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  1. I've never had more than 1000L in my account but it's very clear in my mind what I would do with a so large amount of money. I would buy: - a beautiful mesh body - the most rare breedables and collectibles - a house of course - and then I would invest the rest of the money (if there would be a rest lol)
  2. Hi Logan, I don't know because I have only the free version of the TMP body! Anyway, I tried to modify the shape (adapting breasts, butt, hips) and...I managed to make mesh clothes fit the free body!! Yayyyy!!! :matte-motes-big-grin:
  3. Thank you for the replies! Actually I'm using 2 tops without sleeves and a skirt (designed for Maitreya) that fit well, while saving the last 400 L I need for another mesh body
  4. Is there a way to adjust clothing to the free version of the TMP mesh body? Or you just have to find some suitable clothing?
  5. Hahahaha you're totally right! I'm definitely going to follow your advices Thank you again!
  6. Oh I didn't know it was so simple! lol I was thinking about it because I have a quite long friends list but most of them are always offline so I thought they had removed me from friends...thank you everybody for your answers!
  7. Is it possible to know if someone of your friends removed you from their friend list? I use the Firestorm Viewer.
  8. Innanzittutto grazie della risposta! Effettivamente penso tu abbia ragione, credo sia stato proprio per i motivi che hai detto che mi sono sempre trovata meglio con gli stranieri...vorrà dire che continuerò così!
  9. Hi! Feel free to add me in-world, I love meeting new people!
  10. I'm going to contact you in-world
  11. Ciao a tutti! E' da più di 5 anni che sono su SL e mi sono resa conto di conoscere davvero pochi italiani...e ogni tanto sento la mancanza della mia lingua ;) Consigli su posti o gruppi attivi dove incontrare italiani (sia uomini che donne, mi interessa solo fare amicizia)?
  12. Actually I haven't a land and can't afford it so I'm looking for a place to use as Home (for free), also shared with other people. Any suggestion? :)
  13. Hi everybody! I'm Shiva Meiler, more than 5 years old, Italian. I like to chat, make friends, have fun and smile a lot! In SL I like to roleplay, go shopping (I'm a freebie lover), take pics, exploring, dancing and listening to music. I'm already partnered so I'm not interested in anything but friendship. Feel free to message me in-world ;)
  14. I also love shopping (especially for free) and fashion! Oh and, of course, making new friends IM me in world Shiva Meiler
  15. I'm not looking for a job in order to buy something, I just wanna do something that I like. For occasional job I mean something that I can do in a more freely way...
  16. Hi there! I'm looking for an occasional job (I don't want to be obliged to stand in front of the PC for tot hours a day). I'm interested above all in the Economic / Net Marketing / Accounting field. IM me in-world for any kind of proposal ;) Shiva Meiler
  17. Really interesting topic! I like to chat and talk to random people, usually while dancing and listening to music at Frank's Place Jazz Club. Everyday I go shopping (especially freebies and dollarbies) and hunting for cool fashion things clothes, and then I like to take pic to myself But after a lot of years in this way, now I'd like to do something more "concrete", so I'm going to read the other replies to catch some ideas
  18. I actually go to Frank's Place and Fog Bound...other suggestions? I like chatting with people while listening to music
  19. I think that the less chatty places are the discos! Maybe music is too loud lol
  20. In my experience, the Frank's Place Jazz Club is the only place where I always find a lot of people to talk with! Why do you think so?
  21. Hi everybody! I'm Shiva Meiler, a 5 years old girl who's looking for a job as mannequin model in stores or any other "static" job. I know how things are so I don't expect very high salary ;) Feel free to contact me in-world for any offers.
  22. Is there a way to view the lands that are more "active", with a lot of people online at the moment? I've difficulty to find populated lands (non welcome-hub or discos) when I'm online!
  23. Is there a way (a HUD for example) to search an object (for example an outfit I wanna buy) inside a shop, by entering its name?
  24. I have already tried to rename the folders but it's too difficult to remember what "pink shirt and short skirt" is. The CTS wardrobe looks like a good solution but it costs a lot so at the moment I'm going to organize my outfits trough snapshots uploaded somewhere (maybe Flickr). But when I have enough money, I'll give a try to the CTS wardrobe! Thanks everybody for the replies!
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