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  1. One prim can send email to another prim using an address like "17b3f9c4-7f76-641c-7ea1-f77a8577d847@lsl.secondlife.com". This works fine. I have a strong recollection that it once was possible to send an email to a prim from your email client (eg gmail) using the same address. This doesn't work for me any more. So either (1) It never worked, (2) it used to work but doesn't work now, (3) it still works but I'm doing something wrong. Anybody know which?
  2. Is llGetRegionSunDirection() broken? It worked perfectly in a script yesterday, now it doesn't.
  3. The problem with these complicated applications is not usually due to the code. The code is usually perfectly capable of achieving the desired results. I don't know if this is really true for the issues you speak of. Let me use the Second Life Shape adjustment. I want to be able to make a body bigger. The code bunch of sliders, one for each bone of the body that controls its size. There is no slider for "bigger". You have to tinker with a bunch of sliders to make a body "bigger" and not just "taller" or "fatter" or "thicker". A coder will always return with a description of how the code works, in terms of how the code was written. Never how you can get the program to do what you want, in the terms you understand. The EEP settings, and before EEP the windlight settings, invoke exactly the same issues. To make the sky darker, or the sun brighter, or maybe the things you want for skins, you've got to manipulate a whole lot of different items, none of which "plays nicely" with any other. Once you change one thing, and then change another, you've got to go back and change the first thing again. It takes ages and a lot of guess work. This problem arises in almost everything Linden Lab produces.
  4. Here's a full list of parameters for a dark sky (many of the parameters are irrelevant but I include everything I use)
  5. If anybody sends an IM in-world request to Pat Perth, i will send the full EEP day for my estate, End of Time, from darkest midnight to brightest noon and back to midnight. Full perm, free of charge. The sun rises in the Northeast, sets in the Southwest, with a 45degree inclination at noon (not directly overhead).
  6. Yes of course I know that. I already said there must be a bunch of settings that need to be changed.
  7. This question concerns the day-cycle editor. When the sun rises above the horizon the world immediately lights up; when the sun falls below the horizon the world suddenly turns dark. I suppose there is some combination of settings that make the light change around sunrise and around sunset a more gradual process, but I cannot find those settings. Does anybody have any advice?
  8. Around May of 2019 the servers on the main grid began to support EEP but the none of the controls and much of the appearance still depends on using a Linden EEP Alpha viewer. Most residents have to put up with the effects of an EEP server and a not-EEP viewer. Can we think that maybe a year is enough time to produce a default EEP Linden viewer and one that the third party viewer folks can implement? Might one become available by May of 2020?
  9. I'd just like to add that things are broken even if you use the EEP viewer. I have installed the same windlight settings in two adjacent sims and the sun moves to a completely different place as you cross the sim boundary. I wish the Lindens would do their debugging on a different grid and not on the main grid.
  10. I mean a panel like the one from the current Linden viewer, shown here: https://gyazo.com/7f3569aca8a28a1dfb9090301ab976ae where the azimuth and elevation of the sun are specifically displayed (in a rather non-standard way) rather than just displayed as a spot on an image. The preset editor on the current release of the Linden viewer is far easier to use than the EEP viewer (and better than firestorm's editor too).
  11. Thank you for that explanation. It makes sense. I wish there was also a digital display of the sun (and moon) position available, like the current release has.
  12. I don't think clicking on them changes any rotation. A click appears to change Glow Focus and Glow Size, but the numbers next to the sliders below the picture of the sun do not change.
  13. The arrows around the sun in the sun&stars window seem to have something to do with turning the sun on and off but I cannot figure out more from trial and error and I cannot find any documentation. Can anybody explain them? https://gyazo.com/7b462e01430c93522c4b513871819492
  14. I can't get the moon to show up. Is it broken?
  15. I just tried creating environment settings under the new EEP regime and I was pleased to see that we will no longer have to deal with the weird astro-mathematics imposed by the original designers (e.g. "east angles"). I do hope that eventually we will be able to create sky-presets (or change parameters) with scripts. While using a mouse makes it easier to understand what you're doing, it's difficult to do things with any precision, and if I want to set up a whole day cycle, I will want to make the parameters change smoothly from one preset to the next. Hard do do this if you don't really know the parameter values. (Almost as good would be to make it possible to set the parameters in the dialog box you now offer to set them with a mouse.) However, I'm really happy with the direction this is headed.
  16. Thank you thank you. It was the experience_permissions event I missed.
  17. Thank you. I have read all that. But what does being "in the experience" mean? Does that mean it is not necessary to grant permission to execute llTeleportAgent() to to work, and it is not necessary to be owner of the object containing the script that calls llTeleportAgent() ?
  18. I want to script an object so that if a visitor touches it, he/she gets teleported to a specific landmark. The function "llTeleportAgent()" does exactly this, but only if the object is owned by the toucher "unless part of an Experience." I cannot find in the discussion of experiences how you make this function "part of an Experience." Can anybody give me an example of how to do this?
  19. I have been inaccurate in saying the guy sends me a group invitation. He opens the Group Profile for the group he apparently wants me to join. I know you can offer a person the chance to see that page using the URI "secondlife://app/group/<group_id>/about", but this call only creates a link, which if you click, you get the profile. I don't know how he manages to make the profile appear on my page without making me first click on a link.
  20. I have no idea how the guy does it. He's banned from my estate and there are no scripted objects with his name on them, so if he's rezzing group-inviting-objects, it must be somewhere else.
  21. Everyday, almost every time I log in, I get an invitation to join the same group from the same guy. I have muted the guy and banned him from my sim. I have filed 25 abuse reports. Several others I know have been receving the same spam. Anybody else having this problem? Please contact me in-world if you are. Anybody know how to stop it?
  22. Until Facebook allows avatars to join facebook, this is just a pact with the devil.
  23. The wiki ways there is a "pathfinding disabled" icon but I cannot find how an estate owner can disable it. Can anybody tell me how? There is no option called Region Debug Console after selecting Consoles in the Develop menu. There is an option called Debug Console, which just returns line after line of warning messages from something called LLControlGroup. There is something called Region Info to Debug Console which doesn't seem to do anything.
  24. Here's a use: Rez a box. Put a script in it that calls llTeleportAgent. Open a door Put the box next to the door Viola. The door stays open!
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