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  1. If i set my account's scripted agent status to "Bot" am i still allowed to login with my SL-Viewer and use it as a "human controlled" avi? Or do i HAVE TO use it as a Bot if i set it to Bot?
  2. Hello, can you please explain those new features to a "blonde girl" like me? For example, What does it mean when it says the ground is a mesh? I mean i am only using SL for having fun, exploring, shopping... and i know what mesh clothes are, but do things like "navmesh" or whatever help me any when playing SL? :-P I mean all i know is, i have been crashing more often since the update. Mostly when i am sailing across the sims. thank you
  3. I am thinking about becoming a BDSM slave in SL and would like to know what the day of a slave is like. Is there a way i can go somewhere and "watch"? I mean, it has to be more than just kinky sex, right? Are there some slave schools in SL? (BDSM, not Gor!) Or can anyone give me an example what a slave does during the day?
  4. i was just reading this and thought its quite interesting. Well from my experiences, a Master is just a Master when he feels naughty. Then he would spank me and do all sorts of kinky stuff with me. So basically (to me) it's like "Honey, i'm feeling naughty let's play Master and Slave" I would love to meet a Master/Mistress who doesn't think about sex all the time. I am sure theres other things they can do with their Subs/Slaves. Like maybe going dancing? Or just sit by the fire and talk? Or even go shopping together?
  5. Sometimes i wonder why some people would rather talk in IM than in local. Even if nobody is around... They could be on a completely empty sim and would still talk in IM. That can be annoying sometimes because i like to keep my Conversations window closed, and just talk in local. After all i can see the chat appear at the bottom of my screen for a few seconds. That way i can just "walk and talk" if you know what i mean... Otherwise i would always have to walk, stop, click into the IM window, type a sentence, then click on the land and walk again... Wouldnt it be easier to just talk in local when nobody is around?
  6. I love to Role Play, but sometimes its kinda hard to concentrate when my RL is home... Sometimes they just need something so i have to stand up just for a minute, and then run back to the computer. Normally it takes only a minute, so i usually don't tell people that i'm going afk. But this sometimes happens like every 5 minutes. And i really don't want to interrupt the Role Play, or have to say "brb" all the time. I sometimes don't even wear my headset so i can't listen to the sounds of SL. But i want to be in the Role Play. Is that wrong? Shall i rather not Role Play when my RL is keeping me kinda busy? Or shall i better say "brb" every 5 minutes to let them know i am afk? But they won't stop the Role Play for me. And i thik it would be embarassing if i had to pause the Role Play every couple minutes. Would you call me something like a "Hardcore-Role player"? Have any of you ever role played while they had to do something in RL at the same time? And how did you handle it? (My RL doesnt play SL and not interested, so they dont know anything about what i am doing here)
  7. Yes thats what i been doing. But theres alot of numbers and i would like to know why my breasts move sideways instead of bouncing up and down. Any ideas what i could put in there?
  8. I think i am doing something wrong. My breasts seem to bounce sideways instead of up and down. How do i change this?
  9. My home location always gets removed when they have events on the sim. Then it would take me to a safe hub. And i have to set a new "Home" again. Why is that?
  10. hello everyone, I cancelled my other account about 2 months ago, but kept her objects on the land. How long will they remain there? I've heard they would disappear after awhile is that true?
  11. i don't know... maybe its not, because the partners wouldn't know about the other alts. And when i think about it... if i would do that, i could be with my other partner on my alt, when one partner is not on.
  12. Just wondering if it would be ok to have two alts, and each one would have a seperate relationship with someone in SL? I know some people who are doing it. They are partnered to different persons on their alts. And the partners dont know about eachother. What do you think of those people, or those kind of relationships? Or has anyone of you experienced something like that? I am tempted to try... but wouldnt that be kind of cheating?
  13. ok thank you for your answers. Where do i find the Gnubie store?
  14. I have a question... May i design a freebie "complete avatar" with freebie skin/clothes by different makers? I am only making the shape by myself. Example: Theres a freebie skin out, and it says on the box "Created by ....." Can i freely use this skin for my own creations? Or do i have to atleast mention the maker's name? The reason why i ask is because: Many freebie skins and clothes are full perm, and i am only using the ones that i get at newbie places (like NCI) Some designers seem to have left SL, or atleast they never respond... I think i better ask before i just go ahead and put their stuff together... And since their stuff is free, i want to give them away for free too. :-)
  15. thanks for explaining. Well i dont think LL would change the word "Mesh" to something else lol...
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