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  1. Oh heck yeah! I'll be there as I know that I have plenty of motorcycles and plenty of leather outfits too. I also have some chains and whips (mostly for pleasure but that depends on what you cal pleasure) that I get to use outside of my bedroom.
  2. This is really and needs to be fixed. It hurts long time SL residents and is very frustrating for customers that think they are going to a great place to hnag out and then they aren't able to get there.
  3. I'll start by saying that I love to shop. No matter if it is in SL or RL. I shop on MP almost as much as I will inworld. There are differences between the two. One is that there are sales inworld that are not on MP as the store owner doesn't want to have to make changes on MP. Same as there maybe sales on MP that are not inworld. A nice thing about shopping inworld is that stores may have a MM board as well as the slap and dash boards, or the Letter Chairs. I tend to so a search for what I want inworld and start TP'ing to different locations. Some are places that a friend may have given me an LM to or the directed me to MP to a shop that has some items on MP, but the majority of their store inworld. It doesn't bother me that a store is or is not on MP. Friend recommendations carry more weight then where a store is at. And even if they are on MP, I am more likely to visit an inworld store if they provide a link to the store on MP. In store I am more likely to pick up a few demos to see how they look on me rather then ordering them off of MP. It is easier to hit mulitple boards in a row to buy a demo inworld than to add something to your shopping cart and maybe holding on to the demo while you look through MP for more items.
  4. I use FS and have never had any issues adding additioal Alpha Layers. As was said, just Right Click any additional Layers and select add. It's always worked for me. I also wear some clothing such as a bra or pasties that way if someone has an issue with alpha layers, at least I'll be covered up. If you double Left Click you are just replacing what you are already wearing.
  5. I take it that you all are using the official viewer? I don't use it so I don't see any ads like that.
  6. I can think of much worse Valentine gifts, and at least it isn't a vacuum cleaner. :smileyvery-happy:
  7. You may want to try Curious Kitties. I haven't bought any skins but they do sell them. Although a number of them are Goth if that doesn't bother you. Now I have bought there clothing since the club I manage host does have a goth event and I have bought clothing for that. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/13404
  8. LOL, never done it and never will. If he wants a picture of your boobs send a picture of your tv. Then go outside and get a picture of a bush on around your house, and if you have a pet cat or dog a picture of their tail. :smileyvery-happy: I agree all he wants is wanking material and could care less about how you look since he doesn't wanta picture of your face.
  9. As someone that wears tattoos in SL, yes, you really should make them for all layers. I prefer to have the tattoo layer, but really appreciate it when a creator sales a complete set with all layers as some hairs have tattoo layers i have to wear with them and have to revert to clothing layer for my tatts,
  10. Ok so I was getting ready to take my daughter to see this lady that does not speak but i wasn't able to because I had to run to take care of an issue at work. So she snuck off on her own and apparently they are doing some painting near by because she came back as you can see with a paint bucket that fell on her head and one that she stepped in. All they did was to give her a cupcake and send her on her way. Yes yes I know I should have kept a better eye on her, but she has never done this before. I mean the least they could have done was to remove the buckets from her head and foot.
  11. I totally diasagree about having a space for a person's user name. As has been said already it would be confussing and could allow someone to use a name already in use. Imagine walking into a store and seeing someone with the same name as the store owner giving away tons of copybotted items aways for free. That could damage and cause harm to that store owner and would be a lose of income. We did voice our concerns prior to the current system and LL listened to us. Now if they were able to have it to where those of us with legacy names would be protected and have our names blacklisted from being used then I would be ok with it. It will still not stop noobs from using stupid names and you will still see names with numbers in them. I would love for LL to bring back the old naming system seeing how that actually worked very well.If the first time you didn't se a last name you liked, you could always refresh and see other last names until you found the one you liked the most. I was going with a different last name until I found this one and then changed the first name and refreshed until the last name came backup. As for scripts, it all depends on teh script writer and if they are still active in SL. I use the Club Tool hud and it can actually pick out a disply name and use it for greetings instead of a persons user name. So until things are updated, there is nothing that can be done about payment systems.
  12. I've had that same issue when using the official v2 viewer and have also had so many crashes that I try not to use v2 at all. I use a phoenix and have not had any issues at all with being dropped or any crashes. This is on a wireless desktop/ Funny thing is that my laptop has no issues running v2 with a smaller cpu and less ram. Both of them have up to date video drivers but still doesn't help my desktop. So i know it's not a router issue but maybe some video setting somewhere that I haven't tracked down.
  13. StRaven Gothly

    SL INK Spot

    I love this thread already. I showed my tatt in the last one and it still is the same one. It's a full body tatt that I bought at Dermagraphicus Rex. They also some of the tatt in pieces. :robotvery-happy:
  14. I'm going to be boring and use one of the premade ones for now. I'll probably end up changing mine later. But thanks for the heads up on how to make one.
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