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  1. cannot de rez object due to inventory fault.. any ideas
  2. This solution does not work for me I have done a character test to re-build my avatar, i asked the sim owner to restart the sim. i cleared my cache, rebooted to another sim and still my avatar dances in a loop it overrides my AO I tried going back to the dance machine i was using and stopping the dance but no luck there either I am at a loss as to what to do next
  3. I have been in Korea 1 today and the sim has been crashed at least 3 times in 1 hour. Some one suggested that the person responsible for this is probably "remote crashing" and does not even have to be on the sim. is this possible?? also!.. why is it so difficult to report these people i cant find any way of doing this on the SL website. Do Lindens just bury they're heads in the sand? and ignore sim crashers?
  4. has anyone else have a problem where when you set graphics to high or ultra in phoenix they become blocky? This happend on my 13 MB pro (i5) as soon as i upgraded to lion. i make videos in sl and need the best quality i can get... this really sucks
  5. i can see my shapes in inventory but when i try to wear it says they are not downloaded
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