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  1. FYI as this thread continues: If any verifiable information about SLCC 2012 is located I will be more than happy to post it here. As it is now, this forum is the only thing popping up on SL and general web searches concerning the topic. Please keep responding and stay tuned!
  2. Thank you Brenda. The contact information you posted and last year's organizers' website was the first place I looked for information but as you mentioned it has not been updated since October 2011. All correspondence to the listed contacts has also been unanswered. Never hurts to keep trying...
  3. There really isn't a proper forum for this but since it involves "people" I will go with it here... A friend of mine made the interesting observation that it appears there will not be a Second Life Community Convention this year, the first time since 2004. Just like the dead silence from Linden Lab when they stopped providing grid metrics, they and the convention organizers seem to think no one will notice if they don't say anything. In part though they are right. Except for one lone inquiry way back in January there has not been a peep from anyone anywhere on the web or SL about the convention not being held this year. Has anyone heard differently? Does anyone have an opinion on this change? One person I spoke to said it seems to be in line with Linden Lab no longer being interested in community or customer development but instead wanting to become a server provider for a declining SL and future Sims-style game developer. What does everyone else think?
  4. Spaceport Nutopia is looking for DJs to play weekly events on Wednesday and Thursday. Pay is based on experience plus 100% of tips. DJs should have knowledge of various musical styles and are required to have their own stream such as ShoutCast. Voice is prefered but not required. Contact Nuhai Ling for details and how to apply.
  5. Spaceport Nutopia is looking to expand their DJ contact list for events. DJs must be able to cater to various music tastes, be familiar with the basic SHX system, have their own stream, and use voice. Pay is based on experience and includes a stipend per event plus 100% tips. Events are normally 2 hour blocks held weekdays between Noon and 2 PM SLT and special occasions. For more information please contact Nuhai Ling (owner) or Haley Dorchester (staff & event manager).
  6. February 20 and still no Q4 economic metrics from Linden Lab. Have they decided to simply not report anything?
  7. Thank you to everyone who was interested in the Orgy Island Estate. A new owner has been found and paperwork will be completed on Monday. If all proceeds as planned the Orgy Island brand name and theme will live on!!!! Come have fun in the sun and find out why Orgy Island is Second Life's longest beach-themed adult playground!
  8. The Orgy Island Estate has been sold to a new owner that will be keeping the five-year-old brand active and strong! To celebrate, there will be a Staying Alive Party Saturday February 11 from 10 AM - Noon SLT at OI Nude Beach. Nuhai Ling will be your host with DJ Pepper spinning the tunes. The contest theme is funky 70's and disco, or just bling us blind! Top three winners walk away with money and additional prizes will be given for Best Pick Up Line! Come have fun in the sun and enjoy the island as we say good-bye to the old and ring in the new!!! See you on the sand soon!
  9. Today is the final day of the OI Estate Auction. Details are listed above and the sale is being held at http://orgyisland.gums.dk/. Current bid is $260.00 USD for BOTH regions, one full class 5 region with 15,000 prims rated mature and one OpenSpace region with 750 prims rated adult. Orgy Island has been active in Second Life for over 5 years on the same server. This means all LMs and Picks made there in that time still point to the same location! The sale also includes the franchise name, groups, and web-based social media. If you are looking for an instant business and social venue then this is the place you want! For questions, tours and general information, please contact Asger Jansma or Nuhai Ling in-world.
  10. Interesting question and one that you may have to expand on. If you are talking just about adult land and not content, then I think a separate adult grid would be much more active than the PG land it leaves behind. I say this partially in line with a previous commentator who pointed out that SL started off with separate adult and teen grids with the latter closing because of non-use. I also did a recent survey of land sales and guess what? Only Zindra (adult) land was selling at any price above L$1 per meter (about L$7.2 per meter on average in fact). Anyone who wants to confirm this needs only to watch the Linden Auctions and notice how many bids and at what price Adult land sells compared to all others. If you expand your question to adult content however, I think it would be the end of Second Life. Not everyone comes in for adult content all the time but most will admit that they have engaged in adult play at some point and that it was fulfilling (no pun intended). Don't forget that Linden Lab does not limit adult content to just sex but also to violence such as extreme shooting games, etc. If they removed that kind of content then SL would also be targeting a whole different audience who normally does not pay to play games. In other words, adult content attracts adult users.
