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  1. That would be my guess as well. Its also what makes land search in the 2.0 viewer so cumbersome to use. I switch to a 1.23 version viewer when looking at land so I don't have to wade past all of the sell to specific person lands. There is no need for everyone to see those.
  2. Wow Drongle, the work you put into drawing those maps is amazing. Kudos to the Linden who cleaned that up. I hate to add the but in that... Classic style ad farming is sprouting like weeds. There is no good that can come from LL auto selling anything under 112m. (Can something be done with the 112, 48 and 2 32m parcels still at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skutter/89/85/109/ ?) There was an interview where Rodvik was asked about his view on a past policy change. His response was that it was before his time, so he really couldn't say anything on it. Likely, he would respond the same i
  3. Wow, its a bigger area than I realized. The 960m parcel next to it was rejoined from the same mess. Funny how there are also strategic pieces missing out of that one as well. If the autoselling abandoned land is supposed to make Mainland more appealing, its not working til this stops happening. (Hint for Lindens: resurrecting fighting against adfarmers will NOT make people want land again).
  4. The area around Buffalo Run/Silvercreek comes to mind. There are several hills in this area, which is green with a water view. The hill I used to have land on and really liked was Fellin Hill. The area is a bit of a mess and flattened out but its actually fairly steep. You might also look at some of the original sims that have the +/- 40m terraforming to get the height you'd like.
  5. There were quite a few people who went to look at this area. Unfortunately, microparcel collectors and a would be ad farmer had found it first. When the would be ad farmer came and placed his fourth spinning ad tower, I linked him to the policy on ads and talked about why ads on 16m parcels for 62.5L/m really are a bad thing. Those were not photos I posted in this thread as that would be calling someone out when he did remove the ads. I believe Persephone was right in an earlier post in that it appear the previous landholder had cut this up while abandoning it. The area is a weird mix of waff
  6. The new policy for automating the resale of abandoned land is resulting not in an improvement of Mainland. Instead, its returning Mainland to the days of spinning ad signs, and fractured land cuts that are ugly and unusable for anything. Worst of all, LL is violating its own policy against landcutting by putting these areas for sale without cleaning it up first creating a rinse and repeat of what makes Mainland ugly. This exceedingly large area is at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skutter/149/117/75/
  7. You'll be missed!
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