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  1. Full grandfathered sim for sale. 20k prims. $195 a month tier to Linden Lab ($100 a month less than regular sims). Tier date is Sept 28. $1600 (including $600 to Linden Lab for transfer). Send note card inworld to Dnali Anabuki if interested.
  2. Good luck Jack. It was a tough job and someone had to do it. Wishing you great success in your next endeavor.
  3. What would work for me is the option to move the sidebar to the bottom and to control what buttons show. I do go thru the Debug to choose some of the buttons on the bottom but it would be nice to have a menu in preferences to do that. Is it just me, or does everything take at least 2 more steps now to do? I keep trying with V2 to be a good sport though most of the time if I really want to get anything done, I'm back to Phoenix.
  4. Re: particle on script touch? Anyone know how to turn it off while leaving other particles on? For filming, need the particle effects I do want and need to turn off the particles that result from an actor touching a scripted prim. Anyone know how?
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