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  1. Skunk Spaatz wrote: WELL it seems EA has replied to my email about using their relic and you know what they said? NOTHING they send me a trailer for a new game. i dont think they care LOL Its because they don't. Yes, there is all this legal mumbo jumbo stuff, but what it comes down to is if whoever originally made/owns an object really cares about other people doing things with it or even hears about someone using it to begin with - and - cares enough to go after them. Personal use can be considered a grey area, but typically no one cares if money or distribution isnt involved. On
  2. In regards to the original post I am somewhat suprised I havent seen very many blobby AVs. Mesh uptake has been a bit slower than I thought it would be, or I am not in the right places. I will switch to firestorm once they come out with their next viewer though.
  3. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: Ceera Murakami wrote: I'm using the Firestorm Mesh Beta or Viewer 3 from LL, but NOT because of Mesh! I'm using them to be able to make up to 64 Meter prims, which is FAR more important to me than Mesh, which many people still can't see properly. I can do that in Phoenix 1.5.2. I was really surprised when I accidentally stretched a cube beyond 10 meters It seems that this is server side, not client side. You and me both. I was in Sandbox Wanderton when I went to stretch a prim to 10m and it flew past up to 21. I was quite suprised and found it to b
  4. I am sorry you are so misinformed. You make me sad. I would be willing to bet that you never bothered looking into what exactly a copyright violation is. I have. Dont worry, I doubt you can find something that says making something generic from scratch is illegal. Just to be clear, I never advocated making an exact model from scratch and uploading it to SL, although you apparently have that impression. I am sure I could have worded things more clearly, but that wont stop you from being misinformed. Go educate yourself some: http://www.bannerwitcoff.com/_docs/library/articles/Katz%20and%20Car
  5. Well you certainly have no idea what you are talking about. I had to laugh at your post. Not that I think you will, but, go look up Morrowind modding if you think I am somehow going to get sued. There is nothing wrong with making stuff from scratch. You seem to think however that if someone makes something it has to be completely different from anything out there which many people will tell you is simply not true. Oh, and Linden Lab has policies in place for this stuff and will do whats needed so they are not held accountable. I would like to see you try and sue an ISP because someone is usin
  6. Yes people copy content. No, there is no way at this point in time to completely stop it. This will always be fact for the foreseeable future regardless what it is, whether mesh, sculpty, whatever. In the end, I dont think the companies care that much if someone copies their content as long as said person isnt making money and as long as they arnt doing widespread distribution. Depends on the company, and depends on how said copy is used really, so dont go thinking I am saying its ok. Let me tell you a little story. I am involved with making models(for mods) for a certain game. The company w
  7. I am sure this is like those people who screamed that sculpties would be the end of the grid, and then after that, voice would be the end. Look how far that got them. I really dont know what the big deal is. LL offers a mesh enabled viewer, whether people decide to use it or not isnt their fault(ok, it is, haha, but thats not the point). I havent decided if I should wait for firestorm or go ahead and use the LL viewer. I am fine with waiting because I know that mesh isnt going to take over the grid all that fast because there are people waiting just as I am. Mesh is an important new part of
  8. Actually I think they may still work. I believe just a couple days ago I saw a new person with a first ad last name.
  9. I am not implying everyone is an idiot although I suppose I should have made my statement more specific in that its the people who dont bother seeking help on whats good and instead barrel forward thinking they are great for having done something when in reality its terrible. Sure, try stuff out and learn things, but not taking the time to at least take a look into things is just lazy.
  10. Baloo Uriza wrote: As with every other building tool so far, it's not the tool that creates the lag. It's idiot builders who think "efficiency" was taken out of the dictionary and don't understand why fewer polygons is better. I imagine these are people who go golfing and try for the high score for basically the same reason. This exactly. Its not mesh thats the problem, its the idiots who dont know any better and in alot of cases, load stuff down way beyond whats needed. Just like the person who was using over 9000 polys for like a 20 step spiral stair mesh and over half of those wer
  11. Did you know that you can make regular prims change their shape with scripts, and not have to bother uploading whole separate meshes for each possible change you might want to make to that prim's shape? At least we can re-size meshes - that at least makes clothing possible. Of course, if there's some inconvenient part sticking out, we can't resize just *THAT* part of the clothes, like we can when we buy mod-able clothing. Yea, know all that, been around a while. At best it wouldnt work and at worst it would crash or something. You do realize that alot of people make no mod clothing and hair
  12. WADE1 Jya wrote: I would just like to see something (which to my nontechnical mind) seems like it would be simple to implement. More materials allowed per mesh than 8. Somebody else earlier was asking for this & I disagreed it was useful at the time, but now I'm thinking it would be highly beneficial. Maybe it is just set this way because parametric prims ever only had 8 faces max (and mesh co-opts this), or maybe there is a very very good reason not to implement this, but to me it seems like a good idea now :matte-motes-impatient: I'd also like to see a fuller materials system so we
  13. DanielRavenNest Noe wrote: If they want to limit the number of render passes (to maintain performance) just having a second map, and a selection dropdown to use it as Ambient occlusion, additive detail, normal, or specular would be a big step forward. Additive detail means you add the two texture maps, possibly with different UV tiling ratios. And low shiny is still too shiny for many items, make that a number entry (% shine) I was just thinking the other day how shinyness needs to be a value and not restricted to a mere 3.
  14. Not even LL is so dumb as to allow something that would terribly lag the entire grid and yes, they have the PE value to help stop people from making overly complicated things. So its no wonder people are ignoring you when you sound like you have no idea what you are talking about.
  15. So what does happen when you apply a cut path, or hollow? How about twist, dimple, etc? Whee - you can resize, and rotate. Texturing is iffy at best, as they only have one side, I'll bet, like sculpties. The only way to change their shape is to have a script apply a *NEW* mesh to it. Can you make flexi meshes? Oh, well - enjoy your mesh-flavored Kool-Aid. I'll stick with what attracted me to SL - "It all starts with a box." Well, talk about harsh words. There is plenty of info you can read on this if you arnt lazy and simply look it up. First, why would you want to apply a pathcut or
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