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  1. I'm very intrested In the model position, if like to apply
  2. I'd be intrested in this, I tp'd to your club but nobody was around, let me know if this is still available
  3. Hello there, I would certainly be interested in this, if the position is still available please let me know, thanks
  4. People can be (or wear) whatever they want in sl, the thing that got me was a dude showing a colostomy bag in a donut shop...eeeeew! Where do you live?!
  5. This thread made me laugh, I too have found it hard to put on a acceptable amount of clothing lately, damn it took time to get my ava looking the way she does., I'm showing her off lol
  6. Very strange shop indeed, maybe they haven't grasped the whole shop concept?
  7. I'm pretty lonely too so anyone feel free to message me ingame
  8. I've been on sl a while now, and I have not actually made and proper friends, I would love to have a fellow shopaholic friend or someone to hang out with, maybe it's due to my timezone (I'm from Scotland) I really don't know. I'm easy going, fun and a borderline crazy -giggles- please contact me in game or here and I'll look you up I'm online quite a lot. Hope to see yous soon x
  9. Greetings, Im a experienced Dancer looking for a job, im skilled at emotes ect, And genrally know how to "work" my audience. Love Kandie xox
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