  11. Tell me, how did I perform a disservice when I advised businesses to wait for the Q4 results before making the decision to close out of Second Life? After experiencing a dismal Q4 compared to last year in their own business, the people I advise asked if there was any changes I knew about which would have made an impact. Of course we talked about such trends as the decline of the overall number of private region owners, decline of mainland demand (except in Zindra), the increase in market sales compared to the decline of same-item sales in-world, the strengthening of the linden exchange rate which indicates a drop in the overall linden supply, etc. etc. Afterward though I suggested they wait to see what Linden Lab reported for the entire grid, and especially look at metrics like total user hours, grid composition, overall market sales and so on. They agreed and decided to pay their January fees. Now that the middle of February is approaching and with no reporting by Linden Lab, most had to make their decisions with the information they had available. So who should you be pointing the finger at, me or someone at Linden Lab who failed to provide "official and reliable" data in a timely manner?
  12. I have never seen Linden wait so long to post a previous quarter's metrics unless there was something up. Sadly, a few places I advise were hoping to see them before deciding to remain in SL or close. Without the information, the opted to close. Anyone know what the delay is or if they posted them in some other manner? All web searches are coming up negative and the last Linden post here in the forums was before Christmas. Thanks!
  13. Two words... Sperm Guns! After being hired to build in late 2009 for the new owners of Orgy Island a staff member gave me this wonderful weapon. It looks and works like a normal gun but instead of bullets it shoots wiggly white sperm that expand to the size of a basketball and will ricochet and bounce off of things for a good 30 seconds before they disappear. It has good distance too as I have pegged people across entire sims! Best part is shooting it in rapid fire mode; in a few seconds you feel like an egg under attack! I always laugh so hard when we get into sperm gun fights on slow nights now! It is a must-see to believe!
  14. Five days remain to bid on the Orgy Island franchise. One more question to answer too: Q: Is the auction page linked to Linden Lab, Pay Pall or another service that holds a financial bid until another higher bid is made or the auction closes with a win? A: No, the auction website is only a tool to let people make "verbal" bids and does not require payment, login, or personal information other than a mean to contact if you are the winner. In the distant past, regions were sold on e-bay and other services but those are no longer available. To view the auction, go to http://orgyisland.gums.dk/ If you have any questions, please contact Asger Jansma or Nuhai Ling in-world.
  15. Here is a quick note answering some questions about the OI Estate Sale: Q: Can I buy just one region? A. Yes, but this may affect the franchise protections. The Open Space region is called Orgy Island and MUST be rated Adult because of its name. The full region adjoining it is OI Nude Beach and is rated Mature to allow all access. The main region has 5 years of LMs and Picks aimed at it. If you buy the franchise, you may elect to abandon the Open Space region and rename the full region Orgy Island, but this will automatically reclassify it as Adult. Q: What is the OI Franchise? A; The franchise is a protected name in SL because regions and parcels are named and cannot be duplicated. It also includes the web-based material, blogs, and pages. This is all included in the sale. Q: Can I buy the land and not the franchise? A: After the general auction those who put in a request to simply buy the server space will be considered. The value of the region, however, is in the franchise. The owners have no incentive to bother with a ticket just to transfer the server since they are a dime a dozen. Please feel free to contact me with any other questions and I will post the answers here. Thank you!
  16. "I'd love to think of one for the girls who sell their "RL Naked Pictures" they stole off the internet." Possible Titles: Porn Scalper, Horny Teen, or Lonely Old Man!
  17. If you have not heard, Linden Lab's CEO off-handed mentioned possibly adding Community Awarded Titles to the naming system (I assume to go over personal names and group titles if anyone even chooses to view them these days). Of course if they are community awarded I would think they should also be community created! With that in mind, what titles would you create to award your fellow residents with? Here are some of my ideas: 14 & Verified Adult Incompetent Builder Untalented Escort Really a Man Pole Polisher (for stripers) Xcite Compatible Bored Teen Outcast (for griefers) Missing in Action (for Lindens) Genital Junkie Not a Friend (for those randomly asking friendship) Rezzed for Sex Linden Lover (for people obsessed with earning lindens) Money Burner (for land owners / renters) Cheap & Easy (for avatars only using freebies) Unemployed (for Linden help desk avatars)
  18. Just another example showing how Linden Lab hears but does not listen. We say, "Please give us last names back because we never asked for them to be taken away in the beginning." Linden Lab hears, "Please give us gamer titles like Noob, Super Princess, and Competant Land Owner." Geez... the only thing that can come from this is a very very funny list of resident-approved titles to award others with. That sounds like a really fun thread in fact, I think I will start one!
