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  1. I know I already did it in the "old" GD, but as there are new forumites, I'd suggest to read Loulou Paquot's profile (too long to copy & paste). It still makes me laugh no end. She's a true artist ! :-)
  2. GD is back ? But...but... then my calendar is all wrong and it must be Christmas ! Thank you Santa (Linden)Claus and whomever suggested this to him :matte-motes-smile:
  3. Thank you Wildcat, Venus and Valerie for your kind words. I'm glad to be back too (even if I shall not be able to be here as often as I'd like). A special Sunday hug to All
  4. Bonjour tout le monde on this lovely Saturday morning ! Baguettes with jam or marmalade are definitely better than muffins, but thank you all the same, Valérie Euh...let's have a breakfast in style anyway (noblesse oblige !) Picture shot at World's End Garden, a lovely place created by Lucia Genesis and featured in my flickr too http://flickr.com/photos/soledemina/ PS. The dress is one of World's End Garden Group Gifts.
  5. Thank you Hippie! What a lovely picture. It was almost worth being absent for this long time to be given such a welcome back
  6. Thank you for your kind words, Venus. I'm indeed glad to be back ! :matte-motes-smile:
  7. Dear Storm (Mr. Clarence) Much as I hate to quench the fire of your happiness (and out of friendship), I should inform you that I have it from an ABSOLUTELY reliable source that your Dommes KNOW all about your gallivating. They wisely chose to keep you in your blissful ignorance as the duty of any good Domina is to make her submissive happy. It looks like they achieved their goal. However, I would suggest - in the future - that you give nothing for granted and that you make use of a little more discretion. It's such a small world ! Yours truly Sole Demina PS. You might like the latest
  8. Mags Indigo wrote: I imagine Entertainment will probably emerge as the nest GD - I mean apart from discussing clubs, pubs and concerts (yes I'm being a tad facetious) what else could one talk about in this section - apart from the things that make SL (and the forums) actually entertaining. (I hope that makes sense - kinda) I totally agree
  9. By the way, as I see we are defined as "Honored Residents" (sounds a little Chinese, but it's OK), shall we all commit ourselves to behave honorably in this new Forum ? :smileywink:
  10. mmmmmmm *mumble mumble* let's see if I succeed this time ... wow....I feel CLEVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smileyhappy:
  11. oooops....looks like I didn't read with sufficient attention the instructions
  12. I paid a couple of fleeting visits to other forums but didn't feel at home there so I didn't stay. On the other hand, I almost finished my new building project which started out as a French chateau and suddenly became a Tuscan villa at the end. Why do my buildings always seem to have a will of their own to become a totally different thing from what I had in mind ? However, I'm quite happy as it is and ....welcome back to everybody into the new SL Forums ! :smileyvery-happy::smileyvery-happy: **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://community.secondlife.com/t5/image/serverpage/image-
  13. bee Baroque wrote: aah, thank you and yes, i agree hehe awesome that you could provide help in italian! i will find a way to award you the four points i seem to have been given Actually, I did nothing, bee. I think OP solved the problem by himself . All's well which ends well
  14. Sono contenta per te Buon divertimento, Gianfri !
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