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  1. Welcome Kim! I have to echo a couple of comments already made, a bit tongue-in-cheek: How did we score you? Good luck! Welcome to the madhouse! Hope to see you in-world! All those good comments have deep underlying meanings and I am sure you will learn about them very quickly if not already. Even deeper down, however, is a more important sentiment. We all want you to be wildly successful in your job and bring Second Life back from the precipice it now wobbles on. Now a comment to Philip… Kim, close your ears. Philip, since you have someone with marketing experience, you better darn well give her a good product to market! She can only do so much for you with what you give her, so start listening to what your customers – we the community of residents – have been telling you we want. Enough said, I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about. If not… Kim, you can uncover your ears now. We are all happy to have you join our family and we are eager to share with you exactly what we want as customers. We can also point out exactly what will attract more residents back to Second Life. Your job could not be easier and we are all here for you! When you need us, call on us! Phillip knows you already have our number! Right Philip? :-) As always, remember the first rule in Second Life is to have fun! Peace and love to everyone!
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