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  1. @WolfBaginski The grid in question was Spoton3D @Toysoldier "InWorldz" There fixed it for you @YT Sky not falling? Tell that to merchants that make: gift vendors, bot systems, staff boards, staff time clocks, ad boards, tip jars, gift boxes, delivery gadgets, RP systems and thats just a few of the items relying on the online status code. @Randall any and all LL cheerleaders must be in full PG attire
  2. Edward, "GTFO" Now that is exactly what LL should avoid .. who do you think are paying for Sl in the first place? Ummm coult it be the customers? Nooo cant be, that would make way to much sense wouldnt it? As someone said, fun time is over, we are getting the F out. I dont mind some good behind action but I really prefer to have some lube to go wih it. So yes enjoy the empty regions in SL, oh yes and the teens .. not only from the TG but from all over since LL now opend up for all teens to join. Ah bliss. Dont get me wrong. I want SL / LL to survive I dont wanna see my virtual birthplace go under (besides Im still attached to my inventory ) So as long as they can stay open Im gonna be happy. Growth? no way and havent see growth in years now. That ended mid 2008 to mid 2009. Sincerly Former LL supporter Re the stats. Dont you at LL, think this is getting a tad old? The new CEO should; 1. Emerge himslef in the USER experience of a REAL virtual world (not the barbie and ken world he comes from) 2. Take his behind out on other grids look, talk, engage with the users out there. LISTEN to what they feel the grid(s) they are on are doing that appeals to them 3. THINK Think THINK!! Like that is evah gonna happen LOL
  3. ops got an error .. lets try again shall we Was told I was being rude with my first post to you .. I honestly didnt mean to be. If you care to, do drop by and read my lastest entry on being born into vituallity as I call it ladysakai.wordpress.com Kindest Lady
  4. *Says hello to Rod on her way out the front door as she returns from a brief visit at the parents house* Now you take good care of my birthhome ok? I stil have round 100K in my inventory and id hate to looe it. Otherwise have fun and do drop by my new home in InWorldz. Ill buy you a cup of coffee and the coffeeshop If you see Philip round the office say hi from me, stil love him to bits
  5. It seems to be some sort of tactic LL has in matters like these. Throw the issue out there and wait. At one point people will start attacking each other and forget all about the issue at hand and who / what started the debate aka LL Oh well same old thing *trods back to the other realm to watch from a safe and kiddie free zone*
  6. yea you are .. Philip isnt acting CEO anymore.. he stepped down again. He is however still on the LL board (meaning he still owns a large chunk of LL) but the day to day work as CEo he wont be doing anymore. There is another (Bob something .. cant remember his name) tha is in the CEO chair untill they find someone to take over Messy ? Yea deff. IMO Philip should have stayed on but for me personally. To little to late. I do however have the depest respect for Philip and his vision. His childhood dream fuled the kickstart of the virual worlds and he will have a place in history for that
  7. for clarification Yes Philip came back as interim CEO few months back .. however he left in mid october http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/features/blog/2010/10/19/changing-my-role-and-searching-for-a-new-ceo and they are as far as Im aware stil seaching for an CEO Philip is still on the board though as wel as working on his Love Machine (which to my knowledge hasnt been clarified what is yet .. or at least I can see what its for LOL)
  8. *Applaudes* This is the only language LL understands! Kudos Graphic to you and your friends that has the b***s to put your money where your mouth / oppinion is! Ive moved to InWorldz. Better community, better prim value, better price, better SUPPORT, better.. better .. better! Heck even the stability is close to equal to SL and they are only in Beta! I got an email from a friend that I met in SL (met her in RL few years back as well) she said that she dont like going to SL anymore. SL isnt what it used to be. Told her about InWorldz and I hooked her up in a small house at my sim and she is having fun again starting over. Ive brought another friend over that create Hawaiien outfits and she is bringing yet others... Ill host as many as I can on my littel 65K sqm sim with 35K prims (low lag at its worst and no lag at its best) and if it comes down to it Ill buy another sim to host more if need be .. oh did I metion ? 75usd for a sim over there That is less than you can get a HS for at GF price (which btw LL took away unless your name is ). Its sad cos I used to be one of the bigest advocats of LL and SL. Not anymore *sighs* Message to LL; Yes I know well that your gonna try and shut us up mentioning your compertition. Sorry but it wont work. The more you try and shut us up the louder we will yell! *waits to get moderated*
  9. Im sorry but LL will not be listening to pleads or begging or common sense Only thing LL will respond to is the cold hard cash on their bottom line. Sad and true fact *returns to her new realm and watched the distaser from afar*
