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  1. A pesar de que esté en el marketplace se supone que sea ilegal. Por otra parte, quien sabe la dirección IP del cliente es Linden Labs y son los únicos autorizados a tratar el asunto. De todas formas, hoy día las IP suelen ser variables.
  2. Conozco a alguien que puede estar interesado, pero él y yo no nos hablamos. Si me ves en SL te diré quien es.
  3. Well, I've used those shoes for a long time and I never had that problem. It started suddenly. I've verified that I'm using the correct base and my feets are "0" size. The most interesting is that the others see my feet correctly.
  4. When I wear some kind of shoes like those with sculpted foot I see my foot outside the shoe. Why? I use Firestorm, Win 7, graphic card Radeon 6670.
  5. Y lo peor es que LL aún no tiene una solución definitiva. El aumento del phishing quiere decir que no ha habido castigo suficiente ni esfuerzos por detectar a todo el que lo hace. Por supuesto, si no hay escarmiento, la cosa sigue.
  6. Mi consejo, si vas a denunciar, hazlo en inglés. Necesitas una captura de pantalla para enviarla con el reporte. Explicarlo todo lo más berevemente y claro posible (en LL no tienen tiempo para estar leyendo quejas). Pero repito, en inglés. Si lo haces en español o demora mucho más (si es que te contesta alguien). Por lo demás, como dice Damián, la política de LL es ambivalente. Solo reaccionarán si es un asunto muy gordo o si hay por medio pornografía infantil o algo así.
  7. Revisa tu firewall, o si estás trás un proxy o si es un ordenador compartido o en tu trabajo. Muchos administradores de red bloquean el acceso.
  8. Pues al final, lo peor que tienen los visores desarrollados en el 2 es la interfaz. Si no hay opciones de cambiar esa interfaz que para muchísimos clientes es incómoda y poco intuitiva pues no veo tanta mejora.
  9. I also really like to photograph places and people of SL. I became a virtual photographer in 2007 but I didn't my first show until many months later. The first time I experimented with artistic nude black and white which were well received. Then I was experimenting with "Windlight" and gradually discovered the wonderful landscapes that we can find in our explorations. I've done modeling photography, fashion, weddings and other events, portraits and landscapes. There are many places in SL that are a real feast for the eyes but I can recommend two that were unforgettable: Ode, Wanderstills in the region and the town of Innsmouth. Currently I have a photography studio at the Yapar region and a virtual photography exhibition on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/taneealmendros/
  10. Why not help Ethan? I think it may be good for all. I do not see how can that cause us some discomfort. He has said that is his profession. Ethan can count on me of course.
  11. That depends on how you both take the relationship. You can fall in love in SL so as you can fall in love in the real life with someone even if you are in places far away. In Second Life we are avatars but with feelings belonging to our real person, and at the end are those feelings define the relationship. The avatar is just a visual and interactive stimulation. I, despite not being a young girl I've experienced love in Second Life and is as beautiful as you can experience in real life, of course, putting aside the physical contact. But you have to think carefully before bringing the relationship to the real world and consider whether it is something that is likely to be or not. If these conditions do not exist on both sides in a 100%, at some point it can be very painful and sad. The distance is not the only obstacle. For true love we can go to live anywhere (I have a friend who went to Nepal and is now happily married). There may be other more serious obstacles than distance. Take my advice. 5 years ago I came to Second Life and I have known couples who met here and now are together in real life, but they are a tiny number compared to those that have ended badly. You can not build a real relationship based on a fantasy. So we must know well our limits not to harm us ourselves and not to harm others. Keep in mind that in Second Life we can do many beautiful and creative things and not everything should revolve around a couple. I wish you all the luck in the universe and the metaverse.
  12. Estoy segura de que la configuración gráfica de Phoenix a Firestorm es totalmente distinta. Yo soy fotógrafa en SL y el Firestorm me ha dado algunos problemas, (sin mencionar que está basado en la odiosa interfaz del SL2). En Phoenix me acepta todo bien pero en Firestorm me dá problemas para poner la resolución de la captura a más de 1024 px, cuando yo necesito como mínimo 4000. Las luces se comportan distinto y en los tonos la gama alta a veces es un dolor de cabeza. Si esto no fuera poco, parece que pide más recursos. El Kirstens parece ser el mejor para fotografía pero consume mucho ordenador y a veces da problemas con el audio. Además de limpiar la caché y regular las texturas, prueba a actualizar el driver de la tarjeta gráfica aunque en SL nunca se sabe y a veces es hasta peor cuando actualizas.
  13. Moni, this is simple and it's not because of you. There are three main categories of men in SL. The first are those who stand by your side and without preamble asks if you want to **bleep**. They are a real pest and can be found on lands dedicated to the sex or nude beaches but sometimes tend to be everywhere. The latter, some of whom I have met are sensitive, gallant and intelligent, but rarely make proposals for sexual or sentimental type. They prefer to engage in construction or other creative or commercial activity. Regard to women who makes openly sexual proposals, they are usually men with female avatar. It is possible that in real life they have problems performing sexually with a woman. I, personally, if I will have some kind of relationship in SL look for a man or woman who does not need to hide their true gender. In Second Life there are wonderful men and women, is only a matter of finding them but of course, the ideal is to have it in RL.
  14. You're right, in fact vampires are not the most annoying in SL. Worst are those who approach you and without a simple greeting they shoots you : "wanna **bleep**"? 
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