  19. One of the oldest erotic estates in Second Life is now for sale! Orgy Island and its sister region OI Nude Beach are a vital and popular part of Second Life with more than 5 years of history. It has been featured in Real Life news, entertainment features and even academic papers. In Second Life there is hardly an avatar that has not visited it and many call it their SL home. Real Life circumstances are causing the new owners to sell but that does not mean the end of Orgy Island. Now you can have the opportunity to keep it alive! An auction is now under way for the entire estate. To see the details of the sale and make a bid, go to http://orgyisland.gums.dk. THE AUCTION ENDS ON FEBRUARY 9 at MIDNIGHT SLT. Transfer and payment for the island will follow the completion of a Region Transfer Ticket through Linden Lab no later than February 11th 2012. Here is a quick view of the sale details. It will include: • OI Nude Beach, Full Region, Moderate, 15.000 prims • Orgy Island, Open Space Sim, Adult, 750 prims • All Orgy Island groups including its VIP group with 2000 members • All buildings on the ground surface • The brand "Orgy Island" as it is used at present in Second Life including the OI logo. • The website orgyisland.wordpress.com/ • The facebook page O.R.G.Y. Island in Second Life The sale does not include: • Non transfer furniture and other objects made by third party • Skyboxes connected to "Ritha's Hotel" • The brand, name and customer lists of "Ritha's Hotel" For further information about Orgy Island and OI Nude Beach, send e-mail to asger.jansma@hotmail.com or contact Asger Jansma, Ron Lauria, Andie Hird or Nuhai Ling inworld.
  20. Well the plot thickens... or at least the sludge that LL continues to aimlessly plod through. I saw the new secondlife.com welcome screen and although cute, it sure devates as far from resident content as possible. It may say "Your World, Your Imagination" but the images are all from Linden content including over-hyping their in-house "Linden Realms." On top of that, the webpage looks like it was made in 1996 and targeting tweens (thats the 10 - 14 year olds in case you needed to know)! At least the previous welcome screen had some great short videos that showcased the rich diversity made possible by residents in Second Life. If I were a new user looking at this and over the age of 16, I would not have any interest in it. In fact, if this is what I saw 4 years ago when I joined because of a college class I was taking, I would have questioned my professor's maturity and probably asked to be re-assigned to a different course. One other comment I have to make is agreeing with some about the "pay to play" and semi-style camping for lindens that this game encourages. On the one hand it seems to counter what the Lindens have been strongly ridding the grid of for years. On the other hand, with so few ways to make lindens in-world these days it may be the only way left for free account holders to earn anything. At least it will help the linden exchange metrics though; any bets on how much it boosts the Economic Participants or L$ Supply statistic? Lindens, I hope you are reading all these comments and LISTENING to what is being said. We are about to start 2012; time to grow up and become competitive in today's sophisticated virtual world. This ain't your daddy's SIMs game!
  21. Remember when: * SL was "Your World, Your Imagination?" * Businesses used to sell things in-world? * You bought or rented land to set up your own home? * Gambling? * Tipping residents for good service like DJs and Hosts? * Unhidden and accessable content? * Adults? * No lag? * A viewer people liked? * The occasional restart vs. daily or more often? *And last but not least, SL not being a game? I think most would agree progress and innovation are good for business but watching SL just become another company-built game is sad. On top of that, it seems the new server updates are already causing havoc with exhisting scripts and content. If this LL game was a testing platform for better things it certainly seems to be causing a regression like so many other "improvements" over the last two years. Put together with the viewer 3 issues and I am not suprised about the decline in overall user hours during a quarter that normally reports a significant increase after the summer slowdown. We will see how it all affects SL as a whole but my opinion is that LL could have used their limited resources and man-hours on other things much higher on the priority list.
