by yourself or with the help of others can be very rewarding. You might need this knowledge later in life and so you actually gained benefits in those 30 minutes rather than not gaining anything while playing video games for 30 minutes. I remember the MMORPG called Everquest 2, before release, the developers talked of how the graphics engine had future hardware in mind and that "Currently available hardware technology would not be able to run the game on max". Of course, several years later, the community and developers found out that the graphics engine was flawed and that even with the most advanced hardware configuration of 2013, the Everquest 2 graphics engine can still cause the user to suffer massive performance drops down to 3 FPS every 5-10 minutes. I do not know if any of these issues exist within Second Life but sometimes games run into problems where the only way to fix the problem, would be to completely rework the engine. When considering this type of solution, companies may agree with the players that it would be a great idea but companies cannot allow their emotions to get in the way and so the companies look at the pros and cons of the fix, Is it a good idea financially? Should old software be compatible with new hardware? Should old hardware be compatible with new software? I tried installing an MSdos game onto my Windows 8 computer, I got installation errors, and turns out, I had to install some compatibility patches, not just for Windows 8 but also Graphics card and CPU (which was not recognized). The CPU and game software both needed unofficial patches. I tried installing Crysis 2 onto my Windows XP Professional 32-bit, AMD Athlon XP 1400+, ATI Radeon 9000 64Mb AGP, 512Mb Desktop computer and sadly, I got errors. Why is this OP? Should newer Software be compatible with old hardware? I remember an older MMORPG called Final Fantasy XI (2003); the game box had the system requirement on the back. One of the requirements said you needed an internet connection of Dial-up or better. When was the last time you saw a game that showed Dial-up as a requirement? How many games do you say that are not compatible with Dial-up? Second Life is probably not compatible with Dial-up, even though Second Life came out after the creation of Dial-up. So OP, you say that because of these software issues, Linden Lab not responding to your calls for help, and the optional viewers not meeting your expectations, you have decided to part ways with Second Life. Everyone may choose what they want to do but you then proceed to declare the decline of Linden Lab and Second Life. The resulting decline and soon to be deceased brought by hardware incompatibilities. Well you are wrong, there are many reasons why but I will tell you what fits in with most individuals who engage in MMORPG; Graphics do not matter. Graphics do not need to be good for you to enjoy the game. Why do people continue to subscribe and pay $15 a month to play Everquest 1? (A game released in 1997). A year ago Sony Online Entertainment said that they had around 10,000 subscribers playing Everquest 1. Only 10,000 people playing the game yet they still run it? Well that is because they are still making a profit off of it. I laugh every time I see someone say that World of Warcraft is dying because there are only 9 million people subscribing. That is still a profit, they will continue to run the game till there is no profit and when there is no profit, then the game is considered dead. A game can never truely be considered dying unless the company is no longer making profits off it and is discussing whether to shut down all the servers or turn it into a free to play/sell it to another company. You do not need good graphics to enjoy a game. If you feel that you cannot play a game without the best graphics than I suggest you go outside, that is better than a video game and the graphics are truly insane, performance issues are nonexistent.
  19. Looking at OP's post history, I wonder if OP is computer illiterate or just trolling us. OP has used the third Party viewers before like Firestorm. OP's system is more than enough to run Second Life on Max settings with ease. I am surprised that OP never thought of reading the Help option in Firestorm Viewer and how it links the users to the in-world Firestorm support group. Maybe OP is just really Lazy.
  20. If Linden Labs wont help, there are many groups in Second Life that will, off the top of my head: New Citizens Incorperated, Caledon Oxbridge University, The Shelter. Linden Labs has also been kind enough to let us use Third Party Viewers, found here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory I use Firestorm Viewer, they have a group that is always active with giving technical help. What is your definition of a Modern Computer? I have a $395 Dell Laptop Inspiron 3520 Intel I3 CPU, DDR4 RAM, and a moderm but none gaming graphics card. I am able to run Second Life but not above High Settings. I have seen videos of people using the Nvidia Titan graphics card and sorta run Second Life on max. You can get the Titan just about anywhere, here is the link to the stock EVGA Titan: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130897 Notice the modern Price tag.
  21. That might have something to do with adobe flash player or other software. I have received that same error on my Profile Web tab when I did not have flash player installed on my new computer.
  22. The problem must have to do with network or servers. What internet company do you use? any bandwidth limits set on the service? have you tried using Speedtest pointed at San Fransisco? When logged into Second Life, open up the statistics menu and monitor the connections. The past two weeks, my internet connection has been terrible but nobody else around me in SL has the issue. I contacted my network techs and they said they were in the process of reworking their firewall settings, turns out they were severly limiting file-sharing services and Second Life uses this.
  23. Sometimes my network connection is great, other times it is not. When I want to play Second Life, I log into an area and my viewer begins to download the textures/objects into the cache. This sucks up bandwidth and slows down the computer (again depends on the condition of my network). I am aware that the surronding areas load faster when the textures/objects are present in the cache. Currently I have just been teleporting around to the various sims that interest me, that I spend the most time in, and I have been filling my cache. Problem is, I would rather be enjoying my time with others in SL instead of working the cache. Is there a program (download manager), that would just download a select handful of sims to the cache without having the graphical features that the Viewers have? I would run this program while I am away from the computer/asleep. I know very little about using Bots (not sure what the TOS says about bots). Could I have a bot Jump from sim to sim, filling the cache while I am away?
  24. Sometimes my network connection is great, other times it is not. When I want to play Second Life, I log into an area and my viewer begins to download the textures/objects into the cache. This sucks up bandwidth and slows down the computer (again depends on the condition of my network). I am aware that the surronding areas load faster when the textures/objects are present in the cache. Currently I have just been teleporting around to the various sims that interest me, that I spend the most time in, and I have been filling my cache. Problem is, I would rather be enjoying my time with others in SL instead of working the cache. Is there a program (download manager), that would just download a select handful of sims to the cache without having the graphical features that the Viewers have? I would run this program while I am away from the computer/asleep. I know very little about using Bots (not sure what the TOS says about bots). Could I have a bot Jump from sim to sim, filling the cache while I am away?
  25. You could also use an external 3rd party voice changer program. They have some that cost money and others that are free.
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