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  1. Just tried again this morning. You're right, support logon is now linked to dashboard logon. JIRA isn't, but that may be for security reasons of some sort.
  2. Hi LittleMe, pending Keira's response to that, from what I've experienced, both Support and JIRA are on separate logon systems than the dashboard/MP/mysecondlife. But then again, the whole thing is still borked and not working properly with random logouts, so if it is intended that they all be linked, then (at least for some) it isn't working that way.
  3. lol, so I get back on the merry-go-round. Session lasts about 25 minutes. Get logged off and it goes to the So sorry to keep you waiting error screen. Log back on and this is what I see except as you'll notice, I am logged in.
  4. Thank you Dakota. So I decided after your post to start fresh and see how long I last (stayed logged on). This was the series of events: Example 3 29 2021 : Firefox Browser 87.0 (up to date) 12:05 pm est cleared all cookies dashboard, community, JIRA, support, MP, mysecondlife 12:06 logged on to dashboard; this did log me on to mysecondlife, but not MP 12:07 logged on to MP (the single log on didn't work) 12:08 logged on to Forums Went to support and found I was already logged on 12:09 logged on to JIRA 12:11 opened tabs for MP Favorites and Best Selling Products. Started using MP search and then listing/editing new products. 12:30 logged out of MP while editing listing; also logged out of dashboard, mysecondlife Still logged on to Forums, Support, and JIRA So my session lasted a glorious 25 minutes. If you go back and look at my 3/26 session, I was logged out about every 25/30 minutes. Logged on 6am est Log out #1 1:05 pm Log out #2 1:32 pm Log out #3 1:58 pm Log out #4: 2:26pm
  5. Keira, as discussed in the MP auto-log off thread, this single sign on is not working as intended. Support is unable to solve it through resync'ing an individual MP account. It is not an individual's (just one person) problem. I filed a JIRA because it needs a fix. Thanks! https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-230479
  6. Hello Keira, I did file a support ticket. Support resync'd my MP and it still did not work. I am continually, randomly logged out as I work all day long. I filed a JIRA - this is a bug. The single sign on is not working as intended and needs a fix. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-230479
  7. Yes, I agree. When I am actively using it and have several tabs open (different pages of the MP for instance), it logs me out. When I just leave the browser and pages open but idle, I can go away for several hours and come back to find them still open. But...once I start working again, they start logging off again.
  8. omg, and again logged out 2:26pm est. Cookies had been cleared. Was editing listings. Giving up for the day. Going for a run.
  9. 1:58pm est. Logged out again. Still trying to edit listings. I'll go back and clear all cookies again, but at this point I have very little faith that it will correct this issue for longer than 12 hours max. Edited to add: While clearing cookies, I noticed there were 11 MP cookies and 10 secondlife.com cookies. Is that normal?
  10. And logged off again 1:32pm est. Trying to list new products. In the middle of editing, the system logs me out. This needs to be fixed.
  11. Filed the support ticket as requested. Support resynced my MP. Browser cookies/cache totally cleared of anything SL. Logged on this morning around 6am est -> Was logged off at 1:05pm est. Resync did not work. So this log-off problem does need to be fixed. And, there is a side effect of the resync that needs to be addressed - it turns off all notifications. I thought my notifications weren't coming through due to the MP problems/overload yesterday. When none arrived overnight, I checked to discover they had all been turned off. I turned them back on and have been receiving notifications as I normally should since then.
  12. Appears LL is working on it: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/447pj8kp45br
  13. I'll file a support ticket as requested. But seriously, why? This entire thread is a support ticket. The issue has been presented by multiple residents (certainly many more experience it but don't come to the forums to post). Support is just going to direct the issue back to....you? Anyway, sorry for the sarcasm, but I really don't get it. If you said file a JIRA, I'd get it. Oh and the MP appears to be unreachable currently 5:30am EST.
  14. And it just logged me out again. It is now 11:22am est - just 5 hours since the last time I was logged off and had to log back in. Again, it was in the process of doing a search. I had been searching, using the dashboard, and my.secondlife.com for 5 hours without incident and then this.
  15. Using Firefox browser. Cookies and cache were cleared yesterday as instructed. Stayed logged in overnight (idle - not using it). Returned to keyboard around 5:30am est. Still logged in to dashboard, my.secondlife.com and MP. All 3 behaving as expected. Then as I am doing a simple search on MP at 6:22 am est, I am randomly logged out. Went to see dashboard, logged out there as well. And logged out of my.secondlife.com
  16. lol, no sooner than I said that, I went back to the MP (after having cleared cookies and closing browser, reopening it, logging in again). I had left the MP tab open for the past 15 minutes or so, and this is what I come back to: https://gyazo.com/e89fcce730fd336a2dedfe9d5516b74f Is that related to this or is something else going on with the MP right now?
  17. Thank you! Will give it a go and let you know if there are any glitches.
  18. Thank you for replying Keira. Do we need to clear cache and cookies every day? Because just doing it once doesn't solve this issue. Not really a solution.
  19. Keira, it is now March 23 - over 6 weeks from your post. This change has not and is not working at all. The system randomly logs people out multiple times a day. It needs to be fixed or rolled back. Please see this thread for more feedback:
  20. Yes, I remember that. The thing is, I've always woken up in the am, logged on to the dashboard and automatically been logged into the MP and my.secondlife. I never had to log in more than once a day, and never had to do those sites separately. I still don't have to do them individually, I just get logged out randomly. And it isn't from all 3 at once, it may just be the dashboard, but still logged into the MP and my.secondlife, or some other combination.
  21. Hi Caren, I'm extremely frustrated by it too. And it isn't just when setting up new listings. I get logged off randomly just when doing searches. Happens with the SL dashboard too. If this was intended, it's a terrible new "idea" - it doesn't improve anything and makes the MP (especially) even more onerous to use. I think it requires a bug JIRA rather than a feature request. I haven't done it yet because that system is also extremely frustrating and time-consuming - set up the JIRA just to have it summarily "closed" with a "we'll look into it!" comment.
  22. New JIRA created: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-230204
  23. And yet again, Relevance is not updating. Seriously LL, this is a basic function of the MP, it should not be switched on and off like a light bulb.
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