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  1. And thank you to everyone who has contributed to this discussion, which has not only permitted me to rant (a little), but has also been instructive and useful. Thank you, in particular, to Perrie and Cerise who have suggested some plausible reasons for both the AR bans and the indiscriminate way in which they were applied. I still find aspects of this puzzling, but perhaps Pussycat's evocation of the principle of "Bill the Cat's Razor" to the mystery does, finally, explain all.
  2. The child avatar in question was accompanied by a number of siblings and her "mother." I was initially a little taken aback to discover that it was the child who was the owner. A reflection, I suppose, of the RL assumptions that we all still sometimes carry with us into SL. As it turns out, in any case, the "mother" was not much easier to understand than the child.
  3. Hi Aethelwine, and thanks for the response! And thanks to Celestiall too, whose comments were similar to yours. Your advice makes good sense, although I do still tend to think that automatic age restrictions are, as you put it, a blunt instrument, for reasons I've delineated above. I have, in the past, done something like this, but only when I particularly wanted a group to meet with the sim owner for some reason. The only real wrinkle is with regard to live shows (mostly music), which are sometimes not listed on the "Events" calendar until quite late in the day, or are subject to change at
  4. Hello Storm, and thanks for your post. I'm not sure what precisely about my account strains your belief. It doesn't really matter however; you are of course free to believe or disbelieve whatever you choose, and I'm not at all interested in trying to compel you accept the veracity of my story. Nor am I sure where you've got the figure of "8 months" from? My students created their first set of avatars in the second week of September, and their second set a week and a half later (after the first wave was banned). They are, as of the time of writing, about 13 weeks old.
  5. Hi Innula, Thanks for the thoughtful comment, with which I quite agree: if 20 people suddenly show up en masse at a club -- and perhaps especially if they are noobs -- then that might well cause alarm and consternation. In fact, although there has been a general assumption here that I was talking about a club, the places from which my students were banned were not such. I'm sorry, I should have probably made that clearer early on. The sim at which I was speaking to the owner as she banned my students was actually a sort of amusement park with a Dr. Seuss-theme. I don't recall its name offhan
  6. Pussycat Catnap wrote: I'm very curious to know how that conversation went after you realized your students were getting tossed during it. You've only given us half the drama here. It was an odd conversation to begin with, as the owner was a child avatar who was intent upon RPing during our discussion. I did ask why my students were disappearing, and got something that was barely intelligible. At that point, I decided to cut my losses, and leave. Pussycat Catnap wrote: I'd disagree for the kind of course Cole has described. If you want to study virtual cultures... you kind
  7. There's not much question that SL has tumbled from grace as an educational facility since the heady days when NMC and the like were advocating it as the next Big Thing. There are a number of reasons for that fall, but an important one was their decision to revoke the discount for non-profits (something to which I see they are now quietly returning). There are other tech options; for theatre, for instance, there is now a stand-alone platform called SET ("Simulated Environment for Theatre"). And there are of course also such alternatives as Open Sim and ReactionGrid; John Lester convinced a num
  8. It is unfortunate, and I wish I had a solution to offer (other than something invasive and itself extortionist such as Redzone). It was rather odd, in the one instance, to be actually conversing with the owner, whom I apprised as to the nature of the group, while she banned my students one-by-one. it seemed, in that instance at least, an unnecessary precaution.
  9. Hi Drake. I'm sorry that you see no merit in teaching about new technologies and digital environments to students who, I might note, are already spending a great deal of their time in them. I'm not sure that you have a very clear notion of the course, however, or how SL is of use to scholars such as myself. The course on virtual worlds that I teach is part of a program in "digital humanities," a field that explores the uses of digital technologies in the traditional fields of the arts and humanities. For this reason, the course examined, at both a theoretical level and through field trips, su
  10. Yes, I agree. I don't suspect malice. But someone, or a combination of someones (including possibly one of my students) blunder'd. Or was trigger-happy.
  11. Thanks Cerise. I suspect that something like what you describe is the case, although I'm going to retain my faith that no student did anything knowingly wrong. Again, I'm thinking that accepting a gift of Lindens is the most probable trigger. Your theory about the extent of the bans is, like Perrie's, problematic only because one of my students had a year old account that was also banned. As for your point about clubs, etc., and noobs: agreed. And again, I maintain that this is not merely a pointless exercise, but actually a self-destructive one. Luring new residents in Second Life with the
  12. My assumption was that I was not banned because of the greater age of my account, although one student who has taken a Second Life course before, and had a year-old avatar, was banned. I did examine most of my students' accounts for precisely that reason. A few students were absent, and so I didn't see these, but the ones I saw were completely blank and clean. What I think must have happened is that one of the students whose account I did not see accepted tainted Lindens as a gift. I don't think that explains the blanket ban, or how it was applied, but it's the only explanation I can think o
  13. Indeed. What is similarly puzzling, if your interpretation is correct, is that I was not banned, despite using that same IP.
  14. Thanks Amethyst. You make some good points. I can reassure you on some points. My students were extensively prepared for this course by someone (i.e., me) who has spent many thousands of hours in Second Life, and done and seen pretty much everything (short of owning a business) that there is to do and see. They were well aware that this was not a "game": in fact, I gave them from the outset a list of misconceptions and things to avoid saying (such as "SL is a game," or "Who is that player?"). The course began, before they ever stepped in-world, with a lengthy introduction to virtual worlds an
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