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  1. Korbin, if you installed the viewer correctly (first the old official full viewer, then Rainbow on top of it) you will find a shortcut in the installation directory (e.g. c:\program files\secondlife) - RainbowViewer.lnk. Use this to start Rainbow and there will be no forced update. Nevertheless I really don't recommend to use this 1.19 version anymore. It's stoneage
  2. ...is the name of the whole new beast that surfaced on the interwebz ;) http://my.opera.com/boylane/blog/all-new-rainbow-1-22-12
  3. Yeah. Ok, so after all there is no answer. But how about changing from honored to honoured LL? Thanks!
  4. We should open a Jira to change to "Honoured". People open Jiras for less.
  5. And reply does not work with quotes. What a bleep.
  6. bull bleep. ok. be it so
  7. Yes and no. I assume there is no real algorithm behind the whole thing. Old AV's that at some time posted in one of the old forums and did not piss off a Linden got that status granted. Independently of the amount of posts, purely on age. I posted a bit in the very old forums, not much in the old forums, and this is my only contribution here after I was honoured. So I call this bull**bleep**. Boy
  8. Ok, back to the topic. What makes a "Honored Resident" honoured? It can not be the number of postings as we have some "Honored" ones amongst ourselves in the single digit range of postings, up to the thousands. It can not be the activity in the old forums, since at least I dropped out a long time ago when the older forums were closed. Is it perhaps the age of an avatar when she or he made a first posting in any of the old or older forums? I would feel honoured if someone could spread some light on our awesomeness Thanks Avatar Moderator, whoever you may be, honored or not
  9. What's your problem Brits? It even originated from you guys, and now complain? http://www.thefreedictionary.com/honored Spell check was not the topic of this posting, just in case
  10. I mean of course "Honored Residents". Wherever you reside. My appologies
  11. Hello World! Oh wait...that was something else. I just want to welcome myself and all the other "Honored Avatars" in this amazingly revived forum here, and this new general board poised to be, of course :) One minor question, how many of you undead residents have become "honored" as myself, and secondly, will this privilege be canceled if we start posting here again? Boy
  12. Warning: The above answer is misleading. 1) System requirements have not been updated for months. Do NOT buy any of the cards recommended there! 2) DO NOT INSTALL the latest ATI drivers unless you want to completely screw up your SL experience. Catalyst drivers 9.4 and 9.5 are reportedly NOT properly working with SecondLife.
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