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  1. How to use llTeleportAgent in an experience

    Thank you thank you. It was the experience_permissions event I missed.
  2. How to use llTeleportAgent in an experience

    Thank you. I have read all that. But what does being "in the experience" mean? Does that mean it is not necessary to grant permission to execute llTeleportAgent() to to work, and it is not necessary to be owner of the object containing the script that calls llTeleportAgent() ?
  3. I want to script an object so that if a visitor touches it, he/she gets teleported to a specific landmark. The function "llTeleportAgent()" does exactly this, but only if the object is owned by the toucher "unless part of an Experience." I cannot find in the discussion of experiences how you make this function "part of an Experience." Can anybody give me an example of how to do this?
  4. How do I stop getting group invites?

    I have been inaccurate in saying the guy sends me a group invitation. He opens the Group Profile for the group he apparently wants me to join. I know you can offer a person the chance to see that page using the URI "secondlife://app/group/<group_id>/about", but this call only creates a link, which if you click, you get the profile. I don't know how he manages to make the profile appear on my page without making me first click on a link.
  5. How do I stop getting group invites?

    I have no idea how the guy does it. He's banned from my estate and there are no scripted objects with his name on them, so if he's rezzing group-inviting-objects, it must be somewhere else.
  6. Everyday, almost every time I log in, I get an invitation to join the same group from the same guy. I have muted the guy and banned him from my sim. I have filed 25 abuse reports. Several others I know have been receving the same spam. Anybody else having this problem? Please contact me in-world if you are. Anybody know how to stop it?
  7. Try out Facebook integration with the viewer

    Until Facebook allows avatars to join facebook, this is just a pact with the devil.
  8. How do you disable pathfinding on a sim?

    The wiki ways there is a "pathfinding disabled" icon but I cannot find how an estate owner can disable it. Can anybody tell me how? There is no option called Region Debug Console after selecting Consoles in the Develop menu. There is an option called Debug Console, which just returns line after line of warning messages from something called LLControlGroup. There is something called Region Info to Debug Console which doesn't seem to do anything.
  9. What is the use of llTeleportAgent?

    Here's a use: Rez a box. Put a script in it that calls llTeleportAgent. Open a door Put the box next to the door Viola. The door stays open!
  10. I thought that llTeleportAgent() was the often requested response to the need for a simple way of teleporting people from one point to another, so we could stop using the 'sit' hack that has been in use forever. But it only works for the owner of the object!! What possible use it this?
  11. Visit The End of Time

    I would like to invite everybody to my Estate, The End of Time. It consists of four beautifully landscaped sims, (three moderate, one adult) with many hiking trails and things to do (e.g., boats, bikes, and nice little places to cuddle). It is free and open to all, no donations are soliciated or expected or needed. Touch here for my website, which has a landmark at the bottom of the homepage to the estate.
  12. I think the only valid reason to say "i may share what you say to me with others" is to get around the fact that verbal abuse is a violation of the TOS and should be reported as such, but the only way to prove what someone said to you is to quote from your IM log and doing that is also a violation of the TOS.
  13. Orbital Environmental Presets

    Thanks. I hadn't found the Jira or the posts. My proposal outlines a rather specific way to achieve some of the things requested, although I don't change the 4-hour SL day.
  14. Following is a proposal for a new feature that I have posted on the Jira that will facilitate changing your environmental settings to more realistically model the path of the sun and moon in your sim. I'm not sure what forum this idea should go but I'm guessing among people who are interested in building and texturing I would find people interested in this idea. If you like the idea (or even if you don't), go the jira, vote (or not) and comment. ---- By default, the sun in SL rises in the east, passes directly overhead at noon, and sets in the west. It spends one hour below the horizon and three hours above it. This means SL sits on the equator. In my sim, the sun rises in the northeast, reaches the 9:00 position at noon, and sets in the southwest. It spends two hours below the horizon and two above it. My sim sits in the middle of the South Pacific. It took me a long time to figure out how to do this. I suggest you offer an alternative (not a replacement) for the current Sky and Day presets, which I will call the Orbital Sky and Orbital Day presets, that will make it easier for people to specify environments that represent places other than the equator. The Orbital Day preset would require only two parameters: The Inclination of the orbital plane of the sun, and what you call the East Angle of the position where the sun rises. Each Orbital Sky preset would specify only a Time, from 0 to 24 hours. It would not need the current Sun/Moon position parameters that you see on the current Sky Preset. The spinner currently used for the sun's elevation could be used for this parameter. Given the new parameters in the orbital presets, for any Sky preset the server would compute where on the orbit defined by the Day preset the sun should be placed at the time specified in the Sky preset. The Time would be interpreted as the SL time corresponding to what you see in the upper right corner of your screen, that is, PST or PDT depending on the season. With this, a user could set up an environment where the same environmental events happen at the same time, every Second Life day and every season. And it would be easy for a user in Sydney (say) to set up her sim so midnight in her sim always corresponds to midnight in Sidney. Pasted from <>
  15. I want to put the InSL logo on the website that I have created to describe my estate in Second Life. Where do I get permission to use this logo, and then where do I find a copy of it?