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  1. I hope Linden Labs will designate Chouchou an SL Landmark and preserve it for as long as Second Life exists. We have lost so many wonderful builds here ... some remain only as Windlight settings. Let's act now to preserve our Second Life heritage. Chouchou has been an inspiration to me and to many others.
  2. Just wondering by whom or how the Second Life Destinations listing is updated. I am looking for places to go and often as not I wind up teleporting to a now nonexistent destination. It's very frustrating, not to mention a waste of time. Someone should be culling the the destinations that age gone. Anyone else feel the same? I'm wondering if there is a process for notifying LL of those places that are gone.
  3. I'm glad to hear that there are still places that allow real surnames. I'm so tired of the millions of Residents out there. Surnames were definitely more creative and fun for others. This is just plain boring. And rather than fostering connections, for this avatar at least, it has definitely shut that down. When someone had a clever name, it was a good conversation starter. I wish they would go to the pulldown list again and give us the clever, funny, literate options we used to have. Resident is what shows up on my radar, so everybody merges into everyone else. I've honestly stopped lo
  4. I wonder what the profit margin is on sims. Does anyone know? If other grids are able to offer sims for substantially less than Linden Labs does, why is LL struggling financially . . . because I don't seriously believe they could want to drive away the museums, universities, libraries, social justice organizations and other non profits that have contributed to their credibility and established them as a serious enterprise committed to contributing to a better world, as they have so often said in the past. MacArthur Foundation has been active in Second Life. And their presence has also give
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