  10. Well guess what. I dont agree with this move. Why? Well Linden Lab, if I as an adult wanna go out for anight on my own (yes I have children) I wil not go to burger king cos that is where teens hang out. If I wanna be in an enviroment that includes kids I choose that if I dont I will choose that. SL was marketet as an adult eviroment and now your changing the label even if your main user base (and those with the pocket books I might ad) say they dont want this. How come you didnt even do a survey? Scared that it might not swing to your advantage? Well while Im not leaving SL as such I wont be logging in that much either, even thinking of cancelling my premium account due to this. I found a place where there is support, stability equal to SL even if they are stil in beta, its for adults only, pricing is way more acceptable, the community is thriving and getting better .... guess you just pushed and pushed untill I finally got the hint; You really dont care about your users anymore (if ever) Have fun with the ARs, screaming parents etc etc etc
  11. Hi Xan first of all I wanna commend you for your bravery to poke your nose in a debate like this second I think its great that you did so as it feels like people are being heard and resonded to. I noticed your remark on the prim hair with scripts in each prim. I wanna firstly to express that its is unbelievalbe that the creators either still use these dinosaur scripts or that they havent updated their hairs (+ other items) and made replacements available for the users. Im fully aware that it a huge job for the creators but the one script resizers (that I myself use) have been available for around two years now. Would it be possible for LL to sendt out a plea to creators to get it done? Im sure some creators will bitch and moan due to the work load but it needs to be done to lower the strain on the simulators wich in turn will benefit not only sim crossings but also regular use of said. Just a thought
  12. Sorry had to react to this one. SL is NOT a game .. dont belive me ? Listen to the creator himself SL is a VR = Virtual World Wiki description of what VR is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_world Wiki description on what a game is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game ****** Today there is not only SL but lots of other VRs that provides a diverse form of platforms (Ive been to a handful myself and haven scratched the surfface) Mostly all is based on the same vision / idea / vision that Philip started out with when he "created" SL / LL In a VR you can do the same as you can in RL, with some added bonusses, like flying, moving a house with your "finger", etc etc etc. In some respects its merely a digitalised form of the world we physically live in. ********** In regards to the V2, bully for you that you like it. A lot dont(!). That should tell you something and for that matter LL also.
  13. We agree Vivienne. SL cant be like the professional made games nor should they aspire to that cos that would mean .. truning SL into a game IMHO. We agree completely that its a strengh cos its the heart and soul of SL rip that out and it wil be dead! mentioned WOW as that is the only online game Ive been to myslef and seen it. and while its pretty to llook at it will never be for me. Why ? Cos frankly "I" find it boring , Im not a gamer and never will be. That is why I love SL and VRs in general
  14. well then we are on the same page as far as I see it few answers to you Penny; No Im not saying LL dont have a problem with retention and marketing This is my take on it; Retention; people need to be made aware of what VRs are so they dont come in expecting something big, flash and shiny (like professional made games) User created VRs will never be flashy and shiney like the games online (at least not for many many years. I do agree that the learning curve is nasty even more so for people that come in not knowing people in-wolrd. For me it was honestly a breeze. I had loads of friends in SL and that helped more than anything Marketing; Now I fully understand why they DONT market SL as agressivly as they could. Reason? Scalability! If they were to agressivly market SL they would soon run into huge problems. Remeber the CSI incident / evening ? That was a nightmare that continued for at least a fourth night LOL They need to adress the scalability and THEN market the c..p out of SL. I dont know what viewer your using but in the TPV Im using the height is in the apperance box. LL could do worse than looking over the shoulder of some of these TPV developers. I do agree that thre are so many little things that needs to be fixed. your points are very very valid. I just need to say that some of the larger things wont fall into place just cos Ll fixes the "little" things. As it stands now lack of faith and trust in LL as a whole is low and that is very very bad. Some of the major desitions they made the last 6 months alone is horrendous and mind boggleling to say the least. Do I belive they can turn it around? Yea sure, but it will take a lot of work and a lot of back peddeling from LLs top Basicly Penny we dont disagree
