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  1. Full grandfathered sim for sale. 20k prims. $195 a month tier to Linden Lab ($100 a month less than regular sims). Tier date is Sept 28. $1600 (including $600 to Linden Lab for transfer). Send note card inworld to Dnali Anabuki if interested.
  2. Agree Pussycat but the Meeroos have been scripted very well and turn them selves off if the sim stats get too low. As well they turn themselves off if no one is around. I check my sim stats regularily and they run very little script time. I have well over a hundred of them and the sim runs great. You can also choose between more than 6 activity levels to accomodate your parcel. I have not had breedables before because of the lag they create but these are really different and just lovely company.
  3. @ Kelly: I think you hit it right on the head, what is important is the explanation. So you are right, none of helpful really to learn. I knew I was trying to figure something out and that was it. That is what has helped me in the past.
  4. Alt-Shft-F1 wil hide your HUDS on screen. Use the gesture Hide to get rid of your avatar while filming. Unhide brings it back. And if you have the Advanced menu open, (Ctrl-Alt-D) choose the Dbug menu option " effectScriptChatParticles" and choose False. This will turn off scipts causing particle when touched which has ruined many a take for me. (works for V2 and Phoenix Firestorm only) To get your resolution right for YouTube, choose Window Size of 480x720 for HD. There...morning coffee inspired advice! Welcome to a frustrating but wonderful art form.
  5. Will there be a way to keep this from dominating the recent posts results? Otherwise a lot of good info will be lost do to pictures of cheese.
  6. I support favoritism in SL by LL. I really want there to be some sims and creative efforts marked as special, as contributing to SL as a whole and how it is presented to the world. I know it would be a nightmare to set up (like how Destinations, Showcase and traffic are scammed now) but there has to be some way to perserve sims that are really the best SL has to offer. Maybe that will be the best role for Open Sim, as an archive and conservator of what LL fails to value. Makes me sad (like the loss of Privateer) I thought he closed Nemo to rebuild it?
  7. ....and it is spelt wrong! Should be honoured. :smileywink:
  8. No, a thousand times no to having a General Discussion Forum...There are plenty of alternatives. I love SLU. http://www.sluniverse.com/php/ The General Discussion Forum just becomes the social meeting place of the few at the expense of the many. Please no General Discussion Forum. Good information gets lost and put in the wrong place while peeps with jobs that seem to allow them to post all day just run amok. Form a group inworld, communicate via Skype...please anything but here.
  9. I was wondering whether to just post the script as it should be but I was concerned that the purpose of the forum was to help people learn to script not rewrite the scripts for them. The concern was (and has happened in the past) that folks post scripts or just ask and except the forum peeps to do all the work. I get the good hearted intention Kelly but what do you think? I would like to stick to giving answers that allow the person to play with the script a bit and get the sense of accomplishment that comes from that. Disclosure: I couldn't write a script to save my life but I'm a very decent frankenscriptor. :smileywink:
  10. Love the new layout. So much better than it was. Everything much easier to find. As for General Discussion, there are some great alternatives available like SLU. Don't miss General Discussion at all now that I see this layout. I realized that a lot of good answers and info got lost there because folks posted there because they couldn't see where else to post their question. Like it as it is and vote for no General Discussion section. Very encouraging change.
  11. If you want it to always work for anyone I would try removing the lines: while(nd) { // Cycle through the detected keys of those objects that collided this time checking if each is the owner. if(llDetectedKey(--nd) == llGetOwner())
  12. Good luck Jack. It was a tough job and someone had to do it. Wishing you great success in your next endeavor.
  13. What would work for me is the option to move the sidebar to the bottom and to control what buttons show. I do go thru the Debug to choose some of the buttons on the bottom but it would be nice to have a menu in preferences to do that. Is it just me, or does everything take at least 2 more steps now to do? I keep trying with V2 to be a good sport though most of the time if I really want to get anything done, I'm back to Phoenix.
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