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  1. /*Windlight Sky: "[name of the preset]"RegionOverride*/ There is a mistake in this Windlight override setting. I had the issue myself took me around 5 or more hours to figure out what was wrong with it (/) I believe those are not needed then it should work for you. but you gotta play around.... I have not played with it for a while, so I might be mistaken.
  2. Looking for Landscaping Projects, details will be discuses in-world. Looking to get new Projects for landscaping. UK/European times preferably. You can find me in-world. 9 times out of 10 I will be online, if I do not respond immediately I'm busy Real Life or dealing with a customer. My profile will give you a little bit of information of what I do around Second life. If you will have additional questions, send me a note card in-world and I will be sure to give you an answer within 72 hours or less.
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