  15. dont know how long you been in Sl and how closely you been following the changes over the years. Ill just assume you have been in SL long and been watching closely Now you know and I know and a lot of others know why some of those places are gone now and why the creativ part of SL is sorely lacking these days It can said in one word ECONOMY (of course other stuff factors in but that is really the gist of it) I dont belive that Ll should start on creation that would be a slippery slope that will drive even more away. What needs to change is the PERCEPTION of what SL and Virtual Reality worlds are. It is NOT a game never has been and never will be. SL is the forerunner and LL chose the perfect name for it "Second Life" Im often puzzled why people seem to miss that one. Its in the NAME itself . I agree that creating could be easier for the amateurs but that is a debate with many sides to it and will have pros and cons to it. All in all I think LL did a heck of a job getting this world up and running as pioneers. Do I agree with some of their decitions the last three+ years ? Heck no I dont. LL has to be very carefull not to destroy their own world completely. The lack of faith in the company is staggering and its becomming worse with each desition (why cant I spell that stupid word) they make. Back to Basics it is for Philip and LL but will it truely be that ? Time will tell. Also I notice that most of the people that blabber on and on about how horrid SL is outside of SL are people that never did take time to venture into the world and give it a fair chance for what it is not for something THEY think it should be (note Im talking about people outside of SL not long time users) cheers Lady, who is a USER of SL not a PLAYER of SL
  16. Im sorry but I have to call BS on that one. Quote (sorry have to copy paste as I still havent figured this wierd bloggy thingy out yet) "SL has a reputation for looking terrible" "Tell me, what do you expect from user created content...." >snip< end quote Ive been to places that looked absolutely amazing (sadly most are gone now but that is another debate) in SL. Sure some of the content are made by amateurs but that dont mean its crap some are and some arent. THAT is the heart and soul of SL and any other VR based on the same visions as SL. If you want perfection go to WOW or any other GAME. You can run around all day looking at pretty stuff and shoot bunnies or what not. IF you want to be around creative and passionate people go to SL or some of the other VRs out there. Lag is another issue. Dont forget some lag we get in Sl are viewer based / aka your own hardware and NOT server side. All Sl / alternate VRs can do is try to run fast enough to keep up with the preasure on their servers. end rant, sorry FJ
  17. oh the groups are raised to 40?! Now why didnt you say so, Ill order four of those sims right now. (in case you didnt catch that, that was sarcasm. Nuff said) Sorry FJ too little too late *sighs and goes to sit in her corner again*
  18. Please aducate yourself and stop pointing fingers at something you obviously dont know anything about Furry fandom refers to the fandom for fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, the ability to speak, walk on two legs, and wear clothes. Furry fandom is also used to refer to the community of people who gather on the Internet and at conventions.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furry_fandom#cite_note-1'> ****************** Now can we please discuss the upcomming merge without specifics .. I think general terms would be sufficiant.
  19. now as a bit of serious humor here is how the adults can talk 7 sing after TG is merged with MG Any innapropiate word is censored and substituted with "LaLa" "Lala Lala Lala Lala Lala Lala Lala Lala Lala - Stiff Lala Lala Lala - in the country Lala Lala - pelvis Lala Lala Lala - stinging netles OUCH OUCH OUCH Lala Lala - Quick lets get out Lala Lala - Fish cakes Lala Lala Lala - cock - NO!!" Yeap lots and lots of fun (this was merly a humerous attept of showing how adult woud have to censor themself once the kiddies land)
  20. point is Gavin that SL was for adults (still is btw according to their TOS) We dont come ruin your fun when your hanging out at a teen club in RL (sure there are adults around but that is for protection ) You are a child. Period We are adults. Period SL is our escape from what ever RL resposibilities we have. We dont want kids / teen around our SL lives. That would mean we have to watch what we are doing and the freedom we have are gone forever. Of course we can lock ourself in adult areas in an attempt to hide from the kids. Where exactly is the freedom in that? Gavin, for all I care you can list about teens that has made money in TG till the cows come home. I honestly dont care. I signed up for an adult VR not a kid / disney oriented one. I belive there are plenty of that / those around! (FYI for the narrow minded that think all opposed to this merge roam Zindra. They dont. I dont visit Zindra, been there a few times but not my idea of fun to be honest. Even so i still opposed the segregation at that time)
  21. @ Ayla Thanks, gotcha @ Ciaran aww thank you, your so kind ... can you please ?
  22. @ Dave and your point is? Hell why even have laws to protect the kids then? Lets just let them drink, drive, have sex, smoke, etc etc etc willy nilly all they want cos what the heck do we care ... right ? Yeap that is very responsible of us Kids / teens will try and push the boundaries and like it or not as adults it is our resposebility to stop them and set up rules and laws to protect and prohibit. I repeat; That is why we are adults and they are kids / teens
  23. @ Ayla erm being that english is my second language (no pun intended lol) can you explain that one please?
  24. mm yea i forgot about that one. LL makes so many changes that its hard to keep up. Sorry strike the "common sense" part
  25. Blog ate my former reply so here we go again @ Dave Idea is fine but have you factored in that some of the kiddies might lie ? @ Terrence anyway you could fix the reply thing so i dont get pushed back up to OP when I hit reply and I have to scroll all the way back down again? Know its a minor thing but still @ Ishy She might not get this reply but still; Thank you for underlining my point @ Ayla Well at least some educators have some common sense
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