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  1. I miss the old days back in 2007 when I ran a few stores, but eventually I was unable to afford land costs. But, now that my skills have improved, selling items online through the Marketplace has piqued my interest, and I'd like to get back into distributing my creations. Only problem is, it looks like things are done differently now. I am using Phoenix Viewer I have read that in order to acces the Outbox, you are supposed to click Me > Merchant Outbox in the options at the top of the screen in-world, but there is no Me option -- only File, Edit, View, World, Tools, Help Phoenix
  2. I haven't been on Secondlife in a few months, and recently logged on to check up on things. I run on Phoenix Viewer, by the way. When I logged in, I wanted to randomly browse through my inventory, but noticed that more than 90% of my items are missing. Almost ALL of my folders are completely empty. When last I was on, my item count was somewhere around 14,000 and 15,000, which is the result of being a member for nearly SIX YEARS. Aside from what I was last wearing, nearly all of my inventory has vanished. This is the case when just scrolling through my inventory and typing into the search bar
  3. Hello! I'm pretty new to creating sculpted prims in Secondlife, so naturally I have a few questions. I would like to apologize in advance if this subject has already been covered somewhere - I'm new to these forums as well and have yet to stumble across any Thread regarding the questions I have. First, here are the sculpts I've created in a program called Sculptris: Now, I know people are able to make sculpts in a program called Blender and then somehow bring it into Secondlife, so would I be able to bring an object from Sculptris, into Blender, and then take it from there and pull it in
  4. What are 'Magic Boxes'? I'm reading bits and pieces here and there that I need something called a Magic Box to sell things on the Marketplace, but I have NO CLUE at all what that is. Could someone please tell me where and how I can get one, and how to use it to list my items on the Marketplace?
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