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  1. Thank you to all who responded. I was looking for feedback from anyone with male mesh avatar experience. I have played with a couple of the free mesh avatars from Altamura. I want the best, not necessarily most expensive, in functionality, support & clothes. I still have to learn about all the addons and their uses.
  2. Where is the option to pre-pay? I've unsuccessfully searched my account & the site for it. I thought it was available today?
  3. I did it a long time ago, but was just asked and cannot find how in SLV3.7.20.
  4. I'm wondering if these new features have anything to do with reduced fps or viewer Development updates starting with 2.7.4. On my iMac, current gets > fps 30, while all post 2.7.4 Development builds average <5fps.
  5. I spent a lot of time trying to get my AV to resemble me physically…and he does in a reality long ago and far away…so long ago I can't remember. But that's part of the fun of virtuality. Nobody knows if you are pedigreed or a mutt.
  6. Flying around the sim, I found other medium & large parcels abandoned by single owners that have been gerrymandered.
  7. Look at it now. Most is a 5536sqm parcel belonging to Eternal Gray, For Sale for L$4.5/sqm with random 16 sqm microplots scattered through the middle of it. Just like the old days.
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