  22. From the first comments to the last it seems everyone saw this, "... you can still use the 1.23 Viewer, but search functionality will be impaired once new search is released into general availability..." To translate from Lindenese, "We have told you that we are only working on Viewer 2 and we keep our promises! No matter how bad it is and how few of you like it, our improvements will only work with Viewer 2. Go ahead and download Viewer 1.25 or a third party option from our official viewer list but they won't work. We prefer to give you lower performance and a bad experience because that is what we do best!" Announcements like these sound great until we all realize Linden Lab is only improving things for the minority few. Sure we will all be forced to Viewer 2 eventually but right now I like my reliable car instead of a brand new Yugo. I will check out the new search in a year or two when they pry my old viewer from my cold pixilated hand!
  23. Hey Nelson, I think it is time to end the Wayfinder show on this post. As much as I like his guests Gavin, Mike, Rene,and everyone else it has run about 200 posts too long and off-topic. Thanks for the info and good luck in the next quarter coming up! Peace and love everyone!
  24. Thank you Cinco! I got the same response from Nelson Linden and replied to him. Read that response and let me know what you think! Love and peace!
  25. Nuhai Ling wrote: "Can anyone explain to me how Linden Lab can state there was "…falling supply on the LindeX…." under Average Exchange Rate and then say, "Money supply grew significantly…" under L$ Supply? Either the supply of L$ increased or decreased but I can't figure out how it can do both. Can any professional finance or account person shed light on this?" Nelson Linden wrote: "Thanks for the question, Nuhai. These two "supplies" are different. One refers to the total amount of L$ put up for sale or "supplied" to the LindeX by residents in a given time period. The other refers to the total amount of L$ in resident accounts at any given time, or the total "supply" of L$ across the entire economy. Falling supply on the LindeX puts positive price pressure on the L$ (meaning each USD is worth fewer L$). When the LindeX supply is insufficient to meet demand without significant price fluctuation, and other economic indicators are strong, Linden Lab may increase the L$ supply. In that way, LindeX supply and total L$ will frequently be inversely related when viewed in a relatively short period." Nuhai Ling replied: Thank you Nelson, that makes sense. I find it interesting then, from your explanation above, that people in-world are cashing out less - putting up lindens for sale - while the total amount of lindens is increasing. That seems to indicate a few things. To start, less cashing out means falling sales are creating fewer profits to withdraw, residents are holding on to lindens because they are 'saving,' or they cannot cash them out (or cash them out as fast as they are purchased). No matter the reason, it appears that the decrease in the amount of lindens put up for sale really reflects a stagnation / decline in user activity both in-world and between worlds. Could this decline also be caused by the recent change in the amount of time it takes to cash out lindens versus purchasing them? If so, is this being purposely done by Linden Lab as a means to support the exchange rate of the linden as a response to lower resident demand? If the answer is yes, then the decline in demand of resident-based selling and purchasing of lindens is also causing a decline in Linden Lab profits from exchange fees which would make the company more reliant on its other major sources of income such as tier fees. That would explain the move to double the tier rates for non-profit and academic regions this year among other things. The big factor missing in my train of thought is knowing what percentage of the increase in total linden supply is coming from Linden Lab vs residents purchases. Your comment above seems to indicate that much more is from Linden Lab 'printing' more lindens. If Linden Lab is slowing the exchange rates and flooding the economy with lindens to offset declining resident-based transactions between SL and RL, how long can they maintain that before the whole system collapses? At some point the Second Life economy would become completely dependent on Linden Lab providing lindens through stipends rather than resident purchases. Of course the stipend level would have to be based on the total amount of land tier since that would be the last remaining income stream to support the withdrawals being made by businesses. Consequently, if land tier declined for whatever reason so would the supply of lindens until finally there is nothing left. This could happen for numerous reasons such as businesses no longer needing land to maintain in-world stores or free land / homes eliminating resident-based rental properties. With all of this in mind, am I correct in making the conclusion that Linden Lab is purposely keeping the exchange rate low by flooding it with lindens and slowing withdrawals in an effort to stop a run on the bank greater than the demand for purchasing lindens and prevent the collapse of the total economy? On a side note, I am totally impressed that you directly replied Nelson. That is the first time a Linden has acknowledged any of my comments which makes me happy to know at least one has read my posts with serious interest. I get a lot of feedback from residents about what I write but until now I always felt I was posting things more for them then the Lindens. Thank you for the reply and interest in resident comments. As always, remember the first rule in Second Life is have fun! Love and